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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 26, 2010): Seunggi’s first drink with Psy, Nick Khun, Park Bom

October 26, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
5- SBS Strong Heart = 15.9% (3- Seoul = 19.0%)
18- KBS Win Win = 9.3% (17- Seoul = 9.7%)

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 15.9% (3- Seoul = 16.7%)
* KBS Win Win = not in top 20

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media)

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Strong Heart ratings were better than last week, with the Seoul ratings at 19%! KBS Win Win had lower ratings even with Runaway big actors Rain, Daniel Henney, and Lee Na Young making a surprise visit to see guest Sung Dong Il (Action School Director from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho). Actually, Runaway’s tv ratings have also been on the decline. I think MGIG had higher ratings than Runaway’s current ratings.

So I watched both Strong Heart and Win Win again this week. Was hoping to see the MCs ask Sung Dong Il about Seunggi and their drama, but not surprisingly, no mention of Seunggi. But I’m pretty sure he and Seunggi had a great time filming together. The dude is hilarious.

Ok so Tuesday’s Strong Heart episode was billed as the Blue Chip special. It was basically an idol special. Guests included singers Psy; 2pm’s Woo Young, Nick Khun; 2ne1’s Dara Park, Park Bom;  Gain, ZEA’s Kwanghee, and others.  And although no big Seunggi moments, a bunch of Seunggi related highlights…

Seunggi thinks ZEA’s KwangHee is SO hilarious

Kwanghee in particular had the 2 MCs and the guests laughing a lot.  I actually thought he was sort of annoying but Seunggi thought he was SO funny…

So what was so funny? As this was a “bluechip” special, Hodong asked Kwangee what he could possibly be a representative bluechip for, to which Kwangee said he’s the bluechip of surgery since he had his entire face fixed! He said he had so much work done, he had to lay in bed for one year to recover!!

Omg, no shame about his  TOTAL surgical makeover. His sort of shameless, self-promoting attitude cracked everyone up, especially Seunggi and Hodong.

But still, nothing beats Beast’s Yoon DooJoon’s tonkatsu story which had Seunggi totally keeled over laughing and in tears a few weeks back!

Seunggi’s first drinking venture after debuting as a singer was with Psy

Veteran Singer Psy was also a guest. He made big news when he recently signed a contract with YG Entertainment.  When asked what she thought of Psy joining the YG family, 2ne1’s Dara Park said she was happy but also worried because she heard that Psy tends to take his hoobaes (juniors) out to drink a lot!  Seunggi asks Psy if this is something he usually plans. At a loss for words, Psy says, “Seunggi why don’t you explain this thing to everyone…”

Seunggi says he’s sort of shy to say this. But the first time he went out to drink after debuting as an entertainer was with Psy sunbae. (Psy wrote his Because You’re My Woman debut song). And that Psy really likes to drink and can drink a lot! And that after that time, Seunggi hasn’t been out to drinking place like that again!

Hodong and all his variety shows are super popular in Japan

Guest Yoon SonHa, currently a huge star in Japan.  Seunggi asks her if people in Japan watch a lot of Korean variety shows. She says K-variety shows are super popular and that many people watch the shows in real time.  And says Hodong and his shows are particularly popular, as the Japanese seem to find his look very funny!

Nick Khun’s story needs Seunggi’s age 19 restricted sign

Khun’s been getting lots of attention for MBC show We Got Married relationship with Victoria.  But Khun confesses that originally, he wanted to be with gagwoman Shin Bong Sun. Everyone’s pretty shocked. He says he thought being matched with a gagwoman would make their relationship more funny, but that in the end they paired him with Victoria.  And he has no complaints!

Seunggi asks Khun how his family responded when he took Victoria back to his home country Thailand to visit. Khun says it was a bit awkward, and that his grandma asked them “Have you guys slept together?”  Omg, everyone not expecting such forward talk breaks out laughing. Ha. Seunggi had to quickly pull out his age 19 restriction sign…

Kwanghee wants to be added to Hodong’s select group of guys
(Lee Seung Gi, Nick Khun, and Shinee’s MinHo)

Kwanghee says he noticed that the guys Hodong takes interest in usually become very popular, such as Seunggi.  So he has prepared something to pay homage to those guys in hopes of joining the ranks. He sings Seunggi’s song Because You’re My Woman, does Khun’s dance, and imitates MinHo, and then throws in his own number from ZEA. This all made Seunggi crack up, especially when Kwanghee did such a crazy out-of-tune version of Seunggi’s song and a Khun imitation…

2ne1’s Park Bom prefers Hodong as ideal guy over Seunggi and Khun

When asked what she thinks of SeungGi, Bom says he seems like a really smooth and gentle guy and so many girls would probably like him. Seunggi feels pretty good hearing such a compliment…

But then Bom totally gets Seunggi by following up with “But he’s not my type!”

It was even more hilarious because Dara had just finished telling a bunch of funny stories about how Bom tends to put her foot in her mouth by saying the wrong things at the wrong time. A humbled Seunggi jokes that the least she could’ve done was pretend like she had think hard before answering!

When asked about Nick Khun, she says that he seems very sweet and his personality may be her style but when taking everything into consideration, “He isn’t my style!” Her bluntness cracks everyone up!

So they ask her what she thinks of Hodong… Bom says he was very cute on his older variety shows, but now he’s a little scary! Per her request, Hodong reenacts one of his cute old characters which gets a thumbs up from Bom who says “That’s my style!”

Netizens think Jang Mee In Ae’s x-boyfriend might be Seunggi!

Ok this whole thing was sort of crazy. Actress Jang Mee In Ae, whom I’ve never even heard of before, tells a story about her x-boyfriend who was 2 years younger than her, a 1986er. At the time, he was also prepping to be an actor. And although she was typically not into younger guys, he was very good to her and so she started to fall hard for him. And they had a really lovely relationship.  And that she bought him clothes and fed him and was devoted to him and he in turn started to become more manly.

But as he became popular, he began canceling dates and not keeping promises. She eventually broke up with him. Her last words to him were “I hope to see you very successful, with your big eyes, laughing, in some acting capacity.” But she wasn’t serious, she was more saying it out of anger. But it turned out that her words became true, and her X became really popular and successful, way more than her!

So of course the guests start trying to guess who Mr. X is. Big eyes? 1986er? Became more manly over time? And all of a sudden, Eunhyuk and LeeTeuk say “Isn’t that Seunggi?! Because You’re My Woman!” Seunggi laughs..

And everyone else laughs too. Jang Mee In Ae responds by saying that back then Seunggi had like a protective layering around him that couldn’t be penetrated. Surprised that she knew Seunggi, Hodong asks how she knows him to which she says to Seunggi, we did a sitcom and MC’d together. Seunggi’s like yes yes, but it’s pretty unconvincing! Guests are like Seunggi has no clue, doesn’t remember…

And then of course Hodong has to say to Seunggi, “Look at her with your big eyes and be honest!” Jang Mee In Ae joins in on the joke and says to Seunggi the same last words she said to her X, “Seunggi, I hope to see you always successful!” That gets everyone laughing.

But then Hodong says it doesn’t seem like she’s joking. Everyone oohs and aahs wondering who Mr. X is. She ends with “No comment.” To which an exasperated Seunggi says “If you leave it at no comment, then that’ll make me look weird! You need to continue your story!”

So it ended with everyone laughing about the Mr. X-boyfriend being Seunggi. But after the broadcast, there was a lot of netizen curiosity about Mr. X. And press articles came out about the netizen buzz about Seunggi as Mr. X, because you know Korean press likes to write articles about netizens! There was enough buzz that the actress was contacted by the press the morning after, asking if Mr. X was Lee Seung Gi. omg really?! was that necessary?!

In a Star News interview, Jang Mee In Ae said, “It is definitely not Lee Seung Gi.”

She said, “Following yesterday’s broadcast, I know very well that many people have been saying ‘her x-boyfriend seems like it’s Lee Seung Gi.’ Because the person I was talking about is also an entertainer, I cannot reveal his name, but he is definitely not Lee Seung Gi. Therefore, I would really appreciate it if people did not misunderstand Lee Seung Gi in any way because of this.”

Seriously. This is just lame. It’s like even when Strong Heart and PD Park put in extra effort to make the show not about Seunggi, he gets inevitably tied in somehow. Fortunately, I don’t think there’s really any person out there who’s taking this seriously. That veteran guest a few weeks ago was right, Seunggi has like a scandal every other week on Strong Heart and yet is still unscathed! ha ha ha.

Another Strong Heart one year anniversary gift/snack event
from a Seunggi fangroup collaboration at this ep’s filming…

Some candid photos of the 2 MCs…

See high quality photos of all the guests:  SBS Photdiary.

See more of posted Seunggi gifs:  shuiqingqing.tumblr’s post.

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Per usual, from Nani’s blog, Strong Heart MC Seunggi collection…

(credit: screencaps ~ Korean news sites; Nani’s blog; SBS)

Ratings last week ~ October 19, 2010

AGB Nielsen
9- SBS Strong Heart = 12.5% (8- Seoul = 14.8%)
10- KBS Win Win = 11.8% (11- Seoul = 12.4%)

TNS Media
7- SBS Strong Heart = 11.9% (5- Seoul = 12.4%)
9- KBS Win Win = 11.8% (7- Seoul = 11.8%)

Ratings for all previous weeks:

5 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann for the awesome recap as always!!!!! Wow the story about lsg being the x boyfriend really is ridiculuos but at the same time it must have been really entertaining to watch! X clearly can not be our seung gi because her description of how populariy caused X to ignore her is so not the lsg we all know and love!! I’m glad that lsg took the issue lightly,like a good sport! As for bom saying lsg is not her type is just too funny! Oh khuntoria love them!

  2. Your recap is something I look forward to every week. Thank you so much, really enjoyed reading it. You are wonderful !

  3. i love every time seunggi shows the 19 sign! he looks so cute when he does that! cant wait to see part 2 next week. i saw the preview and does Gain say something about her and seunggi?

  4. i love seunggi’s expressions..cracks me up everytime..thanks for the recap..keep it up!

  5. I just watched this episode.
    I like the way Seung Gi used his hand to station the fans’ 1 year gift to strong heart from moving when Hong Dong’s movement was too big.
    Seung Gi was ‘supposedly’ looking at the script in his right hand, but still used his left hand to station the fans’ gift.
    It happened when Seung Gi said Hong Dong’s 4 letters expression also appeared in his script and got Hong Dong cracked up.

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