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Idol-Actor Report Card from the experts [Article]

When did Lee Seung Gi become an idol?!  Can you even be an idol as a soloist?  No offense, but wish some of the press would stop lumping SeungGi in this category just because they feel like it.  Yes, he is an actor and he is a singer; an idol he is not.  Or at least I don’t think he is! Anyway, I still liked this article because the ranking wasn’t some random online survey or poll where fans just vote multiple times!  The report card is based on input from drama CPs, film representatives, and other industry experts; and Seunggi is #1 (again!).  Read the entire article…

Experts on Idol-Actor Report Cards “Lee Seung Gi – Mickey Yoochun, 1 and 2”
October 28, 2010

Source:  Sports Seoul via Nate
English translation:  LSGfan.wordpress.com

As it is difficult to find a drama these days that does not have an idol star in it, idol power is coming on strong on tv.  Trendy genres targeting teens is a given, but weekly dramas and even daily dramas, “acting idols” are increasingly showing their range and scope. For the few box office hit idol stars, they are handling continuous drama offers.  However, there are also situations in which idol stars are unskilled in their acting ability.  If that’s the case, what do the people on the front lines in the entertainment industry think about these idol stars?

Sports Seoul asked drama CPs from the 3 broadcast channels and representatives from the film industry and experts to rate idol stars in the categories of acting ability, box office hit, and growth potential, assigning a maximum of 5 points for each.  Among the active 11 idol stars who are either currently or were recently acting in a drama, Lee Seung Gi (23) and Mickey Yoochun (24) received the highest marks.  Among the female idol-actors, Nam Gyu Ri (25) received the highest marks.

Lee Seung Gi, Mickey Yoochun – Acting ability. Box office hit. Growth potential. Ranked 1 and 2.

SBS My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Lee Seung Gi received the highest points in each of the categories. He ranks in at number 1. Lee Seung Gi’s acting ability was the category the experts pointed out the most. Averaging 4.2 points in this category, 2 of the experts rated him at the maximum 5.0 points. Currently debuting in KBS Sungkyunkwan Scandal and also having his eyes set on films, Mickey Yoochun received high marks with a 4.0 average in acting ability.  Also, SBS You’re Beautiful’s Lee Hong Ki and SBS’s Oh My Lady’s Choi Si Won received favorable marks with 3.4 and 3.2 averages respectively.  Among the female idol-actors, SBS’s Life is Beautiful’s Nam Gyu Ri was rated at a 3.4 in acting ability.

KBS Moon Bo Hyun CP said “I have more affection for Mickey Yoonchun because he is not your typical flowerboy. Even though he is still young and still lacking in his acting, he knows how to implement his acting plan and shows charisma as an actor.”

Kim Hyun Joong, Ji Yeon – Box office hit yet low in growth potential.

In the areas of box office hit and growth potential, there was a mixed reception. Usually stars receive more favorable marks in growth potential compared to the box office hit category, however the cases for Kim Hyun Joong (24) and Ji Yeon (17) were reversed.  Having recently participated in MBC’s Playful Kiss, even though Kim Hyun Joong received an average 4 points in the box office hit area and ranked 3rd in this category behind Lee Seung Gi and Mickey Yoochun, his 3.4 points in growth potential category was lower than Choi Si Won and Nam Gyu Ri. Among the female idols, Ji Yeon received the highest average (e points) in the box office hit area but received an average 2.7 points in growth potential.

In regards to active idol female stars, SBS Choi Moon Suk CP said, “It may be different for supporting roles, but I don’t think there really is anyone that has potential as a lead actress yet. Performing on a music stage and having a pretty appearance is completely different from displaying good acting.”

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8 Responses

  1. is it because LSG attended the idol big show last year? its like admitting to being an idol…but I still prefer LSG as the singer-actor-mc, the idols term should only be used for those that were in a group…actually, idol’s meaning is something that people worshipped in the dictionary, but we’re talking about kpop here..LOL

  2. Being an engineer, I had to take out my calculator. Seung Gi’s average is 4.36. So round it off he should get a 4.4.

    How dare them taking a 0,1 off him! Ha!

  3. wow. he got such high points. even if .1 off!^^ ke ke ke. saw the article where seunggi was maybe going to do SSK drama. congrats to both seunggi and yoochun! sorta feel bad for idols w/ low scores.

  4. This is more precious because highly credible and respected people rated Seunggi no. 1 in all three aspects. It’s really awesome! He deserves it, no question about it…he blew me away with his crying and heart-wrenching emotional scenes in MGIG…there’s nothing he can’t do!

  5. LSG is a great actor! and he has already a lot of experience he deserve it! ^^

    i´m happy Yoochun is there too. I´m really impressed about his acting. And it is his first drama … I want to see him acting in more dramas

    congratz to both of them ^^

  6. Linking this article from my blog. Hopefully it’s fine! BTW, are you going to Seunggi’s concert??

  7. congratz to seunggi&yoochun!! they deserve it.

    yeahh…Seunggi is the best!!!
    I agree with LSGfan, seunggi must be not included into the Idol category!

    for Yoochun, he is also good in SSK. but I think SSK is not his debut in acting. he has acted in J-dorama before.

  8. no. 1! and yeah, i totally agree with you.. he’s not an idol.. for me, kpop idol means no talent at all! LOL! :) and seung gi is way too talented than most of idol groups.. keke..

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