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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 16, 2010): Seunggi, KARA, John Park, Huh Gak

November 16, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
4- SBS Strong Heart = 17.3% (3- Seoul = 20.0%)
13- KBS Win Win = 9.6%

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 17.6% (3- Seoul = 18.0%)
15- KBS Win Win = 8.5%

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media)

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I loved this past Tuesday’s Strong Heart because the show again focused on the guests’ stories.  And the show works best when the PDs just let the guest tell their stories in a sincere way without trying to manipulate the tv viewers into getting all teary and sentimental!  Although the dramatic and melancholy background music the PDs love to throw in during the stories definitely work!

So it looks like Seunggi’s Hudang Joke corner, which morphed into Laugh or Not Laugh corner, now has another updated version and Seunggi was VERY excited!

He had prepared a very cute story using the names of all the guests…

Seriously, only Seunggi could pull this off.  Per usual, it was very SILLY, but very CUTE.  I definitely like this A LOT more than the hudang joke corner.  Plus, it’s a great way to welcome all the guests who’ve come to the show and what celeb doesn’t like to get a shout-out!  Looking forward to this corner next week from Seunggi!

Ok, just a few stories that stood out and lots of great Seunggi reactions…

Kara’s naked fiasco

After seeing Kara’s Gyuri’s story topic, Seunggi of course had to choose her to tell her story first!  Because Seunggi is definitely very much a guy!  Ha.  When he first saw her story title, he looked shocked but then said to Gyuri, well if you have to share your story then we can’t help but to be thankful to you… Ha ha ha.

And Seunggi, along with the rest of the other guys in the studio were totally attentive, and very shy during Gyuri’s story; but they were all just so loving it!

Is Seunggi having too much fun listening to the story?!?!  ^___^

Gyuri’s story was funny.  The Kara girls were waiting in their van to change into their outfits for their next event, but the Cody was running late.  As the leader, Gyuri suggested all the girls take off their clothes and be ready to put on the clothes once Cody arrives.  And of course all the girls were shy, that is except the very confident Gyuri.   And Jiyoung added that she was so shy around her unnis, that she was going back and forth trying to cover up her top half and her bottom half with her hands!

And yes all the guys, particularly Tony An and Huh Gak were trying really hard not to show they were totally enjoying the story!  Including the 2 MCs!

Lee Yuri’s love story

Having played a new bride/wife on many Kdramas, Lee Yuri was making her first broadcast appearance after getting married 2 months ago; she was also making her first variety show appearance in 6 years.  She was very cute and very giggly, and she added that she was very excited to finally meet Seunggi too.  Ha, Seunggi and his noona fangirl celebs!

Although married now for 2 months, she said she met her husband’s mother (a church pastor) first and really liked her and wanted to be really close to her and have her as her own mother because she was so wonderful.  She found out that there was a son, so she became close with the son as well.  But Lee Yuri wasn’t really interested in him at all, it was more like an older brother type of thing.  She just really liked his mom!

And Seunggi was really surprised by that too!  He was like you got interested in your current husband because you wanted to be close to his mom?! ha ha ha.  He was like so incredibly surprised by that…

Anyway, Lee Yuri says one day after seeing the guy on a motorcycle and after he took her for a ride, she just saw him a different light.  All of a sudden, he seemed like a man to her!  And that she was the one who first started liking him, and that she was the one who first confronted him and told him she liked him and wanted to date and get married.  And they later did.

Again, Seunggi so impressed by her forward nature!  He’s like that’s so cool!  I’m thinking Seunggi may like it if a girl were to approach him first!  Ha.

SuperstarK Huh Gak’s story

Before telling his story, Huh Gak, says a few years ago, he was at a certain college’s 100 anniversary event as a member of the chorus for a trot singer.  And he went into the men’s bathroom and saw that someone was there clearing his throat and practicing to get ready to perform…  And that person just happened to be Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim!

Seunggi was very surprised to hear this, although I think he may be still more surprised at people calling him “sunbaenim!”

Huh Gak said it was a run-down, dirty bathroom and to see Seunggi in there clearing his throat was really impressive.  Seunggi was humble and said any singer would do that, but then in his usual way of acknowledging people’s compliments, he said well I guess I could see how Huh Gak felt that way!  Laughter.  Seunggi said it’s really an honor to meet Huh Gak properly like this.

Huh Gak cracked everyone up by imitating Seunggi but doing a funny rendition of Because you’re my Woman.  Seunggi was like that’s not how I do it!  Funny.

Huh Gak went into his story about it was really hard to get to where he is now and it was altogether a very touching and heartwarming story.  I can see why Koreans voted him to win, in addition to his singing talent.  Seunggi was really moved by his story…

Huh Gak finished up with a great live performance…

Teuk Academy ~ Seunggi protects his Auntie

Am I the only one that finds it really not funny and annoying when Teuk Academy starts going a bit way over with their corner?  They came out dressed in cartoon character suits and it was sort of embarrassing to watch.  I really hope the guys can tone it down a bit; they’re funny even without all that dressing.  Anyway, per usual, the guests had to come out and share a unique talent and then do some crazy dance.

