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Modeling various looks for 2010 F/W Kolon Sport [photos]

Photos originally posted on astrojason blog on October 27 with the following note~

Lee Seung Gi’s winter down proposal.  Receiving love through dramas, variety, and also as an MC.  Receiving love as a Korean entertainer, Singer Lee Seung Gi.  Shedding his hudang image coined on 1 Night 2 Days, he showed an overflowing charismatic and manly style.  Revealing Lee Seung Gi’s Kolon Sport winter down fashion shoot.  [translated by LSGfan]

Not sure who the blogger is and how s/he got access to the original photos, but per press release last week, all the photos of Seunggi and Minjung will be posted on the Kolon Sport website soon.  Check out SeungGi’s various looks…

These are LSGfan’s style descriptors, not those of Kolon Sport…

Laid Back and Grungy

Chic and Modern

Preppy and Casual

~ Sporty and Edgy ~

Seunggi’s best shots (outfits and expressions) ranking ~
Omg, I sound like Tyra Banks from America’s Next Top Model at elimination!

1) Chic and Modern
2) Laid Back and Grungy
3) Sporty and Edgy
4) Casual and Preppy

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2 Responses

  1. Ha, dear Ann, I love the last two on your list the best.

    Casual and Preppy, indeed. Brings back my college days. Some say it’s traditional; I say it’s timeless.

    Look at SG’s waist in Sporty and Edgy. The curves…omg! One blogger said (was it you?) he tappers very nicely from the broad shoulders. Totally agree.

  2. Ann, we must have similar taste because my ranking is exactly like yours! :D love the chic & modern the best!

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