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Cha Dae Woong says goodbye on twitter

*** Oct. 14, 2010 ~ RIP Cha Dae Woong’s Twitter. Officially Closed! ***


Sept 30, 2010 ~ English translation of tweet…

어 떠셨나요..?차대웅과함께한 두달 행복했길바라며..마지막인사를남깁니다..고맙고..또고맙습니다..정말부족하고 잘하고싶어서 힘이들어간것도많았는데..더노력해서조금씩 해나가겠습니다!또행복하게소통할날이있기를…여러분안녕..^^차대웅..안녕!

(English translation: LSGfan)

How was it..?  I hope these two months together with Cha Dae Woong were happy ones… I’m leaving my final greetings.. Thanks.. And thanks again…  Because I’m very lacking and because I wanted to do a good job, there was a lot of effort put into this.. I will work harder and go forward little by little!  I hope there will be another time in which we can happily communicate… Goodbye everyone.. ^^ Cha Dae Woong.. goodbye!

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*** UPDATE ~ Oct. 14, 2010 ~ RIP Cha Dae Woong’s Twitter. Goodbye! ***

Per Seunggi’s original letter to fans before opening his twitter account set up for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho drama, the sbschadaewoong twitter account looks to have been officially closed down today.  It no longer exists.  It’ll be sort of sad to think his twitter is no more, but I’m glad he’s sticking to what he said.  Don’t be sad.  Per his video message introducing his revamped website, he should be leaving messages there more now. ^__^

*** UPDATE ~ Link to all of Seunggi’s (aka ChaDaeWoong) tweets ***

Fortunately, ChaDaeWoong’s (aka Seunggi’s) tweets live on!  Tryp  has compiled all of of the tweets and English translations at her Tryp96 tumblr page.  I’ve also listed this ChaDaeWoong tweet page under the Gumiho links to the left.  Thanks Tryp!  At least we know that Seunggi’s messages and tweets will live on even though the account is gone forever! ^ __^

14 Responses

  1. i’m feeling so sad when i read his posting in twitter…. sob! sob! sob! sob! sob! sob! sob! sob!….

  2. goodbye woong-ah! i’m going to miss you so so so so much. nomu nomu nomu nomu jo-ah! boo hoo hoo.

  3. i just finished the last episode. didnt know much about lee seunggi before but im such a fan now! cant wait to see him in his next drama! sad his twitter will be closing down.

  4. whtz the end???????????/

  5. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tellllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????????????????????

  6. I’m heart breaking!!!
    Nooo..just get some new account please!!!

  7. anyeong woongah!!! huhuhu!!! i’m definitely going to nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu bogoshipo!!! woongah…woongah…woongah! TT_TT

  8. Don’t go…………..Cha Dae Woong !!!! We will miss you !!!

  9. someone please tell him to create a “LEE SEUNGGI” twitter please!!! not cha dae woong!

  10. his twitter doesnt exist anymore sob sob :'(

  11. Luckily CDW didnt die in e drama,otherwise it wld hve been double blow to us..haha

  12. awwww.. ..but yeah i’m having major MGIG withdrawal syndromes.

  13. kinda wish he wouldn’t have deleted it but just leave it as is and just pop on to read random comments once in a while – even if he didn’t reply back ever. oh well..good thing we have his new website eh? ^^

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