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The REAL Seunggi, 2010 Zipel fan meeting [fan photos]

Fans definitely know how to capture the best shots of the REAL Seunggi.  Fan photos are almost always way better than the press ones (even the pre-touched up ones)!  The press should just hire fans for future photo event ops.  I am SO loving the candid, warm, and real feel of these fan photos…

Seunggi truly IS the master of expressions, ranging from laughing to serious…

And I love the lighting on Seunggi in these photos.  The fan must have taken them without the flash or edited the settings after uploading the photos…

Woah, Seunggi’s double eyelids making a pronounced, deep-set showing…! ^__^

He really seems like such a natural with a mike in his hand. Practice makes perfect!

And some atmosphere photos of the super stylish and fresh hors d’ouvers offerings prior to the start of the event. Check out the gorgeous individual kimchi plates; too pretty to eat.  I think they were just for display.  Since this was all sponsored by Zipel Assak kimchi fridge, fans had to guess which type of kimchi was Seunggi’s favorite, which he later revealed during the event.

(credit: As labeled; Naver)

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3 Responses

  1. I like all the photos……..real photos………

  2. i agree with you Ann.. i sooo love Seung Gi’s looks with these fancam pics.. so natural and cute!

  3. For all of the photos, I just could said this: how can be a man could be this cute and adorable???

    And you know what..sometimes I feel so grateful to Hook for raising him to be this adorable, but cursing him to work him over…btw Ann, it’s unusual for you to not comment about his cody ( Or I past it out?, sorry) in this event?

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