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1n2d, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 14, 2010)

Nov 14, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = 36.3%

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below (minus the reruns)
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.
Most of the shows on other channels did not air due to a sporting event.

AGB Nielsen
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 25.0% (Seoul = 25.7%)
12- 1n2d rerun = 10.7%

TNS Media
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 26.8% (Seoul = 27.4%)
9- 1n2d rerun = 10.6%

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; Newsen)

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Last Sunday’s episode was Part 2 of the 1n2d ad-hoc special with decorated Korean wrestler Lee Man Ki.  And the REAL showdown was the Hodong-Lee Man Ki match, which was dramatic and very moving… also resulting in GREAT ratings!

But to be frank, LSGfan was more interested in seeing Seunggi-related moments!  Although liking the show as a whole, watching 1n2d is really more about the Seunggi experience!  And getting to see Seunggi looking so natural and good even just in grey sweats was totally worth it…

Ok, so previous week’s episode ended with both Jiwon and Seunggi losing their wrestling matches to their elementary student opponents!  And at the start of this ep, Sooguen loses his match as well.  Only Jongmin wins, but we find out his student opponent had only been wrestling for 2 months!

So it’s down to Hodong-Lee Man Ki, and the actual match was REALLY serious, as both guys are true competitors and wanted to win.  Lee Man Ki won the first of 3, and both guys (being much older than during their active wrestling days!) were super exhausted following the first match!  And Seunggi did his best to encourage and motivate Hodong… what hyung wouldn’t want Seunggi as a younger brother?!

Hodong came back to win the second match, but the two guys were even more exhausted this time around.  I mean Hodong and Lee Man Ki are NOT young guys, nor have they been regularly wrestling on a regular basis recently!  Both guys showed a lot of heart and were truly amazing!  I was really moved by their determination!

As the two were prepping to start another match, seeing Lee Man Ki’s exhaustion, a sincere Seunggi asked if he was doing okay.  Aw, very sweet…

Lee Man Ki ended up beating Hodong in the third round and ultimately beat Hodong 2:1.  Seeing these top former professional wrestlers go at it through this rematch really touched all the guys and staff.  And the guys were so engrossed during the matches, they barely said anything.  Seunggi in particular felt so honored to be seeing such an amazing match go down right before his eyes…

And after the match, true to his word, Hodong paid for the entire beef dinner on his own personal credit card!  And wow, those elementary school wrestler boys COULD REALLY eat a lot of beef in one sitting!

Everyone was very excited about Hodong paying for dinner but the 1n2d guys in particular seemed extra thrilled!  Seunggi even brazenly asked Hodong if he could order an extra refreshing juice, to which Hodong was like just drink water!  Ha.

After dinner, the guys signed autographs for the students.  Seunggi was very popular with the younger guys as evidenced by the crowd of donsengs around him to get his autograph!  Very cute and heartwarming!

After dinner, decorated wrestler Professor Lee got on the bus with the guys to travel 1n2d style.  Seunggi happened to be sitting behind Lee Man Ki during the bus ride, which was a good thing as it meant lots of great screencap shots of master of expressions, Seunggi…

Back at basecamp, the guys sat around and listened to Hodong and Lee Man Ki reminisce about their early wrestling days.  The guys were probably pretty exhausted from the tiring wrestling matches, which was definitely more noticeable in some of the members.  It’s really at times like this that Seunggi impresses me even more.  He was totally attentive throughout, sincere, asked questions, and was also funny…

Seunggi said he wanted to ask Professor Lee something… if Lee Man Ki is the number one Korean wrestler to set the top records, then who might the next person, the number 2 record holder be…

Lee Man Ki says that right after himself, the number 2 record holder is Kang Ho Dong, to which Hodong immediately bowed his head in humility and also smiled with contentment.  He was like oh it’s not such a big deal…

And of course Seunggi jokingly called Hodong out on this!  He tells the guys that Hodong kept nudging him since early on, asking him whether he was curious as to who might be next at the #2 spot!  Ha.  Lee Man Ki’s like Hodong asked you to ask that question, and Seunggi says, Hodong’s way is to not be direct.  He kept saying aren’t you curious?!  Seunggi’s like I wasn’t that curious but when Hodong kept asking me about it, it made me curious!  Hodong and all the guys got a big laugh out of this…

After hanging out and talking, it’s time for the BokBulBok game to determine who will be sleeping outside in a tent, in the freezing cold! I think Lee Man Ki didn’t think he’d really have to possibly sleep outside!

