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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 2, 2010): Seunggi and Ga In

November 2, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
6- SBS Strong Heart = 14.6% (4- Seoul = 16.4%)
* KBS Win Win = 7.5% (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = 5.9% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 15.4% (3- Seoul = 15.9%)
* KBS Win Win = not in top 20

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; Star News)

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The individual stories on Tuesday’s episode were fun, but there was basically only one EPIC story…  Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn revealing for the first time her frustration with an ongoing, totally baseless, unfounded, and untrue online rumor about her secretly dating someone.  She said it was uncomfortable to even bring it up because the guy she’s supposedly dating is standing in front of her…

See~ GaIn talks about untrue internet Seunggi rumor [SH video]

~ Ok, before getting into this story, some very important CONTEXT ~
that the Strong Heart PD and crew didn’t detail during Gain’s story…

Back in February 2010, KBS Happy Together had their annual Lunar New Year special episode and the guests were SeungGi, Brown Eyed Girls Gain and Narasha, Kim Jong Kook, and Shorry J.  The episode was hilarious and Happy Together saw one of its highest tv viewership ratings the next day for this particular ep.

See ~ Happy Together Lunar Near Year special photoblog post

So Happy Together has this popular corner where the MCs and guests talk to one another informally and try to make one another laugh.  If you start laughing, the staff waterguns you; everyone’s given a big bowl to guard their face from the water…

MC Yoo mentions Gain’s show MBC We Got Married, and asks Seunggi if he could have a pretend marriage, who would be his ideal girl.  MC Yoo says Seunggi has to choose someone currently present (Gain, Narasha, or MC Shin Bong Sun).  He tells Seunggi to whisper the name in his ear so MC Yoo can decide whether it will be a good match or not…

And as expected Seunggi picks Gain over Narasha and Shin Bong Sun.  But MC Yoo teases him because Seunggi whispered the name so seriously.  This of course cracks everyone up!

MC Yoo asks why Seunggi chose Gain, and he says she showed a lot of aegyo on We Got Married.  Gain thanks Seunggi for the compliment and that was that.  No big deal.  But of course the next morning, all the news headlines said Seunggi was interested in being in a pretend marriage with ideal girl Gain!  And of course  failed to mention that Gain was chosen over Narasha and Shin Bong Sun!

Ok, so for those who don’t follow Korean search sites ~ When you search someone’s name, other popular suggestions pop up.  After the Happy Together ep, Gain and Seunggi’s name were often linked.  Not uncommon when people are mentioned in the same news articles.  Like, when you search Seunggi’s name, other associated terms typically include his drama, CF, and variety show partners, song and show titles, and also people he doesn’t even know! (ie, Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hee, Won Bin, etc because they often rank at the top on all those crazy online polls)!

However, even a long while after the Happy Together episode aired, Gain and Seunggi’s names would still show up in related searches even though there was no related news on the two of them.  So even though all Gain fans, Seunggi fans and most other Korean netizens knew about this online rumor thing, it had never been addressed in a news article or on any show.  Rightfully so, since the rumor was so baseless and ridiculous!

Ok, with that context, back to Gain’s story on Strong Heart…

Gain awkwardly starts her story about the persistent online rumor that she’s supposedly secretly dating some guy.  Gain asks Seunggi – Have you dated a girl that looks similar to me?  To which Seunggi says, I wanted to ask you the exact same thing, whether you dated someone that looked like me!  Everyone’s like oooh ahhhh…

Hodong says he read there was an eyewitness to the rumor.  Gain says earlier in the year, her management president called her in to ask if she was dating Seunggi.  She was totally taken aback as she had never heard this before.  He said that some reporter called saying he saw Seunggi and Gain coming out of her dorm building together.  Everyone’s shocked.  And Seunggi’s like where do you live?!  I just love how Seunggi is so cool and laid back throughout this scandalicious story!  Like he knows how ridiculous it is so he’s not even bothered by it!

Anyway, Gain tells the company president that this is definitely not true. Soon after, some rumor-making online gossip site reported that Gain and Seunggi were definitely dating.  And Gain says even her Cody recommended that she be careful to not dress similarly to Seunggi because of this stupid rumor.  Gain also added that when you type her name in online search sites, Lee Seung Gi appears as the next option, and that she has no clue why!

Seunggi responds, that he too was also asked by the close people around him whether this Gain-relationship online rumor was true. And that because he had nothing to say since it was SO far-fetched and ridiculous, he just laughed it off…

Hodong adds that he even even read a lot of online comments that the two had dated and then broken up and so what does this mean for Jo Kwon!  To which Gain says that she’s definitely heard that aspect a lot too…that the reason she’s on We Got Married with Jo Kwon is to make it seem like she’s not dating Seunggi.  At this point, Seunggi can’t help but to start laughing, like this is all SO ridiculous…

Gain continues that even when news articles about how happy she and JoKwon would come out, netizens would comment asking what does this mean for Seunggi and too bad for him!  And that so many times Gain wanted to say something but because this rampant online rumor was never written about publicly in the news, it’s not like she could just bring it up!

