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Shin MinAh talks about SeungGi’s popularity [Article]

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MinAh talks about uhm-chin-ah and #1 potential son-in-law Seunggi, his fans of all ages, why she felt burdened acting opposite him, why he doesn’t call her noona, his flawless skin, why she would choose Daewoong over Teacher Dong Joo, lurking on SeungGi’s fan cafe, the best kiss scene thus far in Shin MinAh’s lifetime, and her feelings about their kiss scene and viewers’ unending interest in the Hoi Couple’s love and potential jakjiki!  [Reminder: These are excerpts pertaining to what MinAh had to say about SeungGi from various articles; this is not one seamless interview.]

Shin MinAh did an interview on October 3rd, two days after My Girlfriend is a Gumiho wrapped.  There are a bunch of articles out about the interview, covering a range of topics.  Some of the criticism of MinAh prior to the drama was that she had never had a big hit project and that she was more known for her CFs than her acting roles.  But per typical Hong Sisters’ dramas and their way of writing female lead roles and catapulting the actresses to stardom (ie, Han Chae Young, Lee Da Hae, Park Shin Hye), My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has definitely made MinAh an even bigger star.  MinAh even admitted that this was the first time she has experienced so much love and support.  She also talked about SeungGi (only those parts are highlighted)…

MinAh said she felt quite empty now that the drama had ended. Although super busy during the filming, it seems all this downtime is too much rest time.  She said she felt a bit saddened and disappointed as she realized the drama had truly ended, adding again that both her body and mind felt somewhat empty.  However, because of the good result of the drama she felt ready to jump into her next project.

MinAh said that she was a little concerned when she first signed on to the project since there had already been so much buzz about the drama with the early casting of Lee SeungGi and the involvement of the Hong Sisters, but that she was thankful to the Hong Sisters for developing the gumiho character.  And added that she was thankful to Lee Seung Gi for showing forth his strength as well.

MinAh also revealed that she did feel somewhat burdened upon acting opposite Lee Seung Gi as he has so many fans. She said, ” I knew Lee Seung Gi was popular, but I really understood just how popular he was during the drama.  From little kids all the way up to grandmas and grandpas, he is very popular.  Thus, I felt somewhat burdened to do a good job acting opposite an actor who is so beloved by everyone.  But because the love between the two characters was so lovely and sweet, I feel that by being associated with that, people also looked at my in a lovely way.”

MinAh said, “As he has fans of all ages and because of his uhm-chin-ah and princely image, I was worried that they would say me being older would not be a good match for Lee Seung Gi.”  She even revealed that because of these burdens, during the earlier part of the drama, she peeked in and lurked at SeungGi’s fan cafe.  Ha! Love that she’s so honest!

Regarding her chemistry with Seunggi, MinAh said, “It was really comfortable.  Up to this point, most of my acting partners have been oppas or unnis but Lee Seung Gi is younger than me and his reactions were really great.”  She also added that because of his good reactions, she felt that her acting came out even stronger.

When asked if MinAh still used honorifics in speaking with Lee Seung Gi, she said, “Yes.  Lee Seung Gi calls me MiHo.  When I asked him why he doesn’t refer to me as noona, he said that it would be difficult to carry out the more melo scenes if he called me noona.  Since I am the type to not easily speak informally, I also addressed him as SeungGi sshi or DaeWoong sshi.  And No Min Woo addresses me as MiHo nim.”

She added, “Before I began filming, my thoughts about SeungGi were of of his uhm-chin-ah image and the male entertainer that everyone wants as their son-in-law. Having worked with him, he is not only just a sweet potential son-in-law type.  I found that he was very funny, sincere, and very charming.  Even though he is younger than me, he is reliable and trustworthy to the point where I could have easily called him ‘oppa.’  If I was worrying about some aspect of the drama, he would encourage me and tell me not to worry.  He told me not to worry about the ratings and to just trust in him.”  She laughed and added, “It made me really believe in him…”

MinAh continued, “Lee SeungGi was very popular on the filming site too. There was chaos every time Lee Seung Gi would arrive.  Even the support cast member grandmother would pull out a fan and wave it back and forth to ward off the summer heat for SeungGi.”  MinAh chuckled and said, “I understood why everyone really likes Lee Seung Gi and thought this is a different kind of fandom than what is typical, and knowing that I couldn’t help but to anticipate good things.”

