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Veteran gagwomen and actresses adore Seunggi [SH cuts]

LSG video cuts from March 2, 2010 Strong Heart episode:
English subs: LSGfan; video credit: rapport2010

Video ~ Seunggi’s serenade moves gagwoman Lee Young Ja to tears
Known for her very charismatic and strong personality, famous veteran gagwoman and still single Lee Young Ja had just finished sending out a video message to her future husband, whoever that may be, and shed some tears.  So Hodong walks over to her with his handkerchief, but it looks like she’d prefer Seunggi…

Video ~ Oh Jung Hae sees the future of her son in Seunggi
Singer and actress definitely doesn’t hold back on how much she adores Seunggi! Ha. She wants her son to be just like him and has prepared a special traditional song dedicated to Seunggi…

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15 Responses

  1. Oh man, everybody loves Seunggi.

  2. wow.. everyone wants Seunggi as their children. but i want him to be my big brother at least.. love him~

  3. Am i the only one who doesn’t feel anything when the other artistes said they like SGi. sometimes i feel that the guests are just following the trend or just want their name to be mentioned alongside with the star who is hot in korea now.. when another star becomes more popular than SGi, you will see them changing camp..ㅋㅋㅋ ^_^

  4. Really love to read this n can’t wait to watch..
    But actually,i wish that in next2 episode,for the succes of this show,please more focus to the story of guest..
    I don’t want viewers n other guest will be bored n start blame uri seunggi because of that..
    Seunggi hwaiting..
    Hodong sshi hwaiting..
    StrongHeart hwaiting..

  5. i think seunggi fans have a love-hate thing about all the love and praise given to him? we love it b/c we know it’s true!!!! But it makes us uncomfortable b/c it feels like it’s too much sometimes, like ppl will dislike him for it.

    true, that in kpop world, popularity is fleeting, particularly among the younger kpop set. but honestly, the love all over korea for seunggi is seriously real. and it’s gone on for a long time. like ppl REALLY like him and they’re not shy in hiding it. even with the other popular MCs on other shows, you don’t see guests responding the same way.

    it seems he always had a great image since his debut, but 1n2d made him known all over korea shooting him to stardom in 2008. and then with BL in 2009, it was like superstardom. and in in 2010, well we know where his star stands currently! ^__^ to have maintained popularity for that long is like a lifetime in kpop world.

    I think part of that being b/c he he’s admired and well liked by ppl in various industries b/c of all his different activities. singing, acting, variety shows, cfs, volunteer stuff, etc. being active regularly is one of the keys to popularity. i think what sets him apart from other kpop idols is that more so than crazy fandom (def there’s that too!), he’s more admired and super well liked; his popularity is more sedated, which is super great in the long run!

    • I think more than anything ppl in Korea no longer see him as entertainer but as a role model for people of all walk of life that you can actually success thru hard work and good attitude. We all know that lsg is not an extremely talented or good looking. The reason that he can be so successful an sure at your age is because of all the beautiful virtues that he possess. And personally believe that all these virtue can be cultivated and LSg has set good example that it can be done and not forgetting to mention his studies too.

      • what?! eunice dear, you out of all people???!!! ^__^

        i can’t believe you wrote that… ok, yes, not “extremely” good looking in terms of your typical flower boy… but still so natural and cute, that’s why a lot of the other guys look scary and heavy dark circles without makeup (i won’t name names) while seunggi always looks good even without makeup.

        talent wise — name me one korean star in his 20s or younger that’s as talented acting AND singing wise as seunggi??!!!

  6. Hi
    Here the vid w/ sub
    Video ~ Seunggi’s serenade moves gagwoman Lee Young Ja to tears

    Video ~ Oh Jung Hae sees the future of her son in Seunggi

    Thank you ann for the translation :)

  7. omg that shirt is so tight! but he look so good esp his arms! he was working out alot!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ann I agree with you! the thing about seunggi is that he can do all 3 things good. singing, acting, mc. others might be good at just one thing and do a really good job. bue he does everything.

    me too. i wont name names, but some flowerboys and idols can’t even sing or act very good.

  9. Haha! Ann I apologize for saying that. I take back my words. I didn’t want sound too biased. Hehe! I know who you are talking about when you mentioned about the dark circle when without make up. Thru 2d1n and fan acting we know natural he is. I even heard of a few fans personally encounter with one idol group member that will really shock you. That’s why I like lsg so much.

    • *thru fan account we know how good looking he is. As for that idol group member, it was a first hand encounter between my niece n classmates and the member in lift. And the member I’m talking about appeared in SH before. The one who said that hiding praised him at the toilet. So when my niece and I sees on whatsoever, we were like urrgh! So faked…

  10. I do agree with eunice that our SGi is not the handsome type, ***run away from ann before i get smack on my butt*** ^_^. But SGi has this charm or x-factor in him that makes others(like us) turned to him.. his willingness in trying everything, his 200% devotion in whatever he does(eg.recording everything during e script readg session for MGIAG,memorising every1’s lines,etc) & doing it right when the job is given to him. When he is not the main lead/MC, he will quietly observe them n learn, giving his views or speak up only when necessary, he only steal the limelight when he appeared or guests talked about him ㅋㅋㅋ…

    Sometimes i think hodong takes too good care of SGi too well which may have backfired.. his thoughtfulness of SGi should hog the limelight when he is at his prime now have backfired, but luckily,our SGi was never a limelight stealer himself,so he was not criticised during last week SH, but the programme itself. I just hope SGi will continue to do things he enjoys & take a back seat when he thinks he needs a rest.. a true fan should support whatever the star wants to do(exclude things that are illegal or morally wrong) and give him the moral support he needs.. i have seen fans of other stars who left their idols when the star chose a role the fans do not like..

    Just like the guest, i want to say ‘승기 만세’ (is this right?) ^_^

  11. i think beauty is a very subjective thing. even so, i believe we all agree that Seunggi is not really handsome, especially if compared to the pretty boys. he’s cute more than handsome, too cute i must say.

    most people dont have ‘love at 1st sight’ with him instead grow to love him with his personality, his talent and well-roundedness. i agree with you Ann that this is great for the long run and sets him apart from other kpop idols. honestly, i never hear people call him idol because i think he’s in different level than the others despite being in the same age and debuting in music. he’s greatly loved n highly admired. and this is where i disgree with u eunice (ok, you take tht back already ^^), he’s viewed both as an entertainer and a role model. i remember a grandma in 1 ep of 1n2d where the guys went to sajik stadium, she looked for Seunggi, she didnt remember his name but just tell hodong when she watched 1n2d she love to watch that boy. thats pure love than admiration.

    and yes, Seunggi’s good in all. he’s mostly loved in 1n2d but he’s loved in his dramas, SH n singing as well. if there’s a poll to rank in what i like Sgi best, i dont think i’ll be able to make a choice, ever, because i love him in all.

    having said that, since Sgi himself knows he’s not that handsome, shouldnt he dress to make him look better? it seems like they think ‘oh, Sgi is too perfect, we should leave one flaw with him, whats that, oh lets ruin his look’

  12. i want him to be my ‘other guy’ LOL! just kidding though.. he surely does not deserve to be the second guy, but the lead man as always! seung gi is perfect for me.. the looks.. attitude.. everything! there’s really not one flaw that i can see in him..

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