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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 9, 2010): Seunggi, Gumiho Aunty, John Park

November 9, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
2- SBS Strong Heart = 19.5% (2- Seoul = 21.8%)
* KBS Win Win = 4.6% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 18.2% (3- Seoul = 19.4%)
* KBS Win Win = not in top 20

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; Asiae)

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This was the SBS 20th Anniversary Strong Heart special.  And Strong Heart benefited ratings-wise from having MNET Superstar K 1st place winner and 2nd place winner Huh Gak and John Park as guests.  They were making their first appearance on non-cable tv.  Other more veteran high profile guests included Yoon Jong Shin, one of the 3 judges for Superstar K…

Having debuted as a singer 20 years ago, Yoon Jong Shin had also been MC along with Hodong on variety show Yashimanman, before it finally  got canceled due to low ratings.  SBS replaced that show with Hodong-Seunggi’s Strong Heart show which has been #1 at its time slot since its premiere.

I always like how veteran MCs of other variety shows that get canceled due to Strong Heart, end up coming on the show and are able to joke about it!  Says a lot about the weight and pull Hodong has as nation’s MC in Korea.

Superstar K winner Huh Gak sang “Nagging” duet with IU (originally sung by IU and Seulong).  I never followed Superstar K, but followed the news about everyone rooting for the underdog Huh Gak, and after seeing him sing so passionately with IU, I can see why people were pulling for this guy…

And John Park, despite coming in 2nd place in Superstar K, is already looking to be a star.  His heartwarming looks, sincere personality, and perfect Korean-American English has won him tons of fans, especially among the females.  And he did a great job on Strong Heart.  He actually sort of reminded me of a hudang-ish Seunggi!

And famed idol group HOT’s Tony Ahn (who just recently finished his military service) couldn’t help but to fanboy over John Park.  He even offered him a contract on the spot.  Hodong asks Tony if he has the confidence to make John Park into a top singer.  Tony says as John Park is already loved in Korea, he would work on getting John to go beyond Seunggi in both singing and drama acting!

And of course you can’t have a Strong Heart episode without some sort of Hodong teasing Seunggi about relationships…  One of the guests Lee Yuri says she was appearing for the first time on tv after having been married for 2 months.  Seunggi sincerely thanks her for making time for the show as it probably wasn’t easy for her to leave her guy’s side.  To which Hodong turns to Seunggi and says, “And you would know about that type of feeling?!”  Oh Hodong, I think you’ll just totally faint (along with the rest of us!) when Seunggi actually starts dating someone later on in life!

Yoon Yoo Sun from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was also a guest and Hodong introduced her as Seunggi’s (aka Daewoong’s) auntie.  Playing along, Seunggi immediately says, “Auntie, why are you here only now?!”

She was very happy to see Daewoong/Seunggi!  She said Seunggi is really a lovely hoobae actor and that she really wants to meet Seunggi’s mom because she did such a fantastic job raising her son.  She says she seriously wants to stop by as her house is like right behind his home.  She continued to gush about Seunggi, saying that he was always smiling, always well-mannered, and always sincere.  Aww, Yoon Yoo Sun was so lovely and so sweet.  The woman looks WAY too young and amazingly gorgeous for her age!

Jung Suk Won was also a guest.  Seunggi’s (aka Hwan’s) friend from Brilliant Legacy, who’s currently acting on the SBS drama Dr. Champ.  Trained as a stuntman, he revealed that his students have included popular actors Lee Seung Gi, Lee Min Ho, and Kang Ji Hwan…

Honestly, this guy to me is a really good example of a hot guy with zero personality, and thus resulting in zero appeal.  A great personality really goes a long way; that is, along with success, looks, smarts, etc… like Seunggi! Ha.  Anyway, Jung Suk Won showed off some of his very skilled stunt moves,  eliciting a perfect reaction from a very impressed Seunggi!

And I just love this gif…  Seunggi happily singing along to Teuk Academy’s performance/parody of idol group HOT’s super popular song from way back when, Candy.  So cute!  Seunggi seems to always love all the live performances…

Nani blog’s MC Seunggi Strong Heart collection…

Strong Heart Photo Diary BTS photos of the MCs from this filming…

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(credit: photos/gifs ~ DClsg; SBS; Nani’s blog; Naver)

November 2, 2010

AGB Nielsen
6- SBS Strong Heart = 14.6% (4- Seoul = 16.4%)
* KBS Win Win = 7.5% (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = 5.9% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 15.4% (3- Seoul = 15.9%)
* KBS Win Win = not in top 20

Ratings for all previous weeks:

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  1. 감사합니다, Ann :).
    I love all the pics and gif’s. 승기 is so cute and adorable. Thanks for the recap and for sharing. I’m happy that the rating got higher.:)

  2. thanks for sharing ! Love Lsgi !

  3. “Tony says as John Park is already loved in Korea, he would work on getting John to go beyond Seunggi in both singing and drama acting!” ~ Well in my own POV, I doubt about this! John Park has so much to work on so as to surpass Seunggi or even be at par with him. I am not saying this to bash John Park but there had been various issues about him during his Superstar K days and it wasn’t good. Seunggi has this image so loved by everyone, old and young alike so it’s kind of hard to compare other aspiring talents with him.

  4. Can you please give me some site for watching online strong heart subtitled English?

  5. I want watch this for Sukwon althought you don´t like him xD

    thanks for the info

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