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Uhm-chin-ahs Lee Seung Gi and Song Joong Ki [Article]

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Must be great for Seung Gi and Joong Ki, to be uhm-chin-ahs!
October 7, 2010

Source:  Osen
English translation:  LSGfan.wordpress.com

Lee Seung Gi and Song Joong Ki, what do these youthful stars have in common?

It is precisely their “uhm-chin-ah” status. Singer-Actor Lee Seung Gi and actor Song Joong Ki are dominating the entertainment world. Not just because of their good looks, not just because they can sing or act well. Acting, singing, variety, and on top of that a combination of their heartwarming looks and even enviable educational backgrounds; these perfect guys are receiving a lot of love.

Through his recently finished SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Lee Seung Gi has received a lot of acknowledgment as an actor. Compared to Brilliant Legacy, he showed increased acting maturity by doing an exceptional job in playing the character of Dae Woong. And as one of the main members of KBS variety show 1 Night 2 Days, he continues to receive a lot of love for his variety sense from female and male fans of all ages. But that’s not it. Through the drama OST, he continued his singing activities.

He has become a representative multi-entertainer. Further, he is continuing his studies as a graduate student at DongGuk University. It is a given that his appearance and heartwarming image is liked by everyone and anyone. Is this not the epitome of an uhm-chin-ah?

[Section on Song Joong Ki not translated]

Because of this, the two persons continue to rank number one in online polls for things like ideal guys, stars wanted as sons-in-law, stars wanted as younger brothers, etc. Noonas and mothers alike view these heartwarming guys as cute, lovable, and charming. Perhaps because of this, these two persons are also pulling their weight in the commercial/advertising industry. There doesn’t seem to be a CF that Lee Seung Gi hasn’t done and he continues to be very active as a brand model for products such as cosmetics, household appliances, clothing, and finance and banking. Song Joong Ki, through his popularity on Sungkyunkwan Scandal, recently signed on for a cosmetics and liquor endorsements, and is being said to have received many CF love calls.

We fans can never get tired of hearing all the public love for SeungGi, right?!  Can we all agree that SeungGi will not be a passing fad like most of the other K-popstars?!  And even when he eventually has to leave for his 2-year military service, the public sentiment, even among fans, is that SeungGi will be loved even more (if that’s even possible!) during that time and afterwards.  Actor Jo In Sung comes to mind.

Tony An, formerly of H.O.T. was on Hodong’s KneeCap Guru talk show yesterday.  He filmed the episode 36 hours after being released from his army duty and he shared stories about the various entertainers that are serving together in the army, and it actually sounded like fun as the guys really let their guards down.  I really hope that there will be some other celebs around when SeungGi does his military service so he can open up and actually allow others to be friends with his princely self! LOL.

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11 Responses

  1. sob sob sob. after seeing seunggi on tv 4 days a week and now only seeing him twice, im going to be so sad the day i cant see him on tv for 2 years!!!!!! but like you said about jo in sung… we still get to see pics of him while hes doing miltiary service.

  2. Yeah,…I still denying in my self that someday Seung Gi must do the military service. Sob..sob, will always love him.

    I feel empty after MGIG ended..argh!!

  3. I’ll be super sad when that time comes too. but i kind of hope that he doesn’t push off his service until like the max age, but goes when he is still popular and loved by the public. i think jo in sung did it that way too.

    maybe like in 3-4 years? from jo in sung, all the entertainers who are doing their service now seem to be having fun and there’s still a lot of public interest in the guys while they’re doing their service (ie, Boom, lee dong wook, kim jae won, lee jun ki, lee dong gun, etc).

  4. i think Seung gi understanding he’s going to military service late now.
    Since he haven’t get a girlfriend yet..
    if he go to military service at age 30, it would be hard to get a girlfriend or marry late age..
    it’s sad, it’s too late now.. T_T

  5. ” let’s not cross the bridge until you reach it” meaning let’s not worry about his military service until the time comes… let us enjoy and love him as much as what we are doing now..and make the the most of it when he is still around.. as long he has all his loving and faithful fans, LSG will always beloved and remembered even if he comes back from his MS so let us make this happen…and it will always happen.

    • right! let’s not worry about it yet.. let’s just cherish the years that we’ll still be seeing him.. :)

  6. May I know what is “uhm-chin-ah” and what is “daebak”? … I see it so often associated with lovely Seung Gi but hv no idea what they mean. Thanks! :)

  7. uhm-mah = Mother
    chin-gu = Friend

    uhm-chin-ah = Mother’s friend’s son/daughter.

    it’s used to describe ideal/perfect, typically young people, who are good at everything and also have a great personality. korean parents love to come home and tell their kids stories about their friend’s kids (uhm-chin-ahs) or other successful kids written about in the press! it’s supposed to make us want to work harder and be more accomplished! sometimes it works, sometimes it makes us go crazy!

    it’s basically one of the highest compliments used to describe someone. thus, our seunggi! :)

    Daebak = korean equivalent to American expression “amazing!” “awesome!” etc.

    • Thanks! Now I finally understand. And thanks so so much for all the updates on LSG and translation of the various articles. Quench the thirst of this ajumma here, heehee :)

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