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Select press photos, 2010 Zipel fan meeting [photos]

There were tons of press photos from the Nov. 9th Zipel Fan Meeting.  Unfortunately, many of the shots didn’t fully capture Seunggi’s lovely features, which I’ll partially blame on his Cody for outfitting him in a tightly wound up, top heavy turtleneck sweater, tweed jacket, and long scarf combo.  Nevertheless, in typical fashion, Seunggi’s fetching, shy smile totally made up for it!  Some of my fave press photos…

Shy moments

Candid moments

Showing off his long legs

Hugging a few lucky fans

Serenading female fans of all ages

Happy and nervous around Teacher Lee Sun Hee?

Answering questions from fans

(credit: As labeled)

Okay, fine.  Putting aside the whole top-heavy, neck-crunching outfit…

How could Cody forget to remove the price tag on his fully exposed scarf?!  First pointed out in leeseunggiworld’s post, this to me is so unacceptable and borderline incompetent.  No matter how busy, crazy things are, Cody’s sole job is to make sure Seunggi is presentable from head to toe, especially at a very public event like this!

I definitely need to go to yoga more often to deal with my Seunggi Cody stress!  ^__^

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One Response

  1. Sorry for my past comment in fan’s photos Ann, as usual you’ve comment it before. I open it in mobile mode, so this post don’t show up.
    And as usual, I agree with You, you really has a sense of fashion! Probably he could hire you! (hehe), his shy smile just make him cuter and cuter!

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