When asked about choosing between DaeWoong (Lee Seung Gi) and Teacher Dong Joo (No Min Woo), MinAh said “Personally, I would want the person that loves me fully.  I think DaeWoong probably has more charms.  Even though you’re angry, you like that person.”  She added with a laugh, “Women typically like bad guys.”

Asked about working with many stars in addition to Lee Seung Gi such as Joo Ji Hoon, Won Bin, and Rain, MinAh said she feels very grateful for this but also burdened by it because of their many female fans.  She added that because she has had the opportunity to be associated with these actors, their fans have also looked upon her kindly.  However, MinAh added, “Because so many of my acting/CF partners have been lovely flower guys, I have often felt burdened.  Their skin is so amazing, especially Lee Seung Gi and No Min Woo.”

When asked about her kiss scene with Lee Seung Gi, MinAh also seemed a little flustered. She blushed and said, “Should I say that I liked it?” and revealed “TV viewers really had boundless interest in the love and affection between the two persons.  Of course a kiss scene was going to happen but a lot of them were asking when the jakjiki would occur and was anticipating this.”  She added, “Miho was probably very thrilled and happy to be in love with Daewoong, so from that perspective, I liked being immersed in filming that on site.”

Reporter:  The best kiss scene in Shin Min Ah’s lifetime thus far?
Shin Min Ah: The bead kiss I did together with DaeWoong.

(via Newsen; SPN; Asiae; SportsSeoul; Osen; Sportsworld; MK)

MinAh is so sweet to SeungGi! And I really respect MinAh for showing so much respect and love to Seunggi even though she is older by 3 years and at that, a more veteran actor than Seunggi with many more roles and projects.  Seunggi definitely made an impression on her… enough for her to want to call him “oppa!”  I always love reading what other people have to say about Seunggi.  Everyone loves him!

Also, can we please have a My Girlfriend is a Gumiho special?! Just ending with the final episode seems incomplete!  SeungGi had mentioned in another brief interview following his 1n2d filming this past weekend that like MinAh, he too was feeling somewhat despondent now that the drama had ended.  ME TOO!!!!  I had to pack my social calendar this weekend with dinners and outings with friends and dates just to keep my mind off the emptiness that is the end of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!  Please, fans need their closing fix of BTS interviews, NGs, inside scoop!

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  1. Hi, Ann you finally update your post. Hope you enjoyed your date and weekend.:) And thanks for the translation of the article. I actually read it in the chinese fan site and was already contemplating to translate it or not and thank God you did it!

    As for the wrap up dinner, the chinese fan are complaining that the SBS are acting like a stepmother to the whole production team by holding it at such a sloppy restaurant with no official photo or whatsoever which is so unlike YAB which rating is certainly lower than MGIG. :(

  2. yes, i want a MGIAG special too!!!!!!!just like what they did for BL…..

    so both of them know how we feel when the drama ended? we felt so empty and sad too!!!

    maybe the dinner for the last episode is not the wrap up dinner/congratulatory kind of session that we usually see.. maybe it’s just someone who suggested it and they just go along with it..

    is there anyway we can request for the D-Cut DVD with lots and lots of BTS of SMA & LSGi? and with english sub as well…

  3. omg up to now i though seunggi was crushing on minah, but i think minah may have a little crush on seunggi too! who wouldn’t??????????

    seunggi oppa fighting!

  4. I want a special too!!!

    Even though I don’t watch it (yet!), I want that tooo…

  5. Ann,thanks for the translation.
    SMA is so sweet~~

  6. Thanks Ann for translating the article. I like the lovely way Shin Minah describes SeungGi.

  7. the bead kiss scene is the one that DW ran to the airport to stop her from leaving right? the scene that DW knew about 1 of them will die…and ran to the airport and then kissed her…and then pass her the bead right?

