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News clips, Nov 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting [ENG]

*** UPDATED with 3 English-subbed video clips! ***

Seunggi talks about his future military enlistment, idol status, model image, dating, cooking, and his own real mom not wanting to burden her son…

Reason fans are enamored with Lee Seung Gi
His friendliness and sense of closeness cited as reason #1, and also his unpretentious nature and honesty.  Loved the comments from the younger fans.

(credit: rapport2010)

A few Seunggi  excerpts…

[On being called Nation’s Dol and Nation’s Son-in-law?] I’m very thankful. Actually, I’m at an age where it’s early to get married, but I’m very thankful to be chosen as nation’s son-in-law. Honestly, to be associated with having “nation” attached to your name is really an honor, so I’m very happy about that.

[On what he likes to do in his free time] I like playing and sports. I really like sports. Actually early in my debut, I was a bit careful about playing sports outside, but feeling less burdened about that these days, I’ve been playing a lot of soccer. My thighs have become so thick recently… it’s not a good thing! Like it feels like my pants won’t fit!…

Funny news clip of fan meeting highlights
He talks about idols being more cute than him, wanting to work rather than date, surprising his 1n2d hyungs when he has a drink, wanting to do a saguek drama, and enlisting in the army earlier rather than later.  And Teacher Lee Sun Hee proudly gushes about her student Seunggi…

(credit: rapport2010)

A few Seunggi  excerpts ~

[Q~ The secret to surpassing popularity of idols?] But the idols are more fresh than me, more cute… [No!] That’s the response I wanted to hear!

If I were to date… I can’t? I can’t? That’s why I plan to do it secretly!!!!

[Q~ Currently, choosubg between dating or your work?] I haven’t been in a situation yet where I had to choose so I haven’t thought about it deeply, but I’m thinking that there’s still many things I want to do.

[Q~ Do you feel burdened by your model clean cut image?] Even with my 1n2d sunbaenim members, after we eat out after filming, we’ll have a shot of soju. And they themselves will have a lot, but when I just have one shot, they’ll say, Lee Seunggi drinks too?! I’ll have one drink, and they call me a boozer!

I’d like to try a sageuk drama. I always wanted to do a sageuk, but the opportunity didn’t work out, but I’d like to do a good saguek at some point.

[Q~ How long do you think your popularity will continue?] Really, not being greedy… how about just 50 years?!

Teacher Lee Sun Hee: This good looking guy, this good singer, this good actor. This responsible and trustworthy friend~ the person that he calls teacher is exactly me!

Lee Seung Gi backhug and Seunggi talks about his own mom
Moms just absolutely love the nation’s son-in-law! He answers fan questions about military enlistment, cooking, and his famous 1n2d glazed sweet potato dish.  And talks about his own mom (who sounds just amazing!)…

(credit: rapport2010)

A few Seunggi  excerpts ~

Military enlistment? I’m thinking not to go late. How about next month?!

Cooking? I’m thinking about really learning it properly. Korean cooking, Japanese, Italian ~ I’d like to learn them all. The glazed sweet potatoes shown on 1n2d was really a big hit. Actually the idea to do that first came from Lee Soogeun sunbaenim, and it was broadcast as if I was the only one who wanted to do it… but since I was the one who did the cooking of it!

[Q~ On his mom] I say “you’re the best” to [my mom] a lot. Or “This tastes great. Mom, the food you make tastes the best.” I don’t really say “I love you” to her…  All school presidents don’t not frustrate their moms, I frustrated her too. And because of me she endured a lot too. At first, my mom really wanted to say that I was her son, but thinking this might then be burdensome to me, so she and my family in general don’t mention it a lot. Some people will say to her, I heard Lee Seunggi lives in this neighborhood, and my mom will say Oh really?

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6 Responses

  1. Moms adore Seunggi more than their own son? Seunggi really was awake when heaven poured out blessings. Talent, looks, personality, and they said you can’t have it all??? The sincerity of this guy despite his popularity is just so A-mazing and A-wesome…!!!

  2. “..Mom fans are great too, but we hope a day will come soon when you’ll get a backhug from a loving girlfriend…”

    Perfect quote..Why? b/c Seung Gi totally deserves a loving girlfriend..and whoever she is will be one lucky girl!! *is playfully jealous already*

  3. Thanks for the hard work, Ann. I love Seung Gi’s comment about planning to date secretly. I also love the way he said it – playful and a bit defying.

  4. awww.. that was sweet.. seung gi-yah! ugh.. they are all so lucky to be seeing him up close.. :D and about the dating thing, id rather he date secretly as he mentioned, i couldnt bear seeing him dating in public.. :(

    thanks for the translation,Ann! as always! :)

  5. Thx Rapport dear!

    like usual, there were a bunch of clips that came out following the fan meeting, and I just really loved each of these 3 news clips. per usual also, who can’t help but to admire seunggi.

    the line that seunggi has “fans of all ages and gender” is really the TRUTH! i just love it! and the money spending and forever will support and love you like a son mom fans are amazing… a very highly coveted and loved demographic!

    also about his military enlistment – agree with the other comments on other post… i’m not looking forward to those 2 years (sob sob sob)… but admire him more for wanting to go earlier than later.

    common sentiment in korea is that seunggi’s beloved status in korea will be sealed forever once he goes to the army and returns.

  6. life with no seunggi for 2 yrs……. SADNESS! but he has to go to the army and he knows it and don’t think he minds it. i want him to go earlier than later even if it’ll be sad. then he wont be so old when he comes back.

    LOL on his thighs. i noticed they were getting big! LOL.

    luv his mom. i want to meet her. and his sister. and his dad. ke ke ke.

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