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Lee Seung Gi wins 2010 Korea Advertisers Association Good Model Award, 2nd year in a row [Article]

Congrats to Seunggi for winning the 2010 KAA (Korea Advertisers Association) Good Model Award!  And for winning the award for the second year in a row!   Hoi Couple’s other half, Shin Min Ah, won the female counterpart award.  Last year, Son Dambi won the award along with Seunggi.  Making things even more special, Seunggi presented the KAA Good Program Award for the variety category to SBS Strong Heart…

Lee Seung Gi, ‘2nd year Model Award, This is such an honor~’

Source:  Newsen
English:  LSGfan.wordpress.com

The 2010 Korea Advertisers Association (KAA) Awards was held at the Westin Hotel in Seoul  on October 21st at 6pm.  SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Hoi Couple, singer-actor Lee  Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah won the Good Model Award chosen by the Korea Advertisers Association.  In particular, Lee Seung Gi had the honor of winning this KAA award for the second year in a row.

Currently, Lee Seung Gi is active as an endorsement model for Samsung Electronics Zipel Massimo Zucchi, Assak kimchi fridge, KB Financial Group, Chung Jung Won, Sunkist, Pizza Hut, FUBU, Kolon Sport.  While Shin Min Ah is the model for Mise en Scene, Maxim Top, Hankook Tire, LG Electronics X-note, KB Financial Group, Remian, SI, Amore Pacific Lilikos.

The KAA Good Program Awards were also given to SBS Strong Heart (variety category), KBS Chuno (drama category), MBC Amazon’s Tears (reporting category).

On this day, KAA Good Program Award winner SBS Strong Heart’s Nam Seung Young CP flashed a big smile after receiving flowers from actor Lee Seung Gi.

A few press photos…

Seunggi winning the 2009 KAA Good Model Award last year…

(photo credits: As labeled)

Congrats again to Seunggi!  2 years in a row!  He looked great but I definitely prefer last year’s look and style so much more so I just had to post the 2009 photo!

But to be fair, Seunggi looks amazingly styled in comparison to Minah!  Omg, what was her Stylist/Cody thinking??!!

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8 Responses

  1. LSG and SMA, fate makes you closer and closer.. So please date now! :)

    Haha, Congrats to Seung Gi and Min Ah. HOI Couple Forever!

  2. lol ann. now you even want to complain on SMAs stylist? haha

    like you, 2009’s look is even better, but this one is not bad looking! thank god! thank god no oversize suit on sgi!

  3. Boy, you were so fast! Thanks a lot, Ann!

    For once I cannot refrain from making a matchmaker comment…They really should date. SMA even said ‘one more time’ in the kiss NG take. Now this is from a girl seemingly with “a speech problem” according to her other co-worker? Come on, Seung Gi, go go go!

  4. omo Hoi Couple! they finally meet again! i’m going to faint! Hoi couple and HwanSung couple all in one day!

    who do i need to ship??????? :)

  5. thanks for translating the article ann! :)

    congrats to our hoi hoi couple! :)

  6. this guy can do wonders….he really shined in what projects he took and always end in good results.

    Congratulations to Seung gi and Shin minah.

  7. Wow! Congrats to our Hoi~Hoi couple for winning both awards! Waaaahhhh! I’m so happy right now seeing them again together! I hope they talked during and after the event. Their smiles are contagious…i can’t help smiling myself…hehehe! They just look so good together! ^^

  8. I am so happy for this Hoi Hoi Couple with their winning. I think LSG and SMA good couple and they good looking together. I hpoe they can date and make most celebrity pair in this year. Go…0o…0o ..Seung gi , you must get SMA . I like their drama and hope lSG happy with SMA .

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