    Min Ah is really so sweet….

    actually in epi 16, i can see both of them having dark ring under their eyes….. hope both of them have a good rest (especially seung gi) and hopefully by november, we can see a fresh looking seung gi.. :)

  8. i thought seung gi had a crush on min ah.
    i wish they were dating..!!

  9. I think every guy in Korea has a crush on uri Miho!!!!
    Who wouldn’t?? She is really beautiful and has her own characteristic :D :D
    YES!!!!! I would like them to become a real couple too!!

  10. wow thanks for the translation. Ah this is driving me nuts since now I’m officially on gumiho withdrawal. And this article does nothing to stop me from shipping them in real life.

  11. LOL at you trying to keep yourself busy! and what’s more funnier is I’m also planning to do the same! No more Hoi hoi to look forward to.. :(

    • i’m really not good at this MGIAG withdrawal thing…how can i possibly do that when i actually made the wedding photo of DW and MH during ep16 as my office wallpaper?!?! i see it everyday at work and it flares up my gumiho craziness all over again….haaaaaayyyyyy!!! 0_0

  12. thanks alot for the translationn….
    is there any way for us to make a request so that there will be D-CUT dvd?
    i really want to have it.. anyone got any ideaa??

  13. omg thanks for update and translation. ha ha ha ha. shin minah was checking out seunggis fan website. youre right… shes really honest! she comes off like she really liked working with seunggi!!!!!

  14. A special sounds interesting… The ending actually left a lot of items which could be turned into a special/ mini-series …

    1) Park Dong Joo’s story. I’m sure we’d all want to know what really happened back then … They could do a flashback scene where DJ tells MH/DW what happened before. For all we know, “Swordsman under the Moonlight” could’ve been DJ’s lifestory. Hehehe.

    2) A “What Happened After” story… something similar to what Proposal Daisakusen (for those who also watch j-dramas) did in their series.

    3) Heck, if there’s much clamor … why not a sitcom?

    4) Or of course… MGIAG Season 2. XD

  15. Thanks alot for the translation! Ya, i want a Gumiho special too!! And i hope to see both of them acting together again in the near future cos they really have great chemistry!

  16. thanks for the translation ann! gosh! shin min ah really loves seung gi in all aspects…i hope they could reunite in future dramas together or CFs perhaps since i noticed they endorse almost the same products like the KB card and Pizza Hut. ^^

    oh yeah! i want to see some MGIAG specials too…with all the BTS and NG scenes…especially between our fave Hoi~Hoi couple! Hoi~Hoi!!! ^0^

  17. How I wish these two were a REAL couple… even offscreen they look so cute together.

  18. yes…agree with all of you!!!
    they fated to be together like daewoong and miho…..
    DW : hoi…..
    MH : hoi…..

  19. yessss,,,i wish lee seung gi and shin min ah are dating,,,,
    lee seung gi ang shin min ah best of the best couple
    i like it

  20. Oh Ann, did you decide to translate the entire article? *hugs* thank you so much ^^

  21. …lee seung gi!!! go for shin min ah please you’re really lovely awesome and perfect couple…hoping for a new show of the two of you soon and i ‘m hoping and wishing that you’ll be together in real life

  22. wew,,,cute couple===kakaadik”’lol,,,jeongsini nagaseonnabwa–:)

  23. I hope they will be true couples… Its so cute,,.,. I also want the Part 2 of MGIAG

  24. me too I want a sequel of MGIAG… i really really like daewoong and miho!!!!

  25. wOw….. they are so cute when they’re together…. i love their movie.. Mygf is a gumiho.. I cant wait to watch it everyday…!! and still wishing that they will be couple someday!!!

  26. luv it super…hope to have a sequel,casting lee seung gi and shi min ah still

  27. hope that you two will be a real couple.love it!

