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The praiseworthy evolution of Lee Seung Gi [Article]

Why is Lee Seung Gi’s transformation receiving a lot of praise?

Source: MyDaily/Nate
English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Lee Seung Gi is changing. No, he is evolving in a meaningful way.  Many people who have noticed this valuable transformation are sending praises his way with applause.  The key to his evolution include caring and considerate acting, supportive back-up in variety, and sharing warmhearted love with those who are less fortunate in his own personal and real life.

Following his high tv viewership drama Brilliant Legacy from last year, Lee Seung Gi returned a year later with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho together with Shin Min Ah, which just had its final broadcast on September 30.  Lee Seung Gi received a lot of attention from viewers as an action star college student who ends up with a nine-tailed fox girlfriend.

Even though the 40% tv viewership ratings drama Baker King was burdensome to compete with at the same time slot, he was faithful in doing his part/role.  Although younger in age than his female counterpart Shin Min Ah, Lee Seung Gi’s way of acting, so as to be considerate and supportive of Shin Min Ah gave off a radiant vibe.

Rather than acting to make himself stand out, Lee Seung Gi worked to make Shin Min Ah’s part stand out and be the main force.  He put in every effort to be in harmony with Shin Min Ah’s acting.  Because of this, more so than Lee Seung Gi, Shin Min Ah who played the role of the nine-tailed fox received a lot of love from tv viewers.

Tv viewers, colleagues, and sunbae actors who have seen Lee Seung Gi’s evolution in acting style are not sparing in their compliments and praise for his acting maturity.

This it the same with his variety programs.  With the current hardship that KBS 1 Night 2 Days is going through with MC Mong not being on the show anymore, Lee Seung Gi has shown even more diligence than before on the broadcast, but in addition to that, he has shown a lot of effort in trying to assist and support Kim Jong Min who has been struggling to find his variety senses since returning from military service.  Lee Seung Gi continues to regularly show powerful reactions for things related to Kim Jong Min.

Also, having received a lot of support from his veteran partner Kang Ho Dong when he was just starting out as an MC in the early months of SBS Strong Heart, now a  year later, Lee Seung Gi has firm footing as an MC.  By triggering laughter and chiming in at certain points to further the stories of the guests, his considerate, supportive and humble style indicate he has an extended place as an MC.

The value of Lee Seung Gi’s evolution does not stop here.  He is sharing the love he has received with those who are less fortunate.  Not only did he support a family on the KBS show DongHeng with material needs, together with his fanclub, he has sought out these people to give them courage and hope.

Both internally and externally, Lee Seung Gi is receiving more attention and praise precisely because of the valuable way in which he is evolving, and doing so by not necessarily trying to make himself stand out.

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This is one of the top ranked and most read articles on various Korean internet portal sites today.  After reading so many glowing articles about SeungGi over the past year, I’m still touched and amazed at how beloved he is in Korea, again something that all K-celebs acknowledge is important to them personally despite how famous or popular one is outside of Korea.

The article also dovetails well with the Shin Min Ah interview, particularly because of the glowing things she had to say about SeungGi the actor and person.  And fits with the recent articles out about how Kim Jong Min is starting to slowly find his way on 1 Night 2 Days.

Seunggi did a great job in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and had me and everyone else in tears, but even as a fan, I think he still has room to improve as an actor, which to me is a good thing.  Unlike most other actors, he doesn’t have the luxury to totally devote himself to his acting craft…

I don’t think anyone really understands that the the guy was doing a gazillion things simultaneously in addition to his heavy screentime and dialogue drama role (Strong Heart, 1 Night 2 Days, OST song prep, CF filming, and now concert prep).  It’s like we all know this but after reading his recent message to fans, I realize no one really knows or can understand just how tiring, exhausting, and difficult it must have been.

But he seems to thrive on being busy and so I’m totally looking forward to his next project!  And even though concert prep is probably tiring too, spending this time in singing prep may be a great way for Seunggi to relax and unwind from all the stress!  Hope so!

12 Responses

  1. oh my good…wow…daebak!!! i’m smiling all the way while reading this..i feel so proud reading this!!! PERFECT!! I will give A+++ for this article!!!

  2. Thanks ann for translating such a long article

    i’m quite suprised at first when the author said LSG work to make SMA’s part stand out because i never realized that. i wondered where the author came from. but your explanation have a point considering all SMA’s nice words about LSG in her interview.

    he has not totally excel in all, but he’s definitely showing great improvements which i think deserve the praises especially considering he’s doing all simultaneously like you said.

    anyway, talk about this, i bet you have read one comment at Dramabeans saying Seunggi is a horrible actor right?

    • the reporter is prob referring to one of things SMA said in her interview. She said that because of seunggi’s good reactions to her acting, she felt like her acting came out better. thus her sense of ease and comfort with seunggi. I didn’t include in original SMA interview article post; inserted that part in a few mins ago.

      also, yep read that comment. typically one really rude comment tends to get everyone focused on that one thing even though it’s only coming from one single person and not the majority of comments. i think that’s usually the purpose of rude comments from such netizens who are probably pathetic losers that are mean b/c they can’t stand themselves (ok is that to mean?!) ha ha ha.

  3. Evolving is right. What I love Seung Gi the most is that he is a thinking guy. He is constantly observing and learning. He is not just sitting on his laurels and be content.

    Of course, to learn well takes brains. That, along with talent and good looks, can only be given. And I am so grateful I get to appreciate the amazing result.

  4. thanks for translating and sharing this article, a very long one at that…

    everytime i read such articles about LSG, my admiration for him grows and it has been like this for 2 years, i think.. makes me see him more as a person instead of an idol…

    will keep anticipating the good future waiting for him

  5. Thank you so much, really enjoyed reading the article on LSG. This guy has totally captured my heart !

  6. he is too perfect. wahhhhhh. no wonder everyone cant help but to love him! seunggi oppa i luv him so much!

  7. that rude guy who commented bad things about Seung Gi does not know what ‘talent’ is. gosh, have they seen their KPOP iDOLS mc’ing?’acting’, delivering the way Seung gi does? NO. he must be a big fan of Kim Hyun Jung who I believe is not even halfway near LSG’s talents..
    going back to the article, I appreciate how the author realized just how our LSG has evolved. He deserves the credits that he is getting now with all the hardwork that he has put in in every project that he does. keep up the good work, Seung Gi-sshi! :)

  8. thanks for translating the article!! LSG really has evolved and in a humble and thoughtful manner! Love him!!

  9. thanks so much for translating this article. i really love and admire him more and more each day. i’m so glad we have kangshimjang and 1n2d or else i would be so depressed now that mgiag is over. wonder what drama he’ll do next and who the actress will be. he’s had such awesome chemistry with everyone!

    seunggi…. fighting! i support you all the way!

  10. nice article..thanks for translating&sharing. love so much day by day with seunggi..he is so humble&have emphaty feeling with his sunbaes..seunggi keep on fighting..we love,support,&proud to be your fans.

  11. the article definitely speaks the truth about seunggi. some actors get swallowed by their popularity but seunggi knows his limits and boundaries. he has never forgotten where he came from and up to now he has been so down-to-earth despite being so famous. he respects everyone he works with whether older or younger than him. respect begets respect and that’s what he has been receiving…a lot of it! ^_^

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