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Strong Heart MCs as Hoi Couple [Photodiary EngTrans]

Expect My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Hoi Couple parody on tonight’s Strong Heart with Hodong as Shin Min Ah! LOL! Hodong and PD Park are so totally obsessed with MinAh.  Regarding Seunggi’s new hairstyle ~ I was hoping the recent BTS fan photos of Seunggi’s Kolon Sport F/W fashion shoot was just a one-time hair style, but based on these Strong Heart Photodiary pix, looks like this is Seunggi’s new hair.  Sigh…

Can’t Cody/Hairstylist give us something in between the extremes of little kid or ajusshi style that Hook seems to love?  Please bring back sleek straight iron haired Seunggi or teased and gelled nest hair Seunggi!

4 Responses

  1. haha Ann! I keep telling myself that because of his coming concert, he needs to keep his hair short because of all the rehearsal. And he will definitely look different on the day of his concert. BTW, did he actually cut his hair short before the his hope concert? Look like he did. I think the interview he had with asia10 was with short hair and it was before his concert. Right?

  2. wow how cute.hahahahah

  3. ok

  4. dnt worry Ann, your not alone about SGi’s hair cut.. I dnt like either his new haircut..I know i’ve been telling this for many times already but I really like most his hairstyle at the end half year of 2009, don’t know if it’s the same Cody he had right now.

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