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Actor Awards for Seunggi & Hyojoo at 2009 SBS Drama Awards [EngSubs]

Best Actor Award for Special Projects: SeungGi and HyoJoo cuts
Seunggi wins the Best Actor Award for Special Projects at the December 2009 SBS Drama Awards.  (There were two winners; the other actor being Park Shi Hoo).  Would love to see Seunggi get a Male Actor award this at the end of this year too, but with a whole host of older A-list veteran male actors in SBS dramas this year, it’s going to be pretty tight (ie, Jung Woo Sung, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha In Pyo, Lee Bum Soo, Kim Nam Gil, Cha Seung Won, etc.)  But SBS Drama Awards, for good or bad, has a tendency to make sure that like every top actor gets an award by creating various categories for the dramas, so Seunggi may still have a chance!  Hope so!

(cr: ENGrapport)

Interview cuts with SeungGi and HyoJoo during Awards Show
Omg, Seunggi was so funny in this cut; that is, without trying to be! Seunggi was totally joking about HyoJoo and I think he felt so bad afterwards! I’m sure Hyojoo knew he was joking too. Seunggi mentioned later on in an interview that because it was his first Drama Awards, he approached it like the many Entertainment Awards he had attended. And that he later realized that the vibe and moods are very different between the two! Also, love So Ji Sup smiling/laughing in the background!

(cr: ENGrapport)

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2 Responses

  1. omg thank you, i was so happy when you posted this! i had just finished re-watching brilliant legacy last week because i was in MGIAG withdrawal and needed more of Seung Gi! hahaha. brings back great memories =)

  2. I’m a fan of hwansung couple. but this is definitely my first time watching their appearance in last year SBS Drama awards. no, I’ve watched their duet performance and see hyojoo was so nervous when she was singing, no wonder.

    to my surprise, HHJ also looks really nervous in her award speech too. I’ve seen another cut video of her award speech in other awards show and she loooked more confident there. as for LSG, he is very articulate as always.

    Love the way seunggi hugged hyojoo when she got the award ♥♥

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