Seunggi empathizes with Gain and says it’s not like she could have said something about it publicly when the topic had yet to be broached publicly.  But again, I just love how laid back and so cool Seunggi is about this whole thing.  Like he can’t help but to laugh at how preposterous all of this is…

But oh no, Hodong the instigator has to butt in and of course try to make things more uncomfortable!  He asks Seunggi where his hair salon is located.  Seunggi answers.  He asks Gain the same question and she answers the same locale area.  Hodong asks Seunggi how many words is the name of the salon, to which Seunggi says 3 words.  He asks Gain the same question, and Gain says she goes to the same hair salon as Seunggi.  Hodong of course freaks out and is like, how can that be when there are SO many hair salons in that area!  Omg, Hodong, you need to get out more!

Surprised, Seunggi says he’s never seen Gain there before.  On the other hand, Gain says she’s seen Seunggi there before.  Everyone jokes that Seunggi probably didn’t recognize her without her makeup!  Gain admits that she purposely tried to avoid Seunggi because the online rumor was so rampant.  It was so awkward for her, so she would use a different exit door out of the salon to avoid him.

Hodong asks Gain, it must have been really stressful for her during that time.   But Gain in a very laid back and cool way says even though the rumor had been around for a while, she was actually enjoying it!  Everyone busts out laughing!

“So cool ~ Actually, I was enjoying it!”

Having himself been the target of rumors, Hodong says this must have been hard on Gain’s parents too, to have such a rumor be associated with their daughter.  However, Gain says with embarrassment, “Actually my parents are fans of Lee Seung Gi. They were so hoping the rumor was true!”  Again everyone busts out laughing!  And Gain adds jokingly, “I wonder if my mom is the one who started this rumor!” Ha ha ha.  (Gain has mentioned in past interviews that her parents are fans of Seunggi!)

So of course instigator Hodong can’t stop here.  He asks Seunggi if he has been on the show Happy Together, to which Seunggi, seeing where this is going, laughs and says yes.  Hodong asks whether it is true that Seunggi mentioned Gain as his ideal girl on Happy Together.  To which, again a very cool and laid back Seunggi says yes.  Everyone oohs and ahhs!

And then instead of letting Seunggi explain the context of that Happy Together ep, Hodong says okay we’ll end the Q and A here!  Seunggi’s like you can’t just end things like this with no explanation, to which Hodong says it’s important for viewers to know details but I don’t want to meddle in your privacy!  Everyone busts out laughing and laughs the whole thing off.

Gain closes by saying that although it was very frustrating and stressful at times…  she was  super happy up to this point about it all!  The guests tease her that rather than being relieved about having this reconciled and clarified publicly, it seems she’s more disappointed to have this rumor come to a close!  Gain was very cute.

Not surprisingly both Gain and Seunggi have been on the top search lists all morning and afternoon!  Is there any given week that Seunggi does not have some scandal on Strong Heart?!  Yet because everyone knows and trusts uhm-chin-ah Seunggi, he remains scandal-free!  Anyway, any Seunggi fan knows that super strict Hook Entertainment never lets Seunggi out of their sight! Ha ha ha.

Just loved how Gain and Seunggi were so cool about the whole thing, and didn’t let it get to them!  Again, probably because it was such a lame and unfounded rumor!  Hope they can be friends now without any misunderstanding…

Also liked Seunggi’s look in this episode…

Next week’s episode should be pretty epic!  The #1 and #2 place winners of super popular show Superstar K (Korean’s equivalent of American Idol in the US) are going to be guests.  Huh Gak and John Park.  As well as one of the judges from the show, Hodong’s former YSMM variety show co-MC.

Liking Seunggi’s simple preppy outfit for next week’s ep…

Haven’t seen Strong Heart Seunggi cuts posted on DClsg for recent episodes.  I think the fans weren’t too thrilled about all the clips of Seunggi and female guest scandal stories!  Ha ha ha ha.  But hope clips from this ep surface soon.  It was a great story and I’m super glad that this is finally out in the open and over and done with!

Last week’s episode: TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 26, 2010)

Most recent LSG cuts: NG kiss scenes, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

(credit: screencaps/gifs ~ Korean news sites; DClsg; Korean blogs; SBS)

October 26, 2010

AGB Nielsen
5- SBS Strong Heart = 15.9% (3- Seoul = 19.0%)
18- KBS Win Win = 9.3% (17- Seoul = 9.7%)

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 15.9% (3- Seoul = 16.7%)
* KBS Win Win = not in top 20

Ratings for all previous weeks:

6 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann!

    I’ve been refreshing your blog since morning just to read your comments and translation. hehe!

  2. omg! ive been dying to read your recap after i read the article about gain and seunggi on allkpop. i watched the raw on tudou but couldn’t understand anything! but was so curious about what they were saying.

    i love seunggi even more every time i see him on tv. and agree with you too. gain was really cute. so cute what she said about her parents being his fans! ke ke ke.

  3. thanks ann..
    hahaha..u right..almost every week he has scandal with the female guest…
    i think all the female guest want a scandal with him..
    so,that’s why they bring it up=)))

  4. Ann, I actually already made a cut of GaIn’s story, but was debating whether or not to post it. If you’re interested, I’ll upload it on DM. ^^

    • I have been trying to watch the Feb 2010 Happy Together episode which Seung Gi appeared in. Can anyone be kind enough to advise where I can watch it ? Thanks so much.

  5. Fascinating!

    I wonder if SG’s contract with Hook has a character clause. The tight control reminds me of the Hollywood studios system of the 40s and 50s!

    SG being SG, I am sure Hook has nothing to worry about. But I cannot help but feel sorry for him, for not being able to have a normal social life. I guess that’s the price a celebrity has to pay.

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