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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 12, 2010) – LSG talks My Girlfriend is Gumiho NGs!

October 12, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
8- SBS Strong Heart = 13.0% (Seoul = 15.0%)
9- KBS Win Win = 12.3% (Seoul = 13.1%)

TNS Media
7- SBS Strong Heart = 11.9% (Seoul = 12.6%)
8- KBS Win Win = 10.4% (Seoul = 10.2%)

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media)

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Strong Heart’s ratings were lower than usual.  A lot of that can be attributed to viewers tuning in to KBS Win Win to see beloved and lovable gagman and MC Kim Jae Dong.  I think this was one of his first tv interviews following his controversial “departure” from KBS show Star Golden Bell a while back.  I love Kim Jae Dong too so I’m planning on watching that Win Win ep online too.  He’s also very good friends with Kim C and Yoon Do Hyun.  All of them sharing an outspokenness about their liberal politics, to the dismay of currently super conservative government controlled KBS.

I laughed like crazy while watching Tuesday’s episode, but at the same time I was wondering when the real stories were going to be shared.  Also, when it starts feeling more like loud and chaotic Star King (which Strong Heart has been veering towards recently), it can get super annoying.  It may be my bias since I personally can’t stand Star King.  It’s great when they let the actor and singer guests share their unique hidden talents, but hope they keep that only as one corner of the show.

Although a lot of K-variety shows’ ratings fluctuate based on the popularity of the guests, I always thought Strong Heart’s strength was its show, MCs, and stories. Back in April, when Strong Heart’s ratings were struggling and the show was getting tons of criticism, PD Park and the MCs regrouped and worked to improve the show.  I’m sure they’ll do that again this time around too!

More importantly, so many Seunggi highlights from this episode…

Seunggi and Hodong parody My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Hoi Couple

For the opening ment, Hodong played the role of MinAh’s character and Seunggi serenaded him with a revised version of the Hoi Hoi Song to fit “pig” Hodong!  It was hilarious but omg, so embarrassing. Seunggi could not keep a straight face!  At the end, he even said he couldn’t continue on with it!

Also see: Strong Heart MCs as Hoi Couple [Photodiary EngTrans]

Hodong teases Seunggi about whether he still talks to Shin Min Ah

Hodong tells Seunggi that the Hoi Couple have probably met up even after the drama ended, to which Seunggi replies, “I’m sure there will be an opportunity for us to meet up!” Hodong asks if they have communicated since the drama wrapped, to which Seunggi replies, “I plan to from now on!”  Hodong can’t get enough and eggs Seunggi on saying that Seunggi knows MinAh’s phone number and asking whether they’ve called one another or texted one another, or maybe emailed one another?  To which Seunggi jokes and plays along by whispering to Hodong that email is dangerous since it can easily be hacked!

Seunggi and Seo In Young reenact My Girlfriend is a Gumiho scene

Notorious for being a bit cold and not easily rattled, charismatic Seo In Young even seemed taken aback by Seunggi’s forwardness when reenacting the scene, especially when he hugged her as called for in the script.  She was so excited and happy aftewards and admitted to liking it!  As a side note, she was also one of the guests on Seunggi’s Ideal Girl World Cup about a year ago, and the normally cool Seo In Young was smitten with Seunggi then too!

NG clip of kiss scenes from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

To Seunggi’s major embarrassment, a few NG clips from the kiss scenes were shown!  Everyone was so into it!  Especially, Tara’s EunJung who seemed to be having way too much fun watching!  Plus, she was definitely crushing on Seunggi during her performance later on.  She did a traditional fan dance/song for the crowd and at the end went over to Seunggi and patted him with her fan and totally flirted with him!  As did two other female guests when doing their own performance parts.  No wonder Seunggi’s always smiling on Strong Heart! Ha!

Also see: NG kiss scenes, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SH cuts]

Seunggi talks about kiss scenes and not being able to rehearse for them

Hodong brings up a recent news article in which Seunggi reportedly said that his best kiss ever was with Shin Min Ah.  Seunggi insists he said that because she is the actress that he had the most kiss scenes with, which included all different types of kisses!  He also said kiss scenes are always hard because you can’t really have rehearsals for them!  He joked and said you can’t ask the actress to practice!

