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11 Responses

  1. thanks for sub ^^

  2. thank you so much!

    every time i’m excited when i hear his live singing especially without instruments…awwwwww…

  3. Thanks so much Ann. What we would do without you!

  4. Seunggi is still ever so busy, even after Gumiho ended! Looks like the concert is gonna be a really good one! He looks so good in the interview…thanks for the translation!

  5. if i live in korea,i will definitely go to his concert..

  6. thank you!!!

  7. thanks for the translation.
    just wondering … why did he wear that blue sleeveless jacket.
    to add colour to his otherwise plaint white shirt ?
    but that blue sleeveless jacket reminds me a lot of the bright orange life vest and kept distracting me instead.

  8. thanks for the translation.

  9. I actually like the fubu military vest… ^___^ Although Cody piecing the vest hoodie over a white button down oxford is sort of strange to me. like really, you couldn’t have put the vest over a simple long sleeve fitted white shirt?!

    anyway, i’ve really come to deal with Cody now. s/he’s still annoying but they don’t enrage me anymore!!!! ha ha ha. well, let’s wait and see how they outfit seunggi for his concert and all the upcoming awards shows!

  10. thanks a lot for the sub !

    and yeah, the blue fubu military vest is really good
    i love it too XD

  11. hi! do you have YT link for this vid with subs? thanks!

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