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I still love Brilliant Legacy and Hwan [Fanmade MVs]

Recently I started re-watching Brilliant Legacy (fastforwarding most of the non-Hwan parts!) and I forgot how much I freaking love this drama!!!  It’s such a classic with the combination of good directing, acting, and storyline.  I’m so buying this English DVD set, which should hold me over until My Girlfriend is a Gumiho DVD gets released. 

YesAsia is selling for $89 (free delivery); includes 145 minutes of interviews, NGs, and behind the scenes!  My recent frustration and slight obsession(!) with Seunggi’s fashion/hairstyle and his Cody probably stem from re-watching Brilliant Legacy!  I forgot how hot and charismatic SeungGi’s Hwan is!  And his outfits are so perfectly fitted and fashionable, and his hair looks so stylish and gorgeous…

Cody, can’t you please dress Seunggi like Hwan again?  Especially for his Strong Heart outfits?  Hwan’s clothes seem perfectly suited for MC Seunggi!  You obviously have seen how good Seunggi can look in a good outfit with good hair!  Perhaps Cody has bad memory?!  Maybe I need to send Cody a photo collection of Seunggi as Hwan as a reminder!

I definitely appreciate Brilliant Legacy even more watching it again now.  Dude, Seunggi was really perfect in playing Hwan.  I still laugh out loud and also tear up during so many of Hwan’s scenes.  I still can’t believe how little he smiled and laughed for most of the drama!  So opposite of the real Seunggi!

I can’t wait to see Seunggi MCing the Brilliant Legacy special on November 10th! SBS, please don’t let the fans down and please show us a lot of interviews with Seunggi and the cast, and lots of NGs, and of course classic Hwan-Sung moments!

Also hope to see Moon Chae Won show up.  I hated her so much when I first watched the drama but like her a lot more now.  Curious to see how she’ll do in her first lead role in upcoming SBS drama, Daddy’s Girl.

Fanmade Brilliant Legacy MVs

(credit: meshy1107)

(credit: leeseunggi01)

(credit: meshy1107)

(credit: line275)

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17 Responses

  1. What? 145 min worth of extra goodies? Okay, I am ordering it.

    About the Hwan hair, my only complaint is that the front sort of covers up his eyebrows. I mean those manly, shapely, expressive eyebrows (that MH so admired in MGIG). Or maybe they did it on purpose. So that he would look more broody, ‘angry at the world’-ish.

    I sure hope the SBS special will be posted somewhere so I can watch it.

    • If you can access tudou normally you’ll be able to to watch it the next day.

      Check out lsg soompi or airen international someone will definitely post online link there.

      • Eunice,

        Thanks. Yes, I should have thought of Tudou. That’s where I got all my 1N2D fix. For some reason Chinese subtitle seems to bring out the flavor more than the English one. Of course I wish I knew Korean.

  2. I love BL too …. i am re-watching it again….i am on ep15
    looking at it again i am so falling in love with hwan’s character all over again..his character is so beautiful cant a put a word to it……I would also want to own the dvd if they are providing all the goodies…^ ^

  3. Yes I agreed with you regarding the Chinese sub. I’m so glad that I can read chinese. KBSW always edit out some interesting scenes.

    As for the price of the DVD, didn’t know that it costs so much.

  4. I almost bought it at a store the other day but different from this, don’t know if theres the extra NG and interview in it…it only cost $50 in my place…I should check it back again….hmmmm…

  5. Hi, this BL DVD from YesAsia is it watchable in Singapore?

  6. Confession:
    I love Hwan more than Daewoong.

    I love Hwan-Sung more than Daewong-Miho.

    I love Seung-Joo more than Seunggi-Minah.

    in conclusion: I love Brilliant Legacy more than MGIG :D

    MGIG is an interesting drama, but I think it has lost its vibe in the middle of the episodes. In other words, MGIG story is not my type.

    I’m waiting for Seunggi’s next drama project. That would be nice if he choose another challenging character also with interesting story in it.

  7. I am more of a BL type of fan. However I think Seung Gi’s presence in MGIG elevates it from a trendy and hip fluff to a heart-felt and moving drama. I also think no matter how good SMA was to begin with, playing against Seung Gi also pushed her to new grounds.

    BL is blessed with a story with a conscience and brilliant supporting acting (especially in Granny, step-mom, and Seung Mi). In that way Seung Gi’s job is a bit easier. In MGIG he has to carry a lot more and he does it with deceptive ease and great charm.

    Love them both.

  8. Definitely invest in the BL dvd Ann! IT’S SO WORTH IT!!!! I got it earlier in the year when it first came out and i was practically camping out by the mailbox..XDD

    Great bts clips and also more of the NGs (hilarity). Great interviews as well although I kinda wish the YSMM BL special was included too.

  9. BL will always have a place in my heart .A classic with other all time favorite K dramas like Sandglass etc, Their story telling plots will always be evergreen in people’s mind.

    It is a very beautiful romantic love story that can happened and played out in reality. Good vibes between LSG and HHJ and it translate that effect into their characters ad HW and ES. Top it off a great supporting casts and a very happy production team crew members working together to make this a life time favorite.

    I am very excited with the BL special coming up. Great idea of SBS to come up with this projects. Will be following all the dramas mentioned especially BL and LSG as a MC for sure….

    Will definitely look out for the DVD,It will sit proudly with my special Kdrama collection showcase.

  10. omg i want this so bad as an early christmas present! but $89 for real?! ahhh too expensive :(

    But i really loved this drama too, great storyline :)

  11. Omg Ann! Are you my long lost twin? I just bought the exact same DVD set last weekend and I love it love it love it!! Hwan is so cute..especially when he interacts with his “brother-inlaw.” Now all I have to do is hang on until mgiag dvd comes out. Woong-ah I miss you!!!

  12. huwow! :O seeing the videos of hwansung makes me miss the BL days more.. im gonna rewatch my dvd.. :D

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