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GaIn talks about untrue internet Seunggi rumor [SH video]

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ***

LSG video cut from Nov 2, 2010 Strong Heart episode:
(English subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96) Thx guys!

Video ~ Untrue but persistent GaIn-Seunggi relationship internet rumor

Like GaIn, I’m SO glad this is out in the open and refuted, even though it was a totally ridiculous and unfounded rumor, started and generated online. Just loved how laid back and cool both GaIn and Seunggi were about the whole thing.  Like they weren’t all worked up over something so preposterous! Loved GaIn in this clip. And Seunggi gave his usual perfect reactions.  And master instigator Hodong totally made the story SO dramatic and hilarious!

And there’s important background context about the February Happy Together 2010 episode that of course was not fully detailed during the story ~ that Seunggi was asked to pick his ideal type from the females present at that Happy Together recording, meaning he had basically 3 choices (GaIn, Narasha, or comedian Shin Bong Sun).  So, thus the reason he chose GaIn…

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2 Responses

  1. honestly.. it’s ho dong fault!!
    he shouldn’t be talking about ideal type!!
    Ho dong must stop it!!
    the viewers misunderstanding, they thought seung gi likes Gi-in..

  2. knowing netizens in korea, they woul easily bite on this rumor..so gullible.. lol! :)

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