Per a fan who was at the filming, Seunggi also added that rather than him saying that this was his best kiss ever, the reporter initiated and asked the question in this way so it came out like that.  But that part was edited out on Tuesday’s broadcast.

Also per the fan account, the NG kiss scene clip shown was different from the clip shown during the filming.  Originally, it was an NG where Daewoong tries to kiss Miho again but the bead gets upset and they can’t continue.  The fan said she was shocked to see the different clip they showed in the actual broadcast.

Wonder what MinAh thought while watching this episode?!  Because you know for sure she probably regularly watches Seunggi’s shows, Strong Heart and 1n2d!

Also per same fan account, Seunggi also participated in the limbo part but it was edited out.  He carried gagwoman Jo Hye Ryun while doing it.  Afterwards, she told him she was probably really heavy, to which Seunggi told her she wasn’t heavy at all.  Aw.  She also told him she really liked the smell of his shampoo, to which Seunggi said he had just gotten his hair permed! Ha.

Per usual, LSG screencap mashup from Nani’s Yahoo Japan blog…

Am I the only one that can’t stand Seunggi’s new hairstyle?!  He still looks boyish cute but would it be so bad for him to be styled in a cool and chic way on a regular basis?!  I was surprised to read so many Korean fan comments loving his new haircut!  I just don’t see it.  Do I have a weird fashion/style sense?!  Per my earlier post…

Can’t Cody/Hairstylist give us something in between the extremes of little kid or ajusshi style that Hook seems to love?  Please bring back sleek straight iron haired Seunggi or teased and gelled nest hair Seunggi!

Also, I know Hodong, PD Park, and even the guests all can’t help but to just adore our Seunggi but I really hope they edit the eps so that there’s less pronounced attention on Seunggi.  For us fans, it’s great, but it can make viewers who aren’t necessarily fans get turned off by too much of that.  Especially when the guests come on and regularly heap praise on Seunggi while making fun of Hodong.  Seunggi always looks uncomfortable when that happens, and we know how sensitive Hodong is inside…

And related to that, please Hodong, I again beg of you… we know you love Seunggi like your own younger brother and are so proud of him, but please stop bragging about him so much on the show!

English translation of this episode’s clips forthcoming…

See most recent video post: Seunggi and Girlfriend from Famous Princesses

Last week’s episode: Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 5, 2010)

(credit: screencaps ~ Korean news sites)

Ratings last week ~ October 5, 2010

AGB Nielsen
6- SBS Strong Heart = 14.4% (Seoul = 15.8%)
* KBS Win Win = 7.2% (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = 6.1% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
4- SBS Strong Heart = 14.4% (Seoul = not released)
* KBS Win Win = (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = (not in top 20)

Ratings for all previous weeks:

16 Responses

  1. yesterday watching strong heart disappointed..
    Seung gi is the MC.. why are they bring his drama story again?
    Gumiho drama over long ago. they should just air on Gumiho site instead of talking from strong heart.
    i found out that the guest reaction weren’t good;;;;;
    im disappointed about producer… ;;

  2. i liked yesterday’s kang shim jang. but yeah the guests and hodong hyung love seunggi so much! they can’t help it. but si think seunggi don’t like too much attention too. oppa fighting! kang shim jang fighting!

  3. Seung gi’s hairsyle looks good.. but he have baby face -_-
    thats why i felt strange..

  4. you’re not the only one…. i’m trying hard to tolerate his new hairstyle… but i can’t! it doesn’t match well with his face… :lol:
    please, change the hairstyle soon before concert! XD

  5. I think I’m quite ok with his hairstyle. Normally it will take a few days for the hair to settle. He has his haircut 2 weeks ago and I’m very sure it has already grown longer and better now. longer. I think he need to cut his hair short coz’ the hair may have already lost it gloss after all the gelling and perming during MGIG filming. That’s what my hairstylist friend told me. haha!

