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Most desired male CF model, 2010 KAA Awards [Photos]

Chosen as the male endorsement model most desired by advertisers for the second straight year, photos of SeungGi from the 2010 Korean Advertisers Association Awards event on October 21. He received the Good Model award…

Receiving his award and posing for photos with a big smile…

Politely sitting through the entire event and doing a lot of polite clapping…

Making a great acceptance speech in his usual sincere and heartfelt style…

Presenting 2010 KAA Award for Good Variety Program to Strong Heart CP
Seunggi really knows how to win awards!  Not only was he being honored for the second straight year for the Good Model Award, his show Strong Heart that he MCs was chosen for the Good Variety Program award!  I bet the entire Strong Heart team and especially fanboys/hyungs PD Park and Hodong were so proud!

Davichi also performered at the event.  KAA should’ve just had Kang Min Kyung (on the left) and Seunggi perform their duet song “Like the First Time” instead…

Will we ever see Kang Min Kyung and Seunggi perform the song? It’s been a year since the song was released. She has such an amazing voice! I bet they haven’t even met yet to sing the song; they probably recorded their parts separately for the track!

I love this song. It totally put me in such a lovey dovey mood over the winter holidays last year when it came out! The lyrics are so sweet!  And love the ending part ~ Saranghae. Saranghae. Saranghae.

Here’s Seunggi singing and doing very cutesy dance choreography with his backup dancers at the KB Concert at HanYang University back in May.  His one backup dancer girl who always lipsynchs Kang Min Kyung’s part… poor girl never gets any love from the audience! Love the fan screams every time Seunggi does a cute move!

(video credit: leeseunggi01)

(photo credits: As labeled; DClsg)

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4 Responses

  1. part of me thinks the fans are so annoying for screaming all the time…
    but i can’t help myself either. every time seunggi does something adorable i can’t help but laughing and smiling(:

  2. No matter the styling and cut, his hair is of the topmost quality. So shiny and healthy looking!

  3. he always does the cutest move…..sarangghe…..

  4. he always charming……everywhere n everytime……

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