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A few early photos from 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting

*** UPDATED with photo and video post links ***

I guess if you had to buy a high class kimchi fridge to be considered for the event, you’re going to have mostly young married women and older ajummas at the event.  I just love the above photo.  It depicts perfectly how females in Korea, of all ages, feel about Seunggi!  I can see the young mom and her daughter totally fighting over him…

Press is reporting that about 600 fans were in attendance for the 1 hour and a half fan meeting event held on Nov. 9th, but I thought it was only open to a max 200 people (100 people chosen through the online event and getting 2 tickets each)?

Nervously clicking on press article links in fear of how Seunggi has been styled by his Cody is no longer good for my heart.  It wasn’t a good sign when a laughing Seunggi with most of his outfit unseen was one of my fave photos…

But seeing a very happy and smiling Seunggi always makes me get over my cody woes!  Aww… Seunggi looks so embarrassed, but happy to be making his fans happy!  I’ve noticed that he always gives really heartfelt hugs…

And Seunggi’s special guest…

Does he ever get to do anything without Hook Entertainment’s Rep Kwon or Lee Sun Hee watching over him?  Doesn’t he have enough ajumma appeal?!

Omg, I know the backhug was the main event but what’s going on here??!! So cute.

And I love the MC!  He’s the lovable guy from the Guerrilla Date segments on KBS Entertainment Relay show, which Seunggi participated in both 2008 and 2009.

A few more early press photos…

(credit:  As labeled)

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15 Responses

  1. aww.. im going to cry!!
    what did he say about AMY??
    i hope he’s not leaving soon.. i will TEARS OUT!!

  2. Actually, I don’t mind if he leave for army earlier, because when come out after two years, he’s still young. I see a lot of stars that went to the army at almost 30, when they were dismissed, they are ahjussi already. No appeal to younger people and very hard to find place in the entertainment business.

  3. i know seung gi after graduating University, he’ll be going soon.. i felt terrible.. i want to meet him earlier..
    he also know that if he doesn’t go to Amy, he would have alot of anti fans like mc mong..
    mc mong avoid going to amy.. so every korean people doesn’t curse Seung gi, the article saying he would be going soon..
    i hope he’s going with his friend.. i hope he won’t be lonely..

  4. read from an allkpop article that he said he choose to go to army sooner than later… i think it’s a good idea, but still, i’m not ready to lose him now! ~_~
    says 2-3 years later, may be ok…

    and from the same article too, he said “I’ve always wanted to try historical dramas. It’s only because I never got the opportunity. If I do, then I would definitely prefer a character who is quite high up. They receive good entertainment and get to wear warm clothes, so it would always be good to get a high-end role.” “Since I’ve played so many immature characters, I want to try an intellectual character next time.”
    well, i dunno about historical drama… but i am waiting for an intellectual mature manly role for him! XD

  5. what does this article saying?

    허벅지 너무 두꺼워져 걱정”…왜?

    why is everyone talking about man and woman from this article? can someone explain to me? what’s wrong with his pant?

  6. Thanks. He looked very refreshed and happy in this event. Also on the his mindset for his enlistment plan ,I think it is a very wise move.Bringing out in the open about his plan gives his fan sample time to prepare for his 2 years absence from public life .

    He is definitely smart to get the national service commitment out of his future plan asap while he is still at the top and young. Ans also while his popularity is still so strong .

    Ha…Ha ,It just fabulous if he could act as an intelligent character next time. And In a historical drama would be a great but temporary exit for 2 years. With a great script, it is a fabulous idea to go out with a very interesting historical drama maybe a 50 ep. one like Dongyi..:)Good Luck LSG.

  7. I am happy that he is pondering on the idea to enter the national service early while still at the top of his career .With his master degree, this young man should be able to go far in whatever he wants to do when he finishes his 2 year stint.

    I think he is really a thinker and make smart move o sound this to his fans and prepare them for this move.It has to happen and sooner in his case is better.The timing is right…

    Acting as an intelligent character sounds fun for his next drama. A good epic historical one would certainly be be a fitting send off too before his enlistment.

  8. As a big fan, I am torn. On one hand, I want him to be an entertainer forever. On the other, we all know he is capable of much more, and another career with a much better longevity is good for him.

    Like suncine said, SG has a bright future in whatever area he wants to do.

    I am putting those things behind and enjoy his smile right now.

  9. I must say his hair is growing very nicely and I think he looked great at the fan meeting. He seemed so cheerful in all the photos, really bring a smile to my face when I looked at them !

    Well, it’s a matter of time before he enlists in NS and although I will miss him terribly (sob, sob…), it would be good for him to do so at the height of his popularity. But it would be difficult for me to watch 1N2D without him (sigh………).

  10. About his army, i agreed with him to go in early than later. At least when he complete his army, he is still in his mid-late 20s..

    and because of this, i told myself to go to his concert by hook or by crook this year…i’m so worried he might just enlist into army next year……

    but i’m sure we have enough videos of 1N2D, SH and dramas to keep us busy for the 2 years…hehehe

    • If what you said does come true, Adelene and I will haunt you everyday. Haha!

      • WAHAHAHA. Eunice you are so funny. For you, I hope that he wont go for army next year but the year after next. Then we shall all go for his concert next year. Deal?

  11. purple1n2d, Really? You will go again next year? of course, it’s a deal!

    Anyway, some juicy news on the concert. At the fan meeting’s interview, LSG said that he will be performing some sexy dance. Maybe he will show his abs afterall. Yon, are you swooning now? haha!

  12. Asiaa Buzz Award 2010 is coming, please vote for seunggi

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