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Who is this guy? [F/W 2010 Kolon Sport BTS photos]

Is this Seunggi?!  Some Behind-the-Scenes photos from what looks to be Seunggi’s recent fall/winter fashion shoot for Kolon Sport.  I hope Kolon puts out some better shots of SeungGi and MinJung this time.  Both are beautiful people and Kolon is slick and top-notch, so I don’t get why the ads have been so lackluster.  But I’m totally loving the recent New Zealand CF!

I’m going to assume the final shots are going to be way better than these blurry, awkward fan-taken shots…  Although I really like the last outfit, the pairing of the orange jacket with the preppy oxford and green tie!

(credit: Daum; DClsg)

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10 Responses

  1. LOL at your ‘Who is this guy?’ :D

  2. he look like a mannequin in first pic! he looks diff in all the pics. cant wait to see finalized photos.

  3. As much as I adore his good look, I cannot take to this new hair style, nor the hats!

    I love his hair in the later parts of MGIG, no fuss yet sophisticated.

    Love the NZ ad too. Very slick.

  4. haha as much as I love seunggi I couldn’t help but lol at these ads. The boy is clearly attractive so why don’t they pick better clothes? I wouldn’t be caught dead in that hat..ugh!

  5. Aaah…the cut seems to awkward. I love his short hair, but not this one. Left the bang, but sut the back hair, it seems weird (even though I really adore him)

  6. i like the hairstyle, but his face is chubby.. doesn’t match.. lol

  7. Can someone please kidnap seunggi (and his cody!) from korea and bring them here to me in new york city so i can take them to my fave hair salon and let my stylist work his magic!!!!

    btw, am i the only one who kind of likes that furry hat!

    as for that crazy eclectic combo of red plaid hat, oxford shirt, bowtie, cardigan, vest jacket and of all things gloves(!) – omg, please let this be one of the looks that don’t make the final cut!

    to be fair, kpop fans in general regularly accuse stars’ codys of being antis!

    • i was laughing like crazy when saw these pics before, and now i’m laughing at the tittle “who is this guy?”! LOL
      i like the idea to kidnap seunggi! he needs a better hair cut for sure! XD

  8. orange is a nice clolour….the place where I am living now… whenever there is a football game..what I mean Super Bowl…it’s a American football… the residents of this city will wear orange T-shirts with the local football logo from bank employees , to students to stores employees to city employees to housewives and practically everybody will somehow wear orange to support our football team. It is the spirit of joy and fun for them…so I am very please to see the orange jacket..it really match my local football team.

  9. LOL! the title ‘who is this guy’ almost choked me from laughing while eating my lunch at the same time!!! ^0^

    i am not quite impressed with his outfits here…the hair seems kind of weird also…seunggi’s outfits in Strong Heart and the last eps of MGIG are way much better than these.

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