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SeungGi-Minah KB Card online events spam [photos]

KB Bank just loves to photoshop its endorsement models together!  I guess having the top 3 CF models with the most advertisements running on TV during the past year (#1 Kim Yuna, #2 Lee Seunggi, and #3 Shin Minah) all on your payroll means you have to be efficient and creative…

They did this with Seunggi-Yuna’s 1st KB Bank CF and the KB gold medal print ad, which definitely made for a highly anticipated yet awkward first meeting!  At least when KB Card decides to film a CF with Seunggi and MinAh together, they won’t be meeting for the first time!

Looks like KB is going full speed ahead in using Seunggi for KB Card marketing, in addition to his ongoing ads for the KB Financial Group division.  KB Card website is updated with lots of new Seunggi online event announcements.

It’s like KB took photos of Seunggi in 4 outfits in various poses, then photoshopped him into a bunch of different ads!  It’s like a paper doll Seunggi!  Love it…

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Seunggi’s Hope Concert events

More photoshopped Hoi Couple

(credit: KB Card, dcLSG)

If KB marketing people are smart, they will put out a KB Card CF with Seunggi and Minah in it together soon.  I’ll definitely be anticipating this!

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One Response

  1. i really like first outfit! seunggi looks so cute. i like his haircut more now. he still look younger with it. next to mina, he looks alot younger! but still want to cf together of hoi couple.

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