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InStyle Korea’s Kolon Sport 2010 F/W Down Style photos

Magazine page scans from the special Down Style insert from Kolon Sport, included with this month’s InStyle Korea magazine. I’m still obsessed with NOT LIKING Cody’s new short styled  haircut for Seunggi! But loving the stylish down outdoor wear…

If the hair is going to be short, fine, but I just wish they’d style his hair better…

I am in love with this outfit!!!!!  I love love love cowl neck sweaters, but love them even more on guys!  It looks great paired with the jacket!  Please Cody, continue to outfit Seunggi in this type of fitted look for his other shows!

Agh… I seriously need something to get over my not-liking-Seunggi’s-hairstyle…

How cute is this shot??!! It definitely makes me forget my Seunggi hairstyle woes momentarily! Seunggi looks like such a little kid sometimes! Makes me feel like I need to reach out and hug him here! ha ha ha.

(credit: DClsg)

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7 Responses

  1. Hug me?? I wish I could~

  2. soo cute, want to give him a big hug too…neomu neomu neomu neomu joahae

  3. he he he. didnt expect to see that last photo with the message! me too! seunggi sshi i will give you a hug! ke ke ke ke.

  4. Me too ! I want to hug him to …..

  5. actually i don’t mind his hair so much now…i guess i got used to it! i think it looks great in these pics :)
    ooh i agree w/ cowl sweater pic….too adorable <3

  6. hug you?!?! sure! sure! i definitely wanna hug you as tight as possible!!! kekeke! ^^

  7. “HUG ME!”
    i think i got used to his hair and he sure looks like a kid!
    i wanna hug him and pinch his cheek! XD

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