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2008 Letter from Angels exhibit [photos+ENGvideo]

VIDEO ~ Interview at baby photoshoot, Oct. 2008 [ENG]
(Eng Subs: LSGfan; video credit: rapport2011; tryp96) Thanks guys!
Omg, how cute is Seunggi with the baby?!  The MCs really love Seunggi!  The way they gush and compliment him in the background is too sweet.  They commented that Seunggi was nice to answer all those absurd questions about marriage and kids…

Per earlier post, 2010 Letter from Angels photo exhibit, I’m really hoping Seunggi’s June photo shoot was indeed for the upcoming December exhibit.  Sponsored by the Korean Social Welfare Society and aimed at encouraging adoption, Photographer Cho has been doing this since the 2003 inaugural event.  Seunggi participated in 2007 and 2008.  For those of us who didn’t follow Seunggi as much or let alone know him 2 years ago (bad me!), press photos and video clips from the December 2008 Letters from Angel photo exhibit opening at the InSa Art Center in Seoul…

~ Seunggi and baby photos ~

~ Hanging out ~

~ With Photographer Cho ~

Omg, I love camel coats!  Black coats look more chic and are definitely more daily winter coat wear, but a one good camel coat is a must for those certain days when you want to stand out in a sea of typical black coats!  Also love Seunggi’s knit cap and striped turtle neck underneath too!

One tiny complaint (sorry!) ~ the jacket has a great fit in the shoulders and arms, but you can tell the body of the coat is actually way too big; something that can be fixed with a little tailoring.  But I realize now that even 2 years ago, Cody was not a big fan of tailoring Seunggi’s clothes!

~ Atmosphere during the Exhibit run ~

~ On the set of the photo shoot ~


VIDEO~ Seunnggi at Dec 2008 Seoul exhibit opening night

(cr: tryp96.wordpress.com)

VIDEO~ Busan photo exhibit space, Seunggi’s photo in the center!

(cr: tryp96.wordpress.com)

~ Added bonus – 2007 Exhibit and BTS photo ~

(credit: As labeled)

See the beautiful black and white photos of celebs with adorable babies for each year at the Letter From Angels gallery link.

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7 Responses

  1. Wish i am the baby in his arm !!! Thank for sharing .

  2. omo seunggi look so handsome! and he is perfect with the baby. i can’t bear to think that one lucky girl is going to get to marry him and have his babies! wahhhhhh!

  3. i think i have this recorded before (gotta look at my old recorded clips!!!)… really admite the guy for participating in these events even with his busy schedule…

  4. Oh, SeungGi’s so cute! He’s really perfect with the babies. He’s so natural in holding them! He’ll be a great father someday. His future wife and kids will be so very lucky!

    Ann & Tryp, thank you so very much for sharing. :)

  5. i can only imagine (and envy) just how luck his future wife will be.. ^sigh^

  6. seunggi with babies is LOVE! this is an awesome interview clip! i’m so jealous!

  7. i would want him to be the father of one of my babies soon.. just one,please! LOL

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