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Message from celeb most likely to have daebak exam results

High school students all over Korea recently took the uber stressful college entrance exam test.  And Seunggi congratulated them for their hard work via FUBU.  Seems particularly fitting coming from the guy who was recently voted as the celebrity most likely to have daebak results were he to take his college entrance exam again ~ that is, according to Monkey3’s oh-so-scientific online poll(!)…

Poll Question ~ Which celebrity would most likely have daebak results if they were to take their college entrance exam again?

(Source:  Monkey3)

I really don’t think any country can match Korea’s obsession with online surveys and polls, especially in terms of the topics that usually coincide with some current event or holiday in Korea!  The whole online poll thing and the crazy off the wall topics are still bizarre to me!

Seunggi really needs to get a chance to meet Kim Tae Hee someday.  After being included in polls regularly all the time, they need to meet in person!  I think she even watches Strong Heart.  When she was a guest on rival show Win Win, she cracked up the MCs by inadvertently mentioning Strong Heart during the show!

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    As someone who’s been through all the entrance exams, I know only too well the huge pressure and stress. That makes me wonder how SG was dealing with it when he took his college entrance exam. I know he sort of took some time off from show business to concentrate on the preparation. But still, that would be a huge distraction for anyone lesser than our superhuman SG.

    I also crack up when he turns every book reading sojourn in 1N2D into a cram session. Poor kid is drilled too well.

  2. omg, I would’ve totally been a stressed out basket case if I had to go through the korean system of college entrance exams! i’ve heard SO many horror stories!

    what i love most about seunggi’s college thing is that he actually studied a REAL major!

    no offense against those studying drama… but going to college (and the army) are like musts in korea no matter if you’re a celeb or not and so most of the celebs study drama. which is fine. but I just LOVE that seunggi studied international commerce and finance! that’s definitely very hot! ^___^

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