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Sneak peak at Seunggi rehearsing for concert [photos]

Omg, I’m SO totally loving these photos!  Seunggi looks amazing in that mysterious light!  Some smart fans got into the concert space the night before and captured these awesome BTS photos of Seunggi rehearsing and atmosphere shots.  See more at twitter.com/liyieng and follow more live updates from international fans.

The press release did not lie… looks like he has a full brass band with him…

Loving his serious, concentrated game face during rehearsal…

Fan liyieng really caught some great behind-the-scenes moments…

Atmosphere shots…

I thought KB Bank was the main sponsor but looks like both FUBU and KB Bank are sponsors.  (FUBU banner at one end, KB Bank at the other end).  Either way, ALL of Seunggi’s many CF endorsement companies will probably be out in full force supporting the concert (and trying to get fans to show their Seunggi love by buying their products!)…

Seunggi concert promotion events from FUBU

And FUBU’s recent press release of Seunggi sporting their winter sporty concept…

Some things I’m REALLY looking forward to ~

– Seunggi’s dance number.  How will he top last year’s abs performance?!

– Seunggi-Boohwal joint stage.  As Kim Tae Won said, it’s going to be legendary!

– My Girlfriend is a Gumiho reunion.  No words necessary but OMG!!!!!

– Rapper Bizniz finally performing with Seunggi for beloved song Will You Marry Me.

– Hopefully other surprises still yet to be revealed.

– And of course Seunggi’s amazing live vocals!

Dear international fans ~ Thanks again for sharing your adventures in Seoul!  Hope you have an awesome concert experience!  And please don’t faint!  We want you to be healthy and happy and make it back to your countries in one piece!  And can’t wait to see all your photos and read your fan accounts following the concert!

And dear Seunggi ~ In less than 5 hours you go on stage!  Thanks for being so amazing and working so freaking hard at everything!  Airens are with you all the way!

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11 Responses

  1. Airens hwaiting!!!!!!

    i want to see the mgig reunion the most. just coz i want to see what the reunion of hoi couple will be like!

    but also i really cantwait to see the videos of seunggi singing! oppa fighting!

  2. ok, this is for the MGIG fans… per a dclsg post ~

    there will be a DUET with SHIN MIN AH! a fan heard them practicing together and said they sounded good together.

    UPDATE after concert – Looks like fan was hearing seunggi duet with someone else because SMA did not sing at the concert. she only made a guest appearance on stage with seunggi to support him, and said a few words.

  3. DVD! DVD! DVD! DVD! DVD! DVD! (Okay, I think you get the gist!)

  4. Gwaaa! I’m really envy then who is in the concert tonight! Waiting for live report!

  5. i can’t describe how excited i am! XDDD

  6. i hope they do a concert dvd for those of us who can’t be there!!!

  7. yeah, i do hope there will be a dvd for this.. ill make sure to get one…
    to all airens, enjoy and make lots of memories wtih seunggi-ahhh!!!

  8. http://plixi.com/photo_map/home/58305716

    here you go.. this is one of the ending pix.. i just finished supper with lyn.. she has a vid at the end of the concert where we caught lsg in his van! a 3 s fan moment.. *squeals*

    • can’t see pic! have to sign in. dont have account. can you link without ppl signing in? thanks in advance! ur so luck you got to go to concert!

  9. sorry this is the correct link http://plixi.com/p/58305716

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