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Seunggi spends his free Saturdays volunteering!

*** UPDATED with more BTS photos ***

Making his super popular glazed sweet potatoes shown recently on 1n2d… Early Saturday, there were a few tweets and dclsg posts about sightings of Seunggi doing some sort of community work.  Some said reporters were also there…

But now there’s proof in just one perfect photo.  Everything I love about my ideal guy is depicted in this photo!  The fitted, laid back outfit, still stylish but appropriate for a community service event.  Cooking rather than solely doing some heavy intensive labor!  And spending his free time volunteering and smiling while doing it!

Seunggi needs to really stop with all this volunteering and community service stuff because that’s what really makes us girls go over the edge!  Especially when it comes from a celeb who does it with sincerity despite a crazy busy schedule!

Sure, some of these events are probably tied to his endorsement contracts, but we know how much Seunggi finds this stuff rewarding and how he, early on, already committed to being involved in charitable work separate from his contracts and industry work…

From back in March 2010:  Lee Seung Gi donates 1억 (updated)

It was revealed today that Seunggi pledged to donate 1억 ($90,000 US) to a KBS welfare foundation.  A representative for the foundation said Seunggi had always had great empathy for these persons who were less fortunate.

They said that Seunggi, without others knowing, had always been involved in campaigns to help and sponsor the less fortunate.  And that this foundation, per Seunggi’s request, would use the donated money to provide weekly allowances to these needy persons.

Seunggi said “I ended up learning a lot by seeing the participants’ love among their family members.  I wanted to give them a present of hope to them.  It may not be sufficient, but I hope that my small support and donation would be of support to them.”

When asked about his name being attached to this, Seunggi said “In order to be responsibility-minded and have a heart of continously putting into practice these things, I attached my name to this.  And like the meaning of the name, I want to be able to help and accompany others by sharing.”

Can’t wait to hear more about Saturday’s event!  And I’m so loving Cody right now!

But public relations wise, hope that’s not the press photo… Seunggi looks hot in those jeans, but it may not be the most appropriate public release photo!  Ha.

More BTS photos…

Maybe it’s because we’ve gotten so used to seeing his natural and sincere interactions with the local people in the deep rural areas of Korea through 1 Night 2 Days, but Seunggi really has an amazing ability of blending in with everyday people, and particularly here, with those who are less fortunate, in a way that seems genuine and real…  From the way he’s dressed, to his demeanor, to his interactions.

Definitely something not too common among K-celebs, or just celebs in general.  It takes some degree of skill for a celeb to do public service in a genuine,  sincere way.  No comment on the recent controversy surrounding SNSD’s Sooyoung, SuJu’s SiWon, and Shin Se Kyung’s hospital visit to see a Lou Gherig’s patient, but pictures speak a thousand words.

(photo credit: DClsg)

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22 Responses

  1. i just love him more and more each day! wahhhhh!

  2. OMG he’s so perfect ;D

  3. Haha! Ann, I know what you mean when u said about the Jean
    The Chinese fan are getting gaga over it!

    I think it’s the color and the way he stand. Hehe!

    • Wow! I don’t know how I missed this discussion. When I saw the picture it caught my eyes immediately (sorry no modesty here).

      I don’t think it’s the jeans. SG is just very endowed. Anyone in doubt please check out the 1N2D episode where he had to wear JM’s clothes after the beach play and bath. Watch how the pants fit.

      • Totally agree with you that he is well endowed, very nice way of putting it !

        Actually I also spotted the “jean” straightaway (distracted me from the sweet potatoes) but was too shy too comment earlier on (hee, hee).

  4. Yeah Ann! You mean the jeans right? Haha..lol! Its the colour tone i think..haha

  5. no denying that Seung Gi is hot! simple dressed and volunteering for a good cause!

    but..erm..yeah, definitely not an appropriate PR photo HAHA
    agree with Eunice & Roshiridz..its definitely the color & pose..

  6. what are you talking about? color, pose, jeans?

    anyway, seunggi looks soooooooo cute…. <3

    I want that glazed sweet potatoes too, but only if Lee Seung Gi made it for me.. ha.

  7. *swoon

    • Haha! not chinese fan gaga getting gaga over it but other fan also. If that happen, ahem ,it really normal,after all he a true man!

      • btw, i’m swooning not because of that…
        actually i realize what everybody’s talking about just now… LOL

  8. i love his looks here as well.. so cute and at the same time HAWT! :) would love to seem him more on denim jeans!!!!!!
    btw, we call that glazed sweet potato here as ‘camote cue’… the only difference is the sweet potatoes, locally known here as camote are put in a barbecue stick.. :)

  9. Rin, if you are reading this, I just made some the glazed sweet potatoes for my family members. It really taste good! Everyone loves it!

    • Eunice, “Good Job!!” (said per KHD’s style). So are you going to be an expert just like Seunggi? ha..ha..ha

  10. Actually they should release this photo on Monday morning… after Seunggi’s loss to the little kid on 1n2d, this image should more than make up for any feelings of wounded manly pride on seunggi’s part! ha ha ha ha.

    I’m totally thinking about making Seunggi’s sweet potato dish too!

  11. Rin, actually I’m very cook myself. Hehe! I prepared bibimbap for them too.

    Yes Ann, I agreed with you. I saw the clip just now and he definite looks wounded. Haha!

  12. omg omg omg. luv this pic of seunggi! he looks hawt in the jeans! ke ke ke.

  13. Fu fu fu the jeans, the jeans, the jeans :D

    • me too.. the ‘jeans’ caught my eye before i get to see the sweet potatoes! at first, i thought no one would notice it as i did (assuming it was just brought by my seung gi fantasies.. lol)..

  14. omg, the comments in this post are HILARIOUS! I love everyone’s honesty! I mean really, how can anyone NOT notice?! ha ha ha

  15. wow………..interesting!!!!

  16. oh my… i just followed the link of your last post and for awhile i could not follow the comments then i had a second look… ahahahaha, oh girls!!! i think my ears just turned beet red. I had to wash my eyes with soap. ahahahah.

    hilarious and at the same time so eherm, revealing. i was just so into this wholesome image i forget he’s like, a guy…very much so it seemed. hahah.

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