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Han Hyo Joo AGAIN mentions her good friend Seunggi

(Behind the Scenes from Brilliant Legacy filming, Summer 2009)

Okay, does Han Hyo Joo have a thing for Seunggi?!  I’m half joking but she obviously has no qualms speaking publicly about her “good friend” Seunggi.  Although she seems to be that way generally, she definitely felt comfortable dishing about how Seunggi and her texted and called one another off and on in her recent high profile interview (which I wasn’t necessarily too hot about!).  And at a recent press event, Hyojoo was asked about her most memorable male acting partner…

Like her other HwanSung half, Hyojoo continues to receive a lot of love in Korea.  Her recent saguek drama Dong Yi was a big hit and she also benefited a lot from moving to A-list actor Lee Byung Hun’s management company, BH Entertainment.  And like Seunggi’s many public service endorsements and projects, Hyojoo’s also become a favorite within this circle.

On November 18, Hyojoo was formally commemorated as the public ambassador for the 2010 Design Korea event; this followed on the heels of her earlier public activities endorsement for the G20 Summit that was held in Korea.

And she looked stunning!  I’m SO in love with Hyojoo’s Cody and SO wish that Seunggi’s Cody would go and get a few pointers and tips!

Anyway, during the press event, she was asked the standard questions and some random questions like about her skin care!  Also, she was asked about her past male acting partners…

Question:  Who is the male actor that’s most memorable to you?

Han Hyo Joo:  It’s hard for me to just choose one person as there were so many wonderful people.  And because each of them have their own special aspects, I can’t choose one person. [HHJ pauses to think]. However, having matched chemistry for the longest period was with Seung Gi sshi.  Since we filmed 28 episodes together.  And I felt that I had gained a good friend, so personally, I feel like I gained a lot from that.

(source: ETN news; English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Ok, I didn’t watch a single episode of Dong Yi, but wasn’t that drama like 50 gazillion episodes?!  So wouldn’t that king guy be the guy she had the most filming with?  Maybe I missed something in the translation; I don’t think I did.

Either way, I really can’t help but to root for the Brilliant Legacy HwanSung couple, Seunggi and Hyojoo, as GOOD FRIENDS in real life!  They were so perfect as Hwan and Eunsung and Brilliant Legacy was such a classic.  And they’ve both been so successful even in their follow up dramas and projects and still so beloved in Korea!  I’m just so happy for both of them!

I really hope they can continue to be good friends and support each others’ careers!

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22 Responses

  1. Hahaha, that was a very feeble excuse that HJ came up with. My dear, it’s not necessary…we ALL fall in love with SG…His charm is just irresistible.

  2. Ha..Ha.. I do feel that both HHJ and LSG are laying the foundation and ground work to come out open and clean about their good pal relationship.from their recent media remarks.It is a good move from the public relation point. This definitely is a right and clever move. The outcome would only be positive . Most Fans and netizens understand and only wants is for all actors to be sincere and honest . It is fine to be good friends outside of the normal norm. I am happy for the way things are for them right now. Both are doing great PR wise. :)

    • I managed to finished the 50 episodes of Dongyi. Love it. and one of the best for this year. JJH and HHJ are great together as well. JJH who is happily married did add that he is closer HHJ than LYA (his other sucessful screen partner) during their Taiwan promotion interviews .Wise PR move of HHJ not to speak too much of JJH.:)

  3. “king guy” LOL…your punch line always cracks me up…btw, I felt that HHJ has that feels like Kuroki Meisa nowadays…they both has some similiar feature too…just a few things I noticed…HHJ next project..what would it be?…LSG and she finishes their dramas around the same time, I wonder when they will ever collaborate in any project in the future…the both of them was to be paired in 2008 iiljimae, but failed to do so due to 1n2d schedule clash…only in 2009 they were able to partner up…I can feel some kind of fate over that facts…or maybe its just that some producers thinks that the both of them has some kind of chemistry if they works together…anyway, I want to know their future project soon…

    • That’s two different iljimae. HHJ did the and sbs one while LSG was supposed to be in the mbc one.

      • ooo..thanks for clearing that up for me…ive been wrong this whole time then, keke..sorry about that…I just like them as a partner…:)

  4. really nice couple..

  5. dong yi actually had 60episodes (from 50, they were given 10episode extension) and i loved it! i was watching it along with MGIG and so happy to see how HHJ grew as an actress.. and yes i also consider DY as one of the best dramas of this year.. :D

    • Thanks for the correction. 60ep is right.Love how they ended the drama and tidying up all the characters giving each of them an appropriate exit, not just DY and SK.:)

  6. i love HWANSUNG couple… hehehe yes…that right… we are waiting for their project next year… hope they working together again…..SeungJoo Fighting…^^

  7. only good friends? i was hoping they’re dating in real life.
    LOL don’t kill me please! XD

  8. will HHJ come to LSG’s concert?
    I wish she will XD

  9. Did Han Hyo Joo goes to the concert tonight?

  10. Ann, you know that day we were trying to look for Hook Entertainment? We found BH Entertainment instead. But I didnt know it is HHJ management company then. I just thought, why cant it be Hook Entertainment! It is a modest place. Which I think Hook would be too. Still thinking whether I should look for Hook again tmrow. It is hidden there somewhere!

    • figures that totally professional BH entertainment is easily located, while Hook remains a mystery! ha ha ha.

      if you have time, you have to totally try to locate hook! if you do find it, you will get the prize for uncovering the mystery that is Hook!

      but better yet, if you meet the one and only Captain Hook and can prove she does exist in real life, I’ll send you a present! ha ha ha.

  11. I won’t mind if they are more that good friends :D

  12. I hope they can be the real couple.

  13. Hope HHJ N LSG Be REAL COUPLE in REAL Life … amin !
    love seungjoo-hwansung couple ever^^

  14. really miss hwan Sung couple………!!!!

  15. miss HHJ andLSG……………….so much………………..

  16. My Love is Han Hyo Joo.

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