  28. …h!ang gnda mo miho”,,,inggit aq s kgandahan moh
    …sna mging k mukha kita”…

  29. I hope there would be another project for them together. I wish that it would be a sequel of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho..They’re the sweetest Korean couple i’ve seen. I was never interested in Korean drama before I watched their series. MGIAG is a big hit here in the Philippines. Everyone of us here wants to have another part of Miho and Woong’s love story. Hope you’ll be a real couple, coz’ the chemistry is there.

  30. ..ahm!.. I Want to say that my idol she min ah had made a very succesfuk movie MGIG but still i’ve missed the gumiho and i think it needs a special episode or if lucky Aa MGIG season 2! hahaha ..
    .. i want to greet daewong and miho!!..

  31. Ooh… I really love this MGIG drama!!!
    I’ve been re-watching it again and again, but it just seems to get better everytime I watch it!
    Hope there would be a special episode or a 2ND SEASON please!!!

    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!
    Love you!!! :)

  32. fans of the my girl freind is a gumiho please5x convence the director to have a part 2 of that drama lets join forces !

  33. iwish that their would be a part 2 because i was not contented!

  34. please have the part II. Im begging T.T. i really really really like this drama huhuhu

  35. plsss / have part 2 of gumihooooooooooooooo

  36. very sweet lovely couple frm saudi arabia

  37. I hope The hong sisters will write a part2,3, and 4, etc. infinitely hoihoi fever!! ^^,

  38. Really,,, WOonga n Mi Ho seems quiet better couple. I wish them to b real couple forever in real life too… They r perfect… Really perfect!

  39. best couple. ^_^

  40. my hoping is Lee seung gi & Shin min ah be a really couple
    so nice to hear and good looking, tobe marry maybe..

  41. me too. i hope hoi couple to be marry, make a great child and live together, forever…

  42. pls make a part two of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho..

  43. MGIG should have part 2 even though it passed years. I really really miss them a LOT. I wish that they could be together again in a drama because they have that chemistry. When you watched you feel their chemistry and I miss hoi couple :(( they really really look together

  44. part 2 pleaseeeeeeeee

  45. Even though its 2014 now, but still the magic of this drama remains. Always hoping that miho and daewoong will be together again!

    They are perfect match!

  46. Part 2! Lee seung gi and minah forever!

  47. how i wish that instead of Yoona, shin min ah should be the one dating seung gi oppa. -_-

  48. dae woong just marry miho

  49. lee seung gi marry shin minah

  50. I have just finished MGIG last week and omg, I’ve become a helpless victim of Hoy-Hoy Couple !!! I searched and watched everything related to this drama.
    Sounds a little selfish but I wish LSG would dump Yoona and go for SMA ( Sorry YoonGi Fan ), but SMA-LSG are so perfect together.
    I think they being a couple is quite hard tho. As I believe that after the drama, LSG had a minor crush on SMA, evidence were that he was kind and lovable to her in related show ( SH, Hope Concert, etc). But SMA is such a shy girl in real life ( she even admitted to tend to be quiet with no-long-being-close person ) that she unintendedly ‘refuse’ any signal LSG gave ( look SMA in the eyes, smile, etc but she didn’t reply to that and answer the questions/interviews with little signal to LSG ) :( . Because of that I think LSG thought that she wasn’t fond of him and took a step back :(
    Anyway, still love them as hell. Hope they could be together somehow ^^

  51. Ya rite, I always feel that LSG and SMA are perfect together

  52. shin min ah deserve to be MIHO …and to be a partner of lee seung gi i love korean dramas and one of the best i saw was My gf is a gumiho ,, ,,i hope they have another project that they work together again…. i like shin min ah because she can act the role of innocent and shameless girl …while lee seunggi is a gifted one …ah basstaahh


  53. i just finished watching this drama series, and i neomu neomu neomu like it.. i hope there’s a sequel..

  54. I finished watching ….the movie is very nice
    …the place where they were being chase by the boar, the editing there is not good.

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