Based on the preview for this ep, I was hoping to see lots of footage of Team Lee Man Ki, Seunggi, and Jiwon playing games, but the PDs decided to edit out this part big time.  Looks like they chose to go more with the heartfelt talking footage about Lee Man Ki’s wrestling days, which was heartwarming, but the guys playing games looked like so much fun!  Anyway, Professor Lee saved the day and he secured indoor sleeping for Seunggi and Jiwon…

And Seunggi was VERY grateful to Lee Man Ki for getting the win for their team, saying that he really DID NOT want to sleep outside in the cold!  And Lee Man Ki was excited to be sleeping in the same room with celebs!  I loved seeing Seunggi and Professor Lee together; they were very cute!  How can anyone NOT feel happy about having uhm-chin-ah Seunggi by your side!  Seeing them together made me smile…

Next morning.  Always love these morning still-sleeping mode images!

Aw, Seunggi definitely looks very peaceful!  But check out his hair! Ha ha ha…

After everyone had breakfast together, Lee Man Ki hugged each of the guys goodbye…  I loved the images from the previous week’s ep of Professor Lee swooping Seunggi up when he last his match and just love what he was saying below when saying goodbye to Seunggi…

Absolutely loved the grey hoodie/black vest that Seunggi was sporting in the morning.  The only editing gripe I usually have is the way the PDs (who are really the best around!) edit the final goodbye ments in the morning… not enough concentrated camera time on Seunggi’s outfits!  Because you know I love to be obsessed with Seunggi’s fashion and Cody!  Ha.

See more about Episode Part 1 of the Lee Man Ki special from the previous week:

And per usual, from Nani’s blog, 1n2d Seunggi collection…


Will we see Seunggi hiking alone again?
Fancam from last weekend’s filming of Seunggi bringing smiles to fans

(credit: leeseunggiworld)

(credit: screencaps ~ DClsg; Nani’s blog; LSGfan)

Ratings last week ~ Nov 7, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = 32.6%

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below (minus the reruns)
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.9% (Seoul = 24.1%)
11- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 9.8%
17- 1n2d rerun = 8.6%

Shows at the same time slot but not in top 20:
* SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Heroes) = 6.7%
* MBC Sunday Sunday Night Pt 1 and 2 = 5.9%

TNS Media
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.5% (Seoul = 23.0%)
5- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 13.2%
17- 1n2d rerun = 8.6%

Ratings for all previous weeks:

8 Responses

  1. last weeks 2d1n was great. it made me like lee manki too. seeing seunggi with manki was really sweet. i think manki really liked uri seunggi. :)

  2. Thanks so much, Ann. I knew nothing about wrestling but I find these 2 episodes so touching. Watch those two grand masters locking horns again after so many years…I could feel the vibes coming straight at me.

    SG is getting so good at thinking on his feet and ad-lib. In the bus, HD was trying to win some brownie points by asking LMG how he would feel if HD had won their rematch. Being such a competitor himself, LMG hesitated to grant him the pleasure. Just then SG’s comment not only saved LMG from the awkward moment, it also put HD back to the spotlight (just what HD wanted, that old bragger!).

  3. Love all Seung Gi’s outfits in this episode, he looked great !

    Ann, I have to confess that sometimes I enjoy reading your recap more than watching the show since your recap is totally Seung Gi related (ha, ha).

  4. when i read in KBS homepage, Ho dong’s fans cused Seunggi.. because he speak rude to ho dong??

    • don’t worry about them Seunggi and Ho Dong are like brothers. hodong’s fans just took it too seriously.

  5. i really love seeing him in sweaters.. sooo hot for me.. :D

  6. he looks so great&hot in grey sweaters…soo cute! thanks ann for the recap, nice job!

  7. Ann, thank you so much for the recap & for sharing it. SeungGi’s so cute in all pics but I love him most in that black & gold hoodie :)

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