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Seunggi is #2 most suitable guy for the Fall [ENG]

I just love everything about this video clip. Mnet is so good at this stuff!  The music, the vibe, the narration. Plus, it has some of my favorite Daewoong fashions!  But I almost bust out laughing when I heard Seunggi say that he thinks it’s important for fashion to be “age appropriate.”  Omg, really?!

Mnet Wide’s 30 guys most suitable for the fall season, LSG cut (Oct 5, 2010)

(credit: ENGrapport; leeseunggiworld)

I usually never post any news about the gazillion online surveys and rankings that Seunggi tops like every week in Korea. (the nerd in me can’t deal with the disgraceful statistical methodology!). But my love-hate relationship continues and I still love reading the totally obscure polls Seunggi regularly tops! Plus, I really hope Seunggi gets to someday work with a lot of the veteran actors he’s usually paired with in the polls ~ ie, Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, Kim Tae Hee (KTH the person, not actress!), etc.  I think these are like the only 2 polls/survey news I’ve posted…

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4 Responses

  1. Hi again

    Ann thank you for all the translation :) [again]

    Seunggi is #2 most suitable guy for the Fall w/ sub

    Enjoy :)

  2. rapport! you have to kidnap seunggi after you see him at the concert in seoul, ok?!

    although, now re-watching MGIG, I’m really liking his fashion and hairstyle a lot more. i think watching one ep at a time per week made me over scrutinize his style!

    one of my fave looks of his is in this clip. where he’s in front of the mirror trying on different clothes! so loved his hair parted the other way and his expressions there! thx again!

  3. wow seunggi looks so hot in these clips!

    Ann, i really liked that hairstyle too when he’s trying on the clothes. can’t wait for the mgiag dvd!!!

  4. thanks for translating the video!

    awwww… the vid made me cry.. i miss the hoi hoi couple.. :(

    i agree with you guys, loved his looks in the scene where he’s deciding which wardrobe to wear.. sooo cute! and yeah, he looks good in whatever clothes is cody puts in him.. credit to SG’s good looks.. keke..

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