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Seunggi’s Autumn 2010 message to fans (Eng Trans)

October 3, 2010, Message from Seunggi left at Airen Fan Cafe
English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Autumn greetings at the start of October
───── From Seunggi

These 3 months of drama filming… Having seemed very long and at the same time very short, time has already passed by and October has arrived..^^

I am leaving you a message only now because following the completion of the drama, I had filming for 1 Night 2 Days the next day.

I learned so much during these 3 months, was happy and also exhausted, it was a period in which I was crazily going through a lot of various emotions and things.

More than anything, during the latter part of the drama, my stamina and acting had its limitations…  I don’t think I can do this…  These thoughts naturally found me on a regular basis to the point where it was really difficult…  Thus, I feel personally content and satisfied, just in being able to really overcome that..^^

And more than anything, to all the fans who, together with me with one heart, worked so hard for the success of the drama during the filming…

Official Fan Club Airen, also SeungGall, SeungSunLove, I am so grateful and thankful to all of you.  I always sincerely think what am I to receive so many things..^^

However, I’m always worried when talking about these three separately like this as it has a feeling of being divided, and honestly, I feel very burdened and a little uncomfortable talking about it divided up like this..

So everyone, please post your thoughts about this..^^

I too, want to hear everyone’s opinions..^^

Also, you all know that the official homepage has newly opened right..?? ke

I will most likely be greeting you by message there from now on..!

Please visit the official homepage a lot from hereon, and now that it has been revitalized, I hope there will be much more news and communication between us.

Also, I hope that you will have more faith in me and our Hook..^^

There is no entertainer that can succeed on their own..  Behind the scenes, the planners and the entertainer are constantly coordinating well to obtain a good outcome.  But sometimes it seems like there are many fans who misunderstand this, and after agonizing over whether I should say something or not, I think it has been almost 2 years since I have broached this topic..^^

Please believe that what you see is not everything and I hope you can view things with a bit more affection..^^

Always only receiving, I’m embarrassed as it seems I am making another request of our loving fans.

Nevertheless, because it is something I wanted to say at some point, it is something that I say with difficulty..

I hope that you would acknowledge and give credit to the Hook family members who have slept less than me and protected me..!

Dear fans..  As Lee Seung Gi is only one of many entertainers, I am always thankful to you for sincerely sending your love, and the only thing I can say is that I will work even harder from now on..^^

I love each and every one of you and am thankful for you..  Also as I will be preparing for the concert right away and be greeting you there, please build up your stamina and come enjoy..  I’ll see you at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena on November 21st~~!!


Read more English-translated fan messages from SeungGi left at the Airen Fan Cafe this year in the Letters tab at the top of the page.

Sounds like he agonized a lot writing this as he didn’t want to hurt any one’s feelings.  It’s really hard to please everyone! And things are just inevitably political by nature.  But meeting the demands and needs of all the different fan groups can’t be easy, so I really hope that everything works out, especially now with the revamping of the official website.  Also, because SeungGi smiles and works hard at everything, I don’t think we realize how freaking tiring it must have been to film the drama on such a tight schedule, film Strong Heart, film 1n2d, and film CFs!

It also made me feel sort of bad for being so hard on Hook and his Cody.  I’m not totally sold on Hook, but do want to support them more, as it’s probably of no help to Seunggi to be totally ragging on his management company all the time!!  But in return, would love to see Hook improve their basic Business and Public Relations 101 skills and strategies and also consider the opinions of fans more too.

SeungGi~ Hook~ Fighting!!

Original message in Korean
(credit: tryp96 tumblr; leeseungki.com; Official Airen Fan Cafe)

드라마 촬영하던 3달… 참길다면 길었고 짧다면 짧은 시간이 어느덧 지나가고 10월이 찾아왔네요..^^

드라마 종방 다음날 바로 1박 촬영이 있었던 관계로 지금에야 글을 남깁니다..

이번 3달은 참 많이 배우기도 하고,, 행복하기도 지치기도 ,,,참 여러가지감정과 일들을 정신없이겪었던 시간이었습니다..

무엇보다도 드라마 후반부에 체력적으로 연기적으로 한계다…이건 못할것 같다..

라는 생각이 자연스럽게 들만큼 힘들었던게 매일매일 찾아왔는데..

정말 잘 이겨낸것 같아 그것만큼은 스스로 부듯하고 대견스럽습니다..^^

무엇보다도 촬영중 저와 한마음으로 이 드라마의 성공을 위해 애써준 모든 팬분들..

공식팬클럽 아이렌,, 그리고 승갤,,, 승선사,, 모두 너무 고맙고 감사합니다.

참 제가 뭐라고 너무많은 것을 베풀어 주셔서 항상 진심으로 생각합니다..^^

그런데 항상고민되는게 이렇게 세 곳을 나눠서 말하면 뭔가 나뉘어 있는듯한

느낌에 사실 저는 이렇게 나누어 말하는것이 굉장히 부담스럽고,, 조금은 불편합니다..

그래서 여러분의 생각은 어떤지 답글에 달아주세요..^^

저도 여러분의 의견을 들어보고싶습니다..^^

그리고 공식홈페이지가 새롭게 오픈한건 모두 아시죠..?? ㅋ

앞으로는 그곳에서 글로써 인사를 드리게 될것같네요..!

이제 공홈도 많이 찾아주시고 활성화 되어서 더많은 소식과 소통을 함께하길 바랍니다.

그리고 저와 우리후크에 대해 더 믿음을 가져주시길.. 바랍니다..^^

혼자서 잘되는 연예인은 아무도 없습니다.. 그뒤에서 기획자와 연예인이 정말 호흡이 잘맞기에

항상 좋은 결과를 올리는 것이기에 간혹 팬분들이 오해하시는 부분이 많은 것같아서

항상 이 말씀을 드려야 할지 말아야 할지 고민하다가 거의 2년만에 꺼내는 이야기인것 같습니다..^^

보이는 것만이 전부가 아니란것을 믿어주시고 조금더 애정어린 눈으로 봐주시길…^^

항상 받기만 하는 주제에 우리 사랑스런 팬분들께 또 부탁을 하는 것 같아서 부끄럽네요.

그렇지만 언젠가 한번쯤은 말씀드리고 싶었기에 어렵게 이야기 꺼냅니다..

저보다 더 잠 못자고 방패막이가 되어주는 후크식구들의 공을 한번은 알아주셨으면 합니다..!

팬여러분들.. 이승기라는 수많은 연예인중 하나일 뿐인 작은 존재에게 진심으로 사랑을 보내주셔서

항상 감사드리고 앞으로도 열심히 하겠다는 말밖엔 드릴게없네요..^^

모두모두 사랑하고 고맙습니다..그리고 콘서트 바로 준비해서 또 인사드릴테니

와서 즐기실 체력 잘 관리해주시길.. 11월 21일날 체조경기장에서 뵈요~~!!

12 Responses

  1. aww. so touching.. :)

  2. those words make me feel so touch.. he even cares bout the others.. don’t worry, from here we’ll root for you.. always..

  3. if I am not mistaken, I remembered a month ago , I wrote my comment …always believed and trust in Hook and Seung gi and now the truth had been reviewed… I guessed it must be very difficult and painful to write to his loving fans for their understanding…. but it is always a happy ending…hwaitng….

  4. Seung Gi is so humble…
    I will support SeungGi but I am still not sure about Hook. I do hope that Hook can really listen to seunggi’s fans rather than closing their ears!! and also hope that they can improve on their managements!!! *sigh*

  5. from his message, we can see that he doesn’t want the fans to keep on blaming the agency and division of fans club..

    seung gi knows what he wants to do, and that’s what he has been doing. though to some of us, he has been kept busy non-stop and sometimes multi-tasking.. fans who do not know the reason behind it will blame on the agency for making SGi work so much and not giving him enough rest. SGi knows how the entertainment industry work and is making full use of the opportunity now to let everyone see him consistently, but i guess fans concern has turned into a negative way. That’s why he is so burdened by all these.

    I wouldn’t want SGi to be so stressful over such kind of things and want to see him on the tv screen.. he is already busy with recording,filming and studying, the only way to help him is to always give encouragement for him to continue.

    SGi is also an ordinary boy who wants to do what he has to do, i.e. studying and getting a proper qualification. However he doesn’t want his studies to be affected by his commitments in entertainment, that’s why we seldom see him absent from school. He wants to set a good image for the public that entertainers are not just passing time in the school.

    SGi is not that ignorant until he let the agency make full use of him.. i’m sure they will listen to his opinion too.

    I have been telling my friends that the time for SGi to go into army may be anytime around 24-27years old. I wouldn’t want him to defer till 29years old(and i don’t think he wants to do that). He is also aware of all these and is making full use of his next 2-4years to do what he wants and to let us have enough videos to tide us for the 2 years he will be in the army later…hahaha….

    if we love SGi, we should be supportive of everything he said and does. This is also not the 1st time i read about his message on fans club and complaints about his agency. This is a stressful issue.. do his fans really want to see him so stress out by all these? let him be stress free so that he can give us more projects with a peaceful mind when doing so..

    Seung Gi, Fighting!!!

    Time to send letters to him thru official board…hehe..

  6. yon, i agree with you. I don’t think SG will constantly let Hook lord over him. From the way he talks and during his MC for SH, we know that he has a mind of his own, so it is impossible to always force him to do things others’ way. We should trust him and Hook, except that i still feel his Cody can do a better job sometimes ^^

  7. heleo21, i always feel so sad when he write such mesage.. it shows that he is like the middle person..do not know who to satisfy or listen to.. i could understand his situation..i’m in that kind of situation too(now) that i do not know whether to listen to my boss instructions or to listen to my subordinates feedbacks.. i even flared up during meetings, but here our seung gi is still so composed and trying to solve the issues… (so embarassing, he is younger than me but so much better in handling such things…haha)..

    cody…they are not our ordinary people.. they have a different taste fashion mindset which we can never understand…hehe…..

  8. this is so seunggi..someone who always thinking bout others…i hope hook will think the same way as seunggi does..(after reading seunggi message, i hypnotize myself and believe that hook is doing a great job in taking care seunggi’s feeling..*no doubt Hook is doing great in planning seunggi’s career, it is just sometime their expectation in seunggi is too much) please take care our seunