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KeG Event ~ Songs + Ments, Oct 22, 2010 [Videos]

The 2nd Annual President’s Cup National Amateur E-Sports Opening Ceremony Event.  Seunggi’s performance lineup: Songs + Ments/Intros

All video credits unless otherwise noted:
leeseunggi01@youtube (Thx for uploading!)
English Translations of Ments: LSGfan

1st song ~ Love Taught me to Drink

(credit: 20040605)

Ment 1

Thank you. Thank you, I’m Lee Seung Gi. It’s been a really long time since I’ve performed like this. Recently, I just wrapped the drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Did many of you watch? [Yes!] Thank you. After the drama, this is my first performance. So I’m happy to be here with many of you at this GuMi event. Today it’s to celebrate the Esports amateur athletes and personally I’m a considerable fan of Esports. I often watch the live broadcasts too. I hope many athletes will be able to carry out and represent our country’s Esports. And that they will work hard and become great athletes. I’m going to sing my 2nd song. The weather’s a bit cold? [Yes!] Did you wait long? [Yes!] How long, 1 hour? 10 hours? Thank you. I should perform worthy of a 10-hr wait. What do you want to hear? What did you say? Will you Marry Me? Everyone knows it? Then, I’ll bring out our dancers. I can’t do the dance routines that well, so please watch comfortably. Everyone please sing along together. I will sing Will you Marry Me.

2nd song ~ Will you Marry Me

Ment 2

Since I can’t dance well, they dance harder. I’ll sing my last song. Yes? No? Isn’t there something else following this? [No!] There isn’t? [No!] I thought there was. There isn’t? Well, let me first sing this song. I really thought I had to leave right away on schedule. But many of you… since it seems like you waited on this cold day. I won’t make this the last song… [We love you! We love you!] Thank you. I think everyone knows this song. It’s a ballad. It’s my first debut song. Because You’re My Woman.

3rd song ~ Because You’re My Woman

Ment 3

Are you happy? Since it’s been a while since I’ve performed, I’m quite nervous and feel like everyone’s just looking at me! The last song… I really hope this can be a present to everyone who waited a long time, to the fans. I’ll do an exciting song for the last song. It’s a remake song I did a while back for a program called 1 Night 2 Days. It’s a very old song. I did a remake of Cho Young Pil sunbaenim’s song. I think you all know it. I’ll sing Let’s Go On Vacation. Thank you.

Everyone going to the concert next month is so in for a treat! ^___^

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