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1n2d, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 7, 2010) – Wrestler Lee Man Ki special

Nov 7, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = 32.6%

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below (minus the reruns)
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.9% (Seoul = 24.1%)
11- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 9.8%
17- 1n2d rerun = 8.6%

Shows at the same time slot but not in top 20:
* SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Heroes) = 6.7%
* MBC Sunday Sunday Night Pt 1 and 2 = 5.9%

TNS Media
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.5% (Seoul = 23.0%)
5- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 13.2%
17- 1n2d rerun = 8.6%

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; Asiae; Newsen)

Scroll to bottom for previous ratings…

I know I’ve been totally not happy with Seunggi’s recent short haircut.  And yes, I’m still not crazy about it even though the Korean fans seem to just LOVE it.  And a lot of you international fans seem to like it too.  Perhaps it’s just me that has a more particular taste about how I want my guys hairstyled!  And yeah, I know JYJ’s Yoochun recently appeared with a similar cut, but I feel the same way with his cut too.  Just not digging this bowl-like hairstyle!

Ok with that said, on Sunday’s 1n2d, Seunggi’s hair made him look more mature and manly, no?  I’m still SO waiting for it to grow out to what it looked like last year around this time, but am glad that he looks less like a little kid in the haircut.

And I loved this ep, because even though it didn’t have tons of Seunggi moments, the storyline, unpredictability, and anticipation were moving AND hilarious.

So, the theme of this 1n2d trip is “Playing in the fall leaves.”  And the guys are excited as PD Na describes it as a lovely fall trip…

And they’re even more happy to hear that they will be making a trip to a mountain since they’ve  had back-to-back boat trips to island locations recently…

But the mountain is located in Ul-lung-do, which just so happens to be an island!

The guys aren’t too thrilled, as they can’t understand why they must make so many boat trips to islands and suffer seasickness.  They’re still recovering from the last super long and high tide boat trip to Mahn-Jae-Doh.

But hearing Ul-lung-do, Seunggi says he remembers that pumpkin taffy would be sold in front of his school, and that the Ul-lung-do pumpkin taffy was really popular.  He asks PD Na if pumpkin taffy really is a specialty for that locale, to which PD Na says Ul-lung-do is well-known for cuttlefish and pumpkin taffy.  But Seunggi must of missed the word “and” in between the two things…

Ha Ha ha.  The guys were like no, the two separately are popular! Seunggi gets it now!  But Soogeun says he can see how you COULD have pumpkin taffy with cuttlefish in it!  And I think he was being totally serious!

Korean snacks are notorious for having fish and healthy root products mixed in.  For example, the super popular Shrimp Chips!  And also candies and taffies made out of ginseng root are really popular too because they’re supposed to help stomach aches.  My parents always carry these candies around!

Anyway, PD Na also adds that the weather has been a bit unpredictable.  The guys let out a sigh.  But PD Na says the last time they checked, the boats were still departing as scheduled.  So they will head out to the boat terminal as planned…

The guys  get on bus and Seunggi’s actually pretty excited about going to Ul-lung-do since he hasn’t been there before.  The other members had gone there on one of their first 1n2d trips 3 years ago.  The guys reminisce about how they knew so little about traveling back then…

The bus rolls into the terminal and the guys remain in the bus while the staff get their stuff together.  The guys take their seasick pills and joke about how they’re always regularly popping these pills for 1n2d!  While they’re joking around, PD Na pops in and with a serious look says there’s a change of plans…

There’s talk of a possible typhoon that could mess up their travel plans.  The guys are led into the terminal to be briefed about the current situation.  They’re told that the boat is still departing and things are fine today, but due to the impending bad weather, they most likely won’t be able to return the next day.  Further, that it may be an extra 1-2 days before the waters are safe enough to return!

Hearing this, the guys pretend to be majorly disappointed about not being able to travel on this day by boat to their destination!  Ha.  Seeing the guys trying really hard not to crack a smile was hilarious!  Since most of the guys have other schedules, it’s decided that they will have to cancel today’s trip.  With the final decision made, the guys head out of the terminal with big smiles and skipping with glee…

But due to this sudden change in plans, the PDs and members now have to find another destination for today’s trip.  They start to throw out a bunch of ideas, but then the guys say they should at least be fed first!  This of course makes PD Na suggest a bokbulbok game to determine breakfast.  (PD Na’ s recent bokbulbok obsession for every little thing has been pretty funny!)

PD Na’s suggestion ~ Cameraman Kang and Hodong play rock-paper-scissors.  Whoever loses will have to personally pay for breakfast… for the entire 80 staff, managers, and members!  Hodong raises the stakes by saying that PD Na should be included in this bokbulbok as well!  It will be a sudden death type of elimination, one round at a time.  The losing person among the 3 guys will pay for everyone’s breakfast with their own personal credit card!

At this moment, the guys hear the boat horn and see the boat departing.  They just can’t contain their happiness at not being on the boat!  They happily wave bye to the departing boat and Seunggi notices the sunflower hanging on the side of the boat…

They’re about to the start the rock-paper-scissors Breakfast Bokbulbok game among the 3 guys when PD Na gets a phone call…

It’s PD Shin.  He forgot to call her and the other staffers who already went to Ul-lung-do earlier on to prep for today’s trip!  If they didn’t get on the boat, the ever so-on-top-of-things Shin PD asks what they’re doing instead?  Caption: Rock paper scissors!  Ha!

Ok, back to the Bokbulbok for breakfast.  The anticipation and excitement over a simple rock-paper-scissors game is intense AND hilarious!   Hodong wins the first round.  They don’t call him the rock-paper-scissors king for nothing!

And PD Na was not looking too happy.  And you know how pouty and choding he gets when things don’t go his way!  And Seunggi was totally teasing him about it.  The two of them together have been so cute recently…

PD Na ends up losing!  It was his idea in the first place to do the game and now he has to pay for everyone’s breakfast.  They all head over to the nearby soup house.  And Seunggi of course tries to cheer up PD Na and makes sure he is well-fed and taken care of!  And PD Na can’t help but to smile back!  Aw.

After everyone finishes eating, PD Na makes his way to the cashier.  Soogeun reminds Seunggi to make sure that a proper tip is also calculated in!  Seunggi gets everyone to give PD Na a round of thanks and applause for a delicious breakfast!

They were obviously trying to buy some extra filming time by doing the bokbulbok game and having breakfast, but now they really have to decide where they’re gong to do so they can film this 1n2d episode!

The main crew members and the 5 guys discuss where to go.  They throw out a bunch of different locales.  Seunggi asks where Jin-doh is located, but it doesn’t seem to be that close by…

The guys start naming the places they’re from.  PD Na says he’s from Chung Joo.  Seunggi says he actually lived there for 2 years, in Yool-ryang-dong…

This takes Seunggi fanboy PD Na totally by surprise.  He says, “Sunggi-yah, me too!” and adds that he lived in Yool-ryang-dong too…

They’re like long lost friends, asking each other when they lived there.  Seunggi says he was in the 1st grade and lived there for 2 years.  PD Na just can’t believe this connection!  Ha.  And again, he’s like you really lived there?!  While they’re catching up, all the others are like this is great for you guys, but um, how about you guys get together later to catch up!  Ha.  Again, PD Na and Seunggi were so cute together.

After throwing around more ideas that don’t seem to be going anywhere, Hodong brings up Jin-do, which Seunggi had mentioned earlier on.  Hodong says there’s a Korean wrestling facility in the town.  He dares the guys to a match against a group of elementary student wrestlers, and if they agree to it, then he’ll invite famed Korean wrestling champion Lee Man Ki to a re-match as well!

Hodong calls him and Lee Man Ki agrees to this match and everyone’s very touched by his willingness to participate in the 1n2d filming and also super excited to meet him.  Most importantly, they’re anticipating a rematch between him and Hodong…

They’re back on the bus, headed to the Korean wrestling center near InJe University where Lee Man Ki is a professor.  And Hodong is feeling majorly burdened, realizing he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into!

The guys, in their typical loving 1n2d way, are completely merciless and tease Hodong about how his pride is now on the line!  Seunggi is having way too much fun with Hodong, both encouraging and teasing him…

They finally arrive at the sports facility and greet the student athletes.  Hodong and all the members are feeling nervous since the rest of the guys have no wrestling experience and training.  Their 5 student opponents introduce themselves.

One particular boy perfectly introduces himself with confidence, and the 1n2d guys are like he’s definitely the ace on the student team!  While the other guys are very chubby, this kid is lean, and Seunggi notes his already formed abs…

The 1n2d guys now need some training.  Ok, despite the big age gap, I think it’s totally believable and almost expected that these elementary student athletes beat their 1n2d hyungs, who’ve had absolutely no wrestling training!  Wrestling is all about skill not body mass!

The guys get a few quick tips and Seunggi feeling pretty good about what he’s learned asks Sooguen if he can try out what he’s learned on him.  Uh-oh… usually, when Seunggi goes into things over confidently, things don’t bode so well for him!

Seunggi gets off to a good start and goes in to trip Soog’s leg, but even before Soog has a chance to respond, Seunggi trips and goes down first!  Omg.  This was so funny!  Aw Seunggi, this may have been a sign of things to come…

College professor and famed wrestler Lee Man Ki finally arrives and the 1n2d guys are super respectful; different from the child-like giddiness they displayed when meeting baseball player Park Chan Ho.  Probably a mix of deep reverence as well as major nerves about the match to come!

Lee Man Ki was total professor-like but very much a stud.  Very cool guy.  They say his nickname was Prince Lee Man Ki.  Hodong was so cute being all nervous next to his sunbaenim.  They talk stats for a while, do a bit more practicing, and then get ready for the main event.

Jiwon is up first for the 1n2d team.  But he goes down soon after the match starts.  Seunggi tries to encourage a wounded Jiwon, who’s just been beaten by an elementary student…

Next up is Seunggi.  And he looks nervous!  We know how competitive he is and the pressure  on him to live up to his princely image!  Ha ha.   They call one of the student athletes forward and it’s their ace and Seunggi’s like I can’t go up against him…

But the hyungs of course lay on the pressure even more (in their typical 1n2d affectionate way!) and remind Seunggi that his opponent is only a 50kg elementary school student… which of course doesn’t help his pride at all!  Seunggi’s like but the kid already has abs! ha ha ha.

But what can Seunggi do?!  He steps out for his match and tries to pump himself up and gather his confidence together…

And while Seunggi is prepping himself by rolling up his pants, the kid comfortably settles himself down and lets out a confident sigh!  Taken aback, Seunggi’s like what the heck… realizing the 6th grader athlete has already been well trained to get inside the head of his opponents to rattle them!

The match hasn’t even started yet and they’re only getting ready, but the student team’s ace already has his game face on…

The match starts and Seunggi goes in for the kill but the student is quick and Seunggi goes down!  Omg, I was so devastated, more so because I knew his pride was more wounded than anything else!  But seeing the reactions of the student and Professor Lee Man Ki right after Seunggi went down made me feel so much better…  they immediately rushed over to dust the sand off Seunggi’s back and make sure he was okay!  It was so sweet and touching…

But still.  After he went down, seeing Seunggi’s look of disbelief and humiliation was both heartbreaking AND hilarious…

But then again, continued affection and love for Seunggi from the professor and the student was SO heartwarming!  I love how Lee Man Ki swooped in and lovingly picked up a dejected Seunggi, while the student continued to wipe the sand off of his hyung’s back and arms…

Now that the match was over, the student was able to show his real feelings toward his hyung!  When Seunggi spread out his arms to go and hug the kid, I loved seeing the kid run over to Seunggi and bear hug him with a big smile.  The kid’s facial expression alone said it all!  Seunggi congratulated him and said he did a great job.  I loved this moment…

Nevertheless, Seunggi is STILL a guy and his facial expression alone following the match said it all!  And the hyungs were like what happened, to which Seunggi indicated he needed to go home for a bit… ha ha ha.

Only Jiwon and Seunggi’s matches were shown in this episode, so we’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see whether it will be a complete blowout!

I think if they had used the high school or college students instead of the elementary kids, it wouldn’t have hurt the guys’ pride as much!!!!  But Seunggi was so cute throughout it all that I couldn’t help but to smile.  Like usual, Seunggi on 1n2d is just the best!  Plus, was really loving his look too.  You can totally tell that he’s still working out!  Probably more so with the concert coming up!

And thankfully, the press didn’t pounce on this!  There was like only one article on his loss!  Thanks Korean press!  We know you can’t help but to root for Seunggi too!

And based on the preview for next week’s episode, looks like Lee Man Ki joins the guys for the rest of their 1n2d trip.  He’s shown riding on the bus with them, playing badminton and soccer volleyball as part of the Hwang-dang team (Seunggi-Jiwon), and possibly sleeping outdoors in the tent if they lose.

Behind-the-Scenes fan photos from this 1n2d filming…

And Seunggi doing some autograph signing?  Looks like this may be at the restaurant that they all go to after the match to have the losing team pay for the meal!

Last week’s episode: 1n2d, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 31, 2010)

Per usual, from Nani’s blog, 1n2d Seunggi collection…

(credit ~ screencaps/gifs/photos: LSGfan; DClsg)

Ratings last week ~ Oct 31, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = 31.9%
* Man’s Qualification single rating = 14.8%

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below (minus the reruns)
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
3- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.2% (Seoul = 22.7%)
10- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 10.3%
15- 1n2d rerun = 8.7%

Shows at the same time slot but not in top 20:
* MBC Sunday Sunday Night Pt 2 = 7.1%
* SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Heroes) = 6.5%
* MBC Sunday Sunday Night Pt 1 (Hot Brothers) = 4.7%

TNS Media
3- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.5% (Seoul = 22.7%)
8- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 11.0%
17- 1n2d rerun = 8.8%
1n2d single rating (AGB Nielsen, not usual TNS Media) = 36.9%
* Man’s Qualification single rating = 22.6%

Ratings for all previous weeks:

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  1. Dear Ann,
    Was waiting for your recap…Am I too selfish to check your blog so often and expect so much? You are the best.

    I love this episode too. Knowing how hard SG has been pushing himself in everything he does, I am amazed he still puts himself out there, falls and all, and strikes that perfect balance of being earnest and not taking things too seriously.

    Love his grey gym suit. He is just so very easy on the eyes.

    • You are alone. Coming to Ann blog has become a daily ritual except I’ve lost count of how many time I visit per day. Even though I visit the Chinese sites for the latest updates but I love coming Ann’s blog to read all her comments.

      And yes Ann, you are the best! :)

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  3. ooo…love this episode…also like the “no matter what” song played in here..I know the original singer are boyzone, but this one seems like a cover? no? I wonder who sings it…

    whats with seunggi and weight…a few weeks back its about the 120kg manager and now a 50kg kid..haha

    and I also notice there are now 2 athlete celebrity that friends with the members and the show now….lol

    oo yeah…yoochun are also using the same haircut right…do they go to the same saloon..ha, he could’ve made it to follow SG haircut right? as if..haha

    btw…thanks for the recap, love your effort, its like you are my idol now, keke

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  7. Our prince Seunggi is hilarious!! Thanks for the funny recap, it made my day~~

  8. I am also guilty of visiting a few times everyday, even at work. Great recap, can’t wait for the episode to come out subbed, thanks.

  9. Thanks Ann. I visit your blog once a day. I am alone? haha. I visit once a day so that I can spend a long time here reading everyhthing slowly and repeatedly and prefer to read a lot of updates at one go. I am greedy in a way. kekeke.

    Love Lee Man Ki. He look so different from when I watched him on Vitamin last time. One look and you know he is a professor! So calm & collected. Showing love to all the boys & Seung Gi of course.

    He knew that Seung Gi was disappointed after the loss so he showed love to Seung Gi. Think he is one of those fathers who wish Seung Gi is his son. :p

    • With you on your impressions of LMK, including his indulgence of Seung Gi (I think he took an extra look at SG when the two shook hands).

      Also did you notice how secured SG appeared when the two helped him up? Maybe it would only dawn on him later that it was the GREAT LMK giving him a lift! Cannot help but love our boy.

  10. I always love reading everyone’s comments! often i LAUGH OUT LOUD, especially when we were talking about SG’s recent jeans photo! ha ha ha ha.

    Thx for always sharing your thoughts guys! it adds so much to the posts! I know there are a lot of fans who love reading your comments but are not the types to post a comment.

    I’d never seen LMK on a variety show before. I think he may have been on Hodong’s Knee Cap guru; i’ll have to check that out. but yes, he was totally admirable. just the way he handled himself; I could see why he’s revered in korea.

    and totally agree – you could tell he loved our SG! he’s a professor! SG is is the ultimate prof’s uhm-chin-ah dream student! but what i really loved was the kid’s reaction to SG hyung. OMG so cute! can’t wait till next week’s ep to see SG, Jiwon, and LMK together on one team!

    and like you guys said – loved how SG was both vulnerable and secure in who he is at the same time. makes him all the more lovable! ^___^

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