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Chocolate ~ peek lineup [Nov 3rd recording]

SeungGi is recording for Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate today, set to air on Sunday night, November 14 on SBS.

Partial list of the lineup per photo image…

M3. I can’t (2pm)
M4. 환상속의 그대 (2pm)
MC Ment ~ Introduction of guests  (Kim Jung Eun)
M5. Fox Rain (Lee Sun Hee)
M6. The Person I will Love (Lee Sun Hee)
M7. Smile Boy (Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seung Gi)
Intimate Talk ~ Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seung Gi speed talk
M8. 나 항상 그대를 (Lee Sun Hee)
M9. I Love You from Now On (Lee Seung Gi)
M10. Will you Marry Me (Lee Seung Gi)
Closing ~ Closing Ment (Kim Jung Eun)

(image credit: DClsg; DCUploader)

I think it’s great that Seunggi is appearing together with the person who discovered him, Lee Sun Hee… but I would just love to see Hook be a bit more hip sometimes.

That’s quite a shift in performance style from 2pm to Lee Sun Hee…

I’d love to see a surprise appearance from Kim Yuna, Shin Min Ah, Kang Min Kyung, or even Baek Ji Young!  Or better yet, how about Seunggi performing with the hot 2pm guys!  ^___^

No offense, but I would just love to see Seunggi on the Chocolate stage with some more people that aren’t old enough to be his mom.  I feel bad but I’m really not at all excited about seeing Seunggi perform Smile Boy together with Lee Sun Hee…

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5 Responses

  1. its nice that we get to see him perform, concert promo?
    i think the host will enjoy this and i hope they get to talk about a lot of things…

  2. 2PM is also there too? -_-

  3. i’m just extremely happy that he will sing ILYFNO!! :D
    and sooo glad its Smile Boy instead of the usual songs he’s been performing. did they hear our rant last time? lol. i’m just sooo happy really!

    • yes, i’m happy he sang smile boy and ILYFNO too!
      tryp96 said that he actually he sang Love Taught Me To Drink too… but as far as i know, they couldn’t broadcast it because age restricted for people under 19 years old, right? :(

  4. Agree!!! i hope seunggi performs with 2pm guys…..

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