  6. i can’t stand his new hair too and i really hope his hair turns back to normal after a few days…hehe! i totally adore his hairstyle in MGIG…^^

    i’m so excited for the subbed vids for this ep of SH…i would love to see and hear seunggi talk about min ah after their drama ended. please! thanks a lot! ^^

  7. I like his hair style… it’s really cute~!

  8. he looks cute but i prefer cooler and chic hairstyle too. hope he’ll let it grow for his concert.

  9. where did teukigayo go? Dong Ki Gayo felt short handed…LOL…about LSG hair, I actually like it, many fan have asked for his old short haircut from 2007, this one is like an improvision from the old one…just feel like this episode a bit lagging, and too much scripted…the usual ad lib is a bit short…but still, I enjoyed it.. :))

  10. thanks for the well spoken comment Ann.. I agree with you that SH PD should at least lessen up Seung Gi’s exposure to SH & KHD must stop treating Seung Gi as a prince or maybe he could just stop bragging how he adores LSG.. haii i know Ann you’re always been noticing & talking about it since SH has started..

    They must consider that they’re will be time that people will get annoyed for SGi’s overexposure.. To think that there were a lot of guest in the show that haven’t get enough airing time..
    Hope the PD & Sh staff would think it over..

  11. i think i forget to say that i’m really not into his new hairstyle now.. I love his hairstyle on the last half year of 2009, after he got recovered from H1N1 onwards to his Hope concert.. Love that looks.. i’m not sure if he has the same hairstylist until now..^_^

  12. To be really honest… personally, I think this is the worst hairstyle ever for Seunggi. he deserves so much better! they trimmed off way too much, so that the amount of visible hair from the front is not proportional to his face!

    i have really tried to love his Cody and stylist, but I am convinced they are antis or they have no clue as to what is hot!

    Seunggi is a freakin 23-year old celebrity. why is it so freakin hard for his stylist to keep a cool hairstyle worthy of a freakin 23 year old celeb?!

    Also. I’m going to again please beg fanboys Hodong and PD Park again to please cool it with their love and pride in Seunggi. we know they adore him like their own brother but it’s so unfair to see Seunggi having to get blamed for Hodong and PD Park’s actions! Especially when he doesn’t even ask for it on the show. Esp Hodong… when he does that on 1n2d too it’s annoying. Even seunggi fans don’t like this type of thing!

  13. I view this episode as a tribute to those MGIAG fans who have withdrawal symptoms. For me, it was really good to expose Seung Gi more because I like him, but not all are his fans so maybe they should lessen Seung Gi’s exposure because he’s the MC and not the guest.

    But, I love this episode! TOO MUCH Seung Gi love. :) Even though I love SG, I can’t afford them to lose ratings since some fans of the show are already sick of SG love from Ho Dong and the guests. :) Also, the guests should be given more exposure.

    I hope this will be the last MGIAG thingy in SH. I need to get over. :)) HAHA. I’ve been bewitched by the drama and I am still having a hard time getting over it. :) HAHA. Some fans are right. They should just put the NGs on the net, or on Seung Gi’s site. :) In this case, only those who are interested on MGIAG will be able to view it. :)

  14. I agree with gumiho, i was wonderng, whether it is SH special Mgig.
    It’s such a waste to have many guest come to the show.
    I like seunggi,but come on show..
    He is the mc!

  15. i hate that they always talk about Seunggi.

    an MC is supposed to make the guests look good. i hate how there’s not much air time with the guests and they’re just sitting there, recording for 6 hours only to be edited out because the MC is more of a hot product right now than them. i love Strong Heart but come on now!

    and Hodong trying to ask Seunggi questions instead of asking the guests is just going waaay over. they should just put Seunggi on the guest seat.

    not a hater, it’s just that these past episodes (and even in the earlier episodes), not all guests get to tell their stories (amybe they did, but were edited out) because of all these fillers. i don’t think that Juvie Train guy got to tell his story at all.

    it’d be better if they reduced the number of guests. in that way no one has to sit on the corner and not be involved. especially when they put idols who have just worked for about a year or two on the front and hype them to death. idols come and go. in 3 years there will be newer ones. psh.

  16. can’t get enough of cha dae woong and miho… hope that there will be a sequel of MGIAG soon (: they really look good together…

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