At the end, Hodong says, we have yet to see Yoon Yoo Sun (Seunggi’s auntie from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) come out and dance.  She’s like there’s no way I’m dancing.  Teuk Academy guys try to convince her, but she’s adamantly against it.

To get them off her case, she says if that PD over there (pointing to PD Park) comes out and dances then I will.  However, to her surprise, PD Park actually comes on to stage and dances!  And so Auntie obliges and does a cute little dance next to him.

Things are going great and everyone’s having a good time.  And Seunggi’s having a fun time imitating his auntie’s dance moves from his MC podium…

But then to everyone’s surprise, PD Park starts dancing close up to Auntie, in an inappropriate but funny way!  Seunggi sees that and automatically runs over from his podium to save Auntie and push bad PD Park away from her!

Seeing the apologetic look on PD Park’s face as a protective Seunggi shooed him away was picture perfect!  Aw, Yoon Yoo Sun must’ve been even more touched after seeing Seunggi come in to save the day for her!  I hope she gets her wish and and that she’ll get to meet Seunggi’s mom since they live so close by!

The 2 MCs scold PD Park for his behavior!  Seunggi’s like Yoon Yoo Sun’s husband is a judge (which Hodong had brought up earlier in the show), how could you do that?!  Ha.  Everyone’s like PD Park better be careful so her judge husband doesn’t come after him!

Former American Idol contestant John Park

Superstark K #2, John Park, shared his story about how he felt really moved when people in Korea supported and cheered for him during his American Idol run, prior to SuperstarK.  As an expression of thanks, he gave a live performance…

John Park definitely seems like a very sincere, humble, and upright guy.  There’s been a lot of articles out saying that he and Seunggi are similar.  And like Seunggi, it looks like dancing is not his number one talent…

In the end, Huh Gak was the Strong Heart winner!

On a side note, this guy Yang Sae Hyung is HILARIOUS!  This is his second or third appearance on Strong Heart and he’s so funny and cool!

He was recently released from military service, and he had served together with Boom (whom I miss so much!) and Tony An.  So he always has awesome stories to spill!

Anyway, I was thinking maybe YYS could be considered in the pool of candidates for the new 6th member for 1n2d.  He’s really a perfect fit.  And has similar Mong-esque traits.  I’m actually really serious about it.  Hope he’s one of the guys being considered for 1n2d!

More shots of master of expression, Seunggi…

And preview snapsot of next week~

I think I’ll be liking Seunggi’s outfit!

Also next week’s guests include:

SNSD’s Yuri and Soo Young, Moon Chae Won, Orange Caramel’s Lizzy, H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Jun, CNBlue’s Min Hyuk, Super Junior’s DongHae, and others.  Looks like the cast of Moon Chae Won’s new SBS drama are on.

Looking forward to Brilliant Legacy reunion of Hwan and Seungmi!

Moon Chae Won looks lovely…

Last week’s episode: Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 9, 2010)

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(credit: gifs ~ 승기야우희희@DClsg; screencaps ~ Nani’s blog; SBS)

November 9, 2010

AGB Nielsen
2- SBS Strong Heart = 19.5% (2- Seoul = 21.8%)
* KBS Win Win = 4.6% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 18.2% (3- Seoul = 19.4%)
* KBS Win Win = not in top 20

Ratings for all previous weeks:

4 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    Really appreciate your insight and observations. Am able to enjoy the show much more with your annotations.

    I like YYS too. Seems a very quick-witted and natural performer.

    I view that Teuk guy with suspicion. He’s like a lady in waiting with a not so hidden agenda.

  2. moon chae won!! i didn’t like her character in BL, but she seems so humble and nice in real life, i wish i didn’t hate on her so much when watching the drama! she looks really cute here <3

    i also agree with possibly having YYS as a 1n2d member, but it's like trying to "literally" replace mc mong, which is hard to do, since he's just one of a kind….the show seems a bit empty w/o his craziness, don't ya think?

    i dunno about you, but i definitely cannot wait for next week's strong heart episode! Thanks for taking your time to write recaps for those who aren't so fluent in korean :) much appreciated!

  3. I haven’t liked Teuk Academy’s skits since Boom left, they haven’t been funny at all, just stupid humor.

    As for LSG, his expressions are refreshing, I just wish subbed episodes come out so I can enjoy the show more.

  4. wow, I love this recap! kekekeke… seung gi is too cute during kara’s story! and I didn’t know MGIAG’s Daewoong’s aunt was on Strong Heart! I miss Daewoong and Hoi Couple very much. wahhhhh.

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