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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 5, 2010): 1-year Anniversary Special, Teuk Academy, Miss A, Cha Ye Ryun

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October 5, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
6- SBS Strong Heart = 14.4% (Seoul = 15.8%)
* KBS Win Win = 7.2% (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = 6.1% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
4- SBS Strong Heart = 14.4% (Seoul = not released)
* KBS Win Win = (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = (not in top 20)

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; TV Daily)

See all previous ratings at top tab: TV Ratings [SH]

Tuesday’s ep was Part 2 of the 1-year anniversary special, with the main featured guests being the cast of new SBS drama Dr. Champ.  Strong Heart continues to be #1 at its time slot, and even though the ratings slipped a bit, it’s still double that of the other shows at the same time slot.  There was no preview for next week’s ep so I’m curious to see who’ll be on.  Also, loved how they played SeungGi’s I Love You from Now On music video at the end of the show!  PD Park is one serious LSG fanboy!

Okay, some SeungGi highlights~

Choi Hong Man (giant guy) asks SeungGi to say a few words for his x-girlfriend ~ CHM tells a really touching story about how his x-girlfriend was his biggest supporter and really helped him through the hard times; he hopes to get back together…

Per Hodong’s suggestion, CHM looks in the camera and sends a message to his x-girlfriend addressing her by her pet name “Squirrel-yah.” (laughter at the cute pet name!)  Everyone’s really moved as CHM says he’ll work hard to win back her love, and then all of a sudden, he stops and looks to SeungGi and asks if he would say a few words because his x-girlfriend is a huge SeungGi fan!  Totally unexpected and completely hilarious.  Everyone cracks up!

Totally caught off guard, Seunggi thinks quick on his feet and looks at the camera and says “Squirrel-nim” (making everyone laugh even harder) and says wonderful things about CHM and to give him another chance!  So hilarious and cute at the same time.  CHM ended up being the Strong Heart winner at the end.

Cha Ye Ryun gets super excited about SeungGi putting the Strong Heart necklace around her neck ~ So the first person to get called on to share their story gets to wear the Strong Heart necklace first, and more importantly, anyone who’s seen the show by now knows that this first guest also gets the strong heart necklace placed around their neck directly by SeungGi! ha ha ha ha.  So you can imagine how thrilled Cha Ye Ryun (who giggled uncontrollably on last week’s ep while looking at Seunggi) was at Seunggi placing the necklace on her.  Seeing CYR’s excitement, everyone starting shouting Kiss Kiss Kiss when Seunggi came over…

She had shared a story about how her first acting debut was opposite Kwon Sang Woo, but even more uncomfortable was that her very first scene with him was a passionate kissing scene that they had to film for 10 hours on an elevator in which he has to rip her stockings.  Hodong was very excited at hearing the story as seemed Seunggi and everyone else, and of course Hodong accuses Seunggi of being excited, to which Seunggi admits that he was imagining the scene in his mind! Ha.

Also, according to a DClsg fan who was there for this particular filming of the episode, at the end of filming as SeungGi thanked and said goodbye to the guests, and when he shook hands with Cha Ye Ryun, when he tried to let go she kept on holding on to his hand.  LOL, Even the celebs are total fan girls!

Kim Tae Hoon envies SeungGi getting so much love from all the female guests and still being scandal-free ~Known to say very wise things, KTH assesses the current Strong Heart show and its MCs. KTH says that when he first came out as a guest early on when Strong Heart was just starting, Seunggi was already popular, but now a year later, Seunggi is really a superstar. KTH says one thing he really envies, is that all these top star singers and actresses that come on the show all like SeungGi.  And that typically if a star has 1 or 2 scandals in a given year it becomes a big problem, but SeungGi has a scandal like every other week on Strong Heart but is still fine!

Other stories ~ Usually some of the newer girl groups annoy me but I really liked Min and Jia from Miss A.  First of all, they have seriously sick dance moves but it seems like they worked really hard to get where they’re at.  They had good stories.  Especially liked Jia’s story about how she started out first in more traditional classical dance classes but decided that she had enough and wanted to go into hip hop.  Loved her performance, how she combined the classical with street.

Miss A also happens to be the new models (along with Kim Bum) for Edwin fashion, the company SeungGi was endorsing up until recently when he moved on to FUBU.  Wonder if they chatted about that…

More exclusive BTS photos from 10Asia
A reporter/photographer was on set for the 1-year anniversary festivities and per usual, 10Asia caught some great candid moments…

And more BTS photos from the Strong Heart Photo Diary…

And per usual, LSG screencap mashup from Nani’s blog… Thanks!

See Strong Heart video cuts post:  MCs Seunggi and Hodong

(Images: 10Asia, Korean Press, SBS)

8 Responses

  1. Cha Ye Ryun had a crush on Seung gi during highschool.. lol
    i wish to see them together in a new drama too..

  2. i saw a cut where they also showed SMA and LSG’s kiss scene : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xf30bg_10-10-05-ksj-cut-1_people I wonder if they were comparing his kiss scene with the girl’s story kekeke

  3. omo! why did they show a cut of DW and MH kiss scene at the airport? did they talk about it too? ^^

  4. What did LSG have to say about his kiss with SMA that made everyone laugh??

  5. i’m seriously amazed by Seunggi being scandal free. i think thats why Hodong is not afraid to match him up with everyone because he knows people wont take that too seriously. why so? i think even when people went excited about his pairing with anyone, cha yeon, min ah etc, they were cause a problem to him. like was there ever a moment when press wanted him to explain about it or anything? i dont recall that happen with yoona. seriouly, i think all press are airen too actually!

    anyway, thanks ann for this recap!
    seunggi is sooo honest to admit that he was imagining the scene in his mind! ^^

    • *they never cause a problem to him.

      • i think there was an instance when some fans bombarded strong heart’s website that they will boycott the show unless they edit the loveline part of lee seung gi and yoona.

  6. im pretty sure yoona likes seunggi. she likes cleancut guys more than the badboys. thats why she choose seunggi over taecyeon. i think that clip is posted somewhere in this blog.

    and i think seunggi likes yoona type too. he always say he doesnt like girls who show a lot of skin. but i think he likes both types of girls. like he like baek ji young type too. i think shin mina is a good mix of sweet, innocent but also sexy.

    i hope seunggi-mina get to meet up again soon. please!

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