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Seunggi’s tweet on how to support World Hunger Relief

Seunggi wants you to join him in supporting hunger relief for children.  As Korea Pizza Hut model, Seunggi participated in the ‘Love Hut Twitter Relay’ launch yesterday, one of the ongoing events associated with the 2010 World Hunger Relief campaign sponsored by Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum Foods and United Nations affiliate World Food Program.  And today, his support message and above photo were posted on Pizza Hut’s official twitter.  Read Seunggi’s tweet about how you can help…

(English translation: LSGfan)

[Hello! This is Pizza Hut model Lee Seung Gi] You must have been surprised to see me post on Pizza Hut’s twitter?  As I was able to participate in Pizza Hut’s ‘Love Hut Twitter Relay,’ I want to share some news with you.  Sponsored by Pizza Hut and the World Food Program, the ‘Love Hut Twitter Relay’ is one of the World Hunger Relief campaign programs to help those who are hungry, and will continue through the 31st of this month.~^^  Each time a person participates in the Twitter Relay, 1000 KRW will be donated to a savings fund set up to support hunger relief. ^^  I hope this teddy bear will be able to bring a lot of love to children suffering from hunger.

Awwwww…  Seunggi’s tweet and cute teddy bear photo makes me totally forget about the hair and fashion!  Like usual, his charms win me over!  ^__^

Everyone, don’t forget to participate!  All you have to do is tweet a support message and photo to support hunger relief to twitter@enjoypizzahut. I’m not sure if you can only do it once or multiple times.  But the event is going on through October 31st!

*** UPDATED with message from Honorary Ambassador Jang Dong Gun ***

(English translation: LSGfan)

Message from Jang Dong Gun, World Food Program Honorary Ambassador: “There are still close to 10 million people on earth in populated areas such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other regions who are suffering due to food shortage.  The funds set aside for this campaign will be used in poor nations around the world where one dollar a day can provide a meal to families and children.”

I really hope Seunggi gets to meet and work with amazing actor Jang Dong Gun some day; love him!  And I just love how Seunggi is so involved in these types of charity campaigns and volunteer activities, even despite his crazy busy schedule as actor, singer, MC!  Seunggi truly is one of the most beloved celebs in Korea!  Name me any other k-celeb in their early 20s that can rival Seunggi’s combination of acting, singing, MCing, endorsements, and most importantly his sincere and real persona?!  ^__^

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3 Responses

  1. do we have to tweet a photo too?

  2. What do you mean tweet a suport message? Do we need a twitter account for this? :)

  3. Support msg – meaning, some hopeful comment about bringing hunger relief to kids around the world. and yes you have to have a twitter account in order to post tweets.

    I think they want message AND photo. but I don’t think the photo has to be of yourself but something that represents support of ending hunger relief. like maybe it can be an image you find online?

    1000 KRW for each tweet/photo. and per Jang Dong Gun’s msg, that’s about what it takes to feed one kid/family a meal in highly impoverished areas.

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