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Seunggi’s Italian Replay denim shirt from 1n2d

I’ve been so loving Seunggi’s simple but stylish wear on 1n2d recently! And just loved his denim and white t-shirt look from the October 3rd Seoul Trip episode. Per a fan’s scanned image from a Korean magazine (maybe InStyle Korea?), Seunggi’s shirt comes from Italian brand Replay and costs 178,000 KRW ($158 US). Replay website actually lists a similar version at $235 US.  Anyway, it’s a pretty hot brand and I think Seunggi’s Cody outfitted him in Replay denim before too…

Like these Replay jeans on their online shop. Felt I’d seen them before…

The closeup views of the white torn threading were pretty unique.  Not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure the jeans are from the same line that Seunggi wore to the KB Bank community service event this past summer

I remember that KB event outfit vividly because I was so shocked that I was so loving Cody! The hair, the wrap cardigan, the jeans, the sneakers… totally impeccable and I was a very happy fashion girl that day!

But seriously weird how Cody super styles Seunggi for a community event and yet puts him in over-sized ajusshi suits for high profile big events! Agh!

To commemorate my recent non-hatred with Cody, I created a Fashion and Style category to the right and tagged the older posts. Omg, so surprised to see so many related posts! I didn’t realize how much Seunggi’s fashion and his Cody have become a regular feature on LSGfan! Ha. Sorry, if this aspect annoys any fans.

I know Seunggi will never be some fashionista guy, and I actually like him even more because he is not consumed with high fashion!  ^___^  But would it be too much for Cody to style him in these types of simple and casual high fashion items more often?!

I’m still waiting to see Seunggi transform and do another high fashion magazine shoot like he did for High Cut and Singles.

Ok, back to the Replay denim shirt and 1n2d… I loved Seunggi in the shirt but I think I also just loved that 1n2d episode too. Loved seeing the guys interact with the foreigners. And by the way, that German chick was totally flirting with Seunggi, calling him oppa and playfully hitting him!!!! I guess I don’t blame her…

As pointed out by DClsg fan post, he actually carried her bag back for her!

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7 Responses

  1. LOL at the german girl! she was really tall. pretty too. she and seunggi looked cute standing next to each other. i wonder what she thinks now after knowing about him! too bad, too late for her. LOL.

  2. Dear Ann,

    Love that KB outfit too, including the pendant.

    I wonder how much say Seung Gi has about his outfits. He strikes me as a kind of conservative and traditional type in clothes. Takes a creative but not-so-out-there cody to work with him.

  3. Me too just love his latest dressing in 1N2D. Based on LSG’s comment, his preferance is millitary casual style ie similar to MGIG/Cha Dae Woong. Also the cargo pants he wore in MGIG is his own.

    Off topic – BTW did anyone notice that in MGIG they use LSG’s van and his manager mde cameo?

  4. I think LSG’s cody has the easiest job in the entertainment world. He/She just let him wear what she/he can get on her hand. haha! Anyway, I think seunggi has 2 codies. The guy who used to following him during BL and the lady who is with him during MGIG although sometime you still get a glimpse of that guy. So I’m assuming that it depend on who dress him during that day.

  5. I am a superfans of replay’s clothes but I can’t afford any single piece of it!! Thinking about it I do have guy friends who dress up better so I agree to some extent the Cody really needs to improve. But I like to see guys with just tshirt and jeans, it looks cool.

  6. i like the new category “Fashion & Style”!
    because i always love reading your witty comments about seunggi’s fashion! XD

  7. So cool to have a fashion segment in your blog…actually, whenever there’s an event like a fan meeting or performance, I always look forward to what his hair and outfit would be…and yes, I’m so loving his looks in 1n2d…especially the beanies!!!

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