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Seunggi and BooHwal, pre-concert interview [video]

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ***

Rumors that legendary rock band BooHwal would appear at Seunggi’s upcoming concert were confirmed via KBS Entertainment Relay interview on Saturday night.  Also, confirmed as guests ~ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST actors/singers, Shin Min Ah, No Min Woo, and Park Soo Jin.

Fans will see 3 types of performances ~ Ballad Seunggi.  Reunion of My Girlfriend is Gumiho actors singing OST tracks.  And lastly, a grand finale stage of Seunggi and BooHwal!  SO excited Hook allowed Seunggi to return to his rock roots!  Omg, international fans who are traveling to Seoul for the concert are in for a MAJOR treat!

(credit: rapport2010/ENGrappport)

And I’m SO happy to see Seunggi’s hair finally growing out!  And his skin looks flawless in these screencaps…

Excerpt from the interview~

MC: I heard that you were in a rock band.
SG: While listening to nation’s rock band BooHwal sunbaenims, I would think about being a rocker long time ago in high school.
KTW: Did you also do [headbanging]?
SG: Not that, but everything leading up to headbanging.

CJM: Before Seunggi debuted, I actually met him. Lee Sun Hee brought Lee Seunggi and asked what I thought. But at that time, I was sort of against the idea.
SJH: He’s famous for being against rookies. He met SeoTaeJi before they debuted and was against them too.
CJM: And they all seem to do well later on!
SG: All the singers that sunbaenim is against tend to succeed.

And, getting to perform with Boohwal is a total steal on Hook’s part!  The legendary rock band had been at an all time popularity high, much of that stemming from Kim Tae Won’s super popularity heightened by his role on KBS Happy Sunday’s Qualifications of Men show.  Along with Seunggi, Kim Tae Won has achieved major beloved status in Korea, receiving love from all ages and groups both as a funny variety star and talented rocker.

There was news recently that No Min Woo would be playing the role of BooHwal’s Kim Tae Won in a 4-episode KBS special. So I’m sure rock fan NMW is looking forward to the concert too. And I’m super curious about the OST performances at the concert!  Will Seunggi and MinAh perform together or will she sing on her own?  Lots of fans were sort of let down in anticipating the Hoi Couple reunion at the KAA Awards.  But I think if there were too much interaction between the two, fans at the concert might be upset?!

Seunggi still continues to amaze me with all the love and support he has from so many different facets of the K-entertainment industry.  I mean the guy is loved by male and female fans of all ages in Korea, but it’s so great to see him supported by so many top stars (and I mean top stars not in the superficial popular sense, but renown and well-respected sense!).

Also, I love that Seunggi’s not a big talker about his connections; something I absolutlely love about him!  What I cannot stand are over-yapping insecure guys who have to brag about themselves (and their associations) because they are so freaking not confident in their own self…  Total turn-off for me! Unfortunately, describes a lot of the Kpoper guys right now… and many of the guys I know! ha ha ha.

Also, I’m definitely appreciating Lee Sun Hee more. After seeing LSH talk about Seunggi at his fan meeting, I realize how much she adores Seunggi like her own son and how much she still supports him.  That is, in addition to discovering him, training him, and ultimately debuting him as a singer.  However, it doesn’t take away my ongoing annoyances with Hook and LSH’s old-school, non-hip, not-ready-to-play-in-the-big-leagues style!

In singing and variety, it’s basically a given that you need good sunbaenims to support and guide you in order to succeed.  So I love that Seunggi has acting purely as his own thing.  Sure, he’s had good acting training, and also good opportunities to work with good actors.  But he can claim his own good and continually improving acting solely as his own!  Is this guy for real?!  I seriously want to know!

See MORE flawless skinned Seunggi at ~ son710823Blog and SeunggiLin’s blog.

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13 Responses

  1. thanks subbing.
    you’re the best. ^^
    i hope his 5th album would successed winning..

  2. Thanks Ann for the translation.

    Guess what? I’m banging my head against wall right now for missing the concert. Sob,sob :(

  3. haha.. so you now declare that seunggi’s haircut has grown on you eh? :D

    yeah, maybe I’m one of his fans who will be upset if he do duet with minah (OMG, I imagine if he will be performing a sexy dance with MinAh.. hahah). but there also will be some fans who will be disappointed if they don’t duet though ke ke.. ^^

  4. ok guys this is looking to be a pretty EPIC concert. Sob sob among all the fans who aren’t going. I’m sure next year’s concert will be even better!

    Count me as being AGAINST anything beyond a short ment between LSG and SMA, and SMA congratulating LSG on stage for his concert.

    I think they should play clips from MGIG when he’s singing I Love you from now on. And same with SMA when she sings (if she does). But that’s it. otherwise, fans would be SO sad…

    for some reason Baek ji young-seunggi duet seemed okay. but minah-seunggi doesn’t seem okay! ^__^

  5. thank you for translation!
    haha! I think I’m in team of LSG-SMA)))
    I’m kind of new in my obsession with Korean music and drama (since March 2010) so I still can’t understand jealousy and anger of fans when their idols meet someone))
    though I would be sooooo glad of LSG-SMA hot duet I see that LSG doesnt want to make upset his fans with it :(

  6. omg! thanks for the translations.. ! cant wait !

  7. I wonder if they’ll actually “remake” the “Hoi~Hoi” scene towards the end of Episode 11/ start of Episode 12?

  8. thank you!!!
    the concert will be awesome!

  9. Didn’t we see a short clip of Seunggi doing the love bullets? It was already so cute considering it was just a practice, how much more during the actual concert? Will SMA be doing that with him? That would be so cute!

  10. OMG, the concert line-up is so awesome. I like KTW too. For those going to the concert, you are really so super lucky ! !

    He is looking great these days, his hair is growing nicely and he looks boyishly handsome. LSG fighting !

  11. so…Seung Gi did everything leading up to head banging..but didn’t actually do the head banging? LOLS…You gals who are lucky enough to go should insist that he show off his head banging skills XD

    Seriously though..epic lineup here..We shall all have to live vicariously through the fan accounts and pray like mad that Hook releases a dvd of the Hope Concert!

  12. Yes, I can only pray for the concert DVD now…

    So cute when CJM hoorayed for MGIG cast appearance. I think I can guess whom he likes the best.

  13. Ohhh! I’m so excited for the MGIG cast reunion! If ever there are LSG-SMA interaction during the concert, I would only want to see them perform the Hoi~Hoi song and nothing else! It’s Seunggi’s concert and not MGIG fanmeet, right? So it’s just highly fair for the concert to be all about Seunggi! But of course, it really depends on them though. I too want to see the Hoi~Hoi couple back together and I’m so excited! ^^

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