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2010 Style Icon Awards ~ Popularity Award nominees

*** UPDATE:  See all 2010 Style Icon Award winners at CJ ONE link ***

The 2010 Style Icon Awards is set for a live broadcast on Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 8pm.  Sponsored by Olive TV and OnStyle TV (not to be confused with US import InStyle Korea), there’s going to be your typical Popularity Award given out…

Online voting started on November 5th and will end on the 15th at the Style Icon Awards Popularity Award voting site.  SeungGi is one of the nominees again this year.  Earlier this year, Olive TV named him March Style Icon of the Month, to my total surprise (and Seunggi’s!)  Ha.

There are 60 nominees, including a range of Kdrama actors and Kpop idols.  You have to register to vote, it’s only open to those in Korea, and you can pretty much click every 10 minutes… which basically means some idol will probably get the award!

Full list of nominees for the 2010 Style Icon Awards ~ Popularity Award

And to bring out the crazy fans, there’s a real-time voting results page.

1st place ~ Kim Hyun Joong
2nd place ~ Micky Yoochun
3rd place ~ Lee Seung Gi

Am I bad fan?!  But I’m not interested AT ALL in Seunggi getting this award!  But would love to see him present an award…  maybe with Hoi Couple half Miho?!

Even though Seunggi’s Cody/Stylist drives me crazy, I like Seunggi ALL THE MORE because he is NOT a fashion icon!  He definitely looks great in everything, but his laid back preference for jeans, hoodies, and preppy wear doesn’t necessarily scream trendsetter…  Although everyone seems to be totally gaga over the recent photo of Seunggi in jeans and hoodie doing volunteer work!  Ha ha ha ha.

My FEMALE fashion icon ranking

Didn’t realize my choices had ties to Seunggi until later on; definitely not intentional.  Working with these beloved female celebs says a lot about Seunggi and vice-versa.

1) Shin Min Ah ~ Actually it was her style that made me like SMA when I first saw kdrama Beautiful Days and movie Volcano High.  But I didn’t follow any of her projects until My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Already considered one of Korea’s top fashionistas, this drama put her on the map and will probably change her career trajectory forever.  Plus, SMA’s public adoration for Seunggi just make me love her more!

(Aug 2010, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho press conference)

2) Lee Min Jung ~ I’m not as crazed about LMJ like the rest of Korea, but she definitely seems to look amazingly put together all the time.  Haven’t seen any of her dramas, but supposedly she’s a pretty good actress too.  Her recent film Cyrano Dating Agency did awesome at the box office.  Would love to see LMJ and Seunggi do an interview on the set of one of their CF shoots, beyond LMJ’s recent BTS interview cut.

(Fall 2010, Kolon Sport advertisement)

3) Han Hyo Joo ~ Why is she NOT one of the nominees?  HHJ’s mix of high fashion and indie styles usually look great!  Her drama Dong Yi wasn’t super popular with the trendy set, but it had good tv ratings, and she’s well-liked in Korea.  And per HHJ’s interview about her friend Seunggi, love to see them rooting for one another!

(March 2010, Brilliant Legacy fan meeting in Japan)

4) Kim Yuna ~ Why is she NOT on the list as well?  KYA doesn’t necessarily have the most trendy or hip fashion sense, but she’s a huge hit sales wise.  Plus, the girl ONLY set the world record at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and brought everyone to tears by putting on a perfect performance while being beautifully outfitted! Come on, she definitely should be on the list!  Plus, the talented skater can also sing as evidenced by KYA’s duet with Seunggi to commemorate the World Cup.

(May 2010, On the set of the KB World Cup CF shoot)

My MALE fashion icon ranking

1) Daniel Henney
Yes, the guy still can’t act, but he is definitely the Korean male celeb that is the closest thing to a true fashion model. Plus, for me, his American type of mannerisms is refreshing to see in K-entertainment.

2) So Ji Sup
Haven’t followed him in a fan-like way, so not sure what his personality is like in real life, but I just love him as an actor. Plus, he (along with Hyun Bin) is one of the few K-celebs that started out as a fashion model before going into acting. He always looks great, even when totally scruffy!

3) Choi Seung Hyun (aka Top)
The only idol exception. I’m probably like the one of a few that doesn’t follow Big Bang regularly, but I like Top’s style when he’s out and about in press and fan photos. His Cody always seems to keep it minimalist but really chic and sharp.

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9 Responses

  1. seung gi is at 2 place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please VOTE!!!!!!!

  2. please VOTE 골든디스크!!!!!!!!
    Seung gi is at 2 place now!! hurry VOTE.!!
    i want him to be happy !!

  3. dear ann,
    I knew that you kinda hate LSG new haircut, but you can see that a lot of people are using that looks right now, like Micky Yoochun….anyway, the hair looks good right now after a few weeks…lol, right?

    • lol!! I see the article too. So, can we say Seunggi is a trendsetter? ke ke ke..
      Yeah, I think Lee Seung Gi looks cute and younger with the hairdo. XD

  4. As much as i love him as an actor, i don’t see him as a style icon. He’s charming in every possible ways as he always is. I actually prefer him in casual, lay back clothes than formal, or styling stuff.
    Was it Kim HyunJoong who won last year award already? It’s so, then it would be great if Seung Gi get it this year. I’m supporting him all the way.

  5. I feel that this kind of award should be judged by professional rather than by voting.

    But as a SGi fan, i will still wish he can win… ^_^

  6. I love Kim Hyun Joong hahahah

  7. to sad, it seems Lee Seung Gi has lost several popularity awards competition these days. although i don’t really like this one person can vote several times polling system, but I really want to see him appear in award event/ international awards ceremony.

    and for this year non-polling awards, Lee Seung Gi will be also faced some great actors such as Hyun Bin, Kwon Sang Wo, Kim Nam gil, etc. which are very hard competitor for him.

    BTW, Lsgfan, how about Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards2010? I heard this will be held at hongkong on December, is that true?
    I’m little disappointed with the total number of Lee Seung Gi’s voting. If I’m not mistaken, Lee Seung Gi got more than 100.000 voters at SDA. where are Lee Seung Gi’s voters now?

  8. I’ve been debating whether to post anything about Yahoo Buzz Awards. I like to support anything that seunggi is associated with, esp awards shows, but to be honest, and not to be a total snob…

    I really don’t care if Seunggi can’t add Yahoo Korea Buzz Awards to his resume. for the same reason, I don’t post anything about the weekly online surveys that seunggi tops like every other week.

    i mean i still love it when he wins, but do i really care if he doesn’t win something like the Yahoo Buzz Awards or the Style Icon Awards? — no. Will anyone remember you for winning that award or a bunch of popularity awards later from now? (Style Icon Awards – i made a post b/c I’m a huge fan of fashion). ^___^

    as for popularity contests that are voted online by fans ~ i think when you’re basically nominated for like every award show, fans (who still have a life) have to basically decide where to put their resources.

    so like International Seoul Drama Awards — that’s an acting award and plus it’s very high brow and the award he was up (despite it being online) was to represent korea along with other country actors. and it was for beloved Brilliant Legacy so fans seemed to think this was important.

    yahoo buzz awards, style icon awards, mnet choice awards – those kinds of things, it looks like seunggi fans don’t see these as important. i’m sure they’ll be voting like crazy for the SBS drama awards couple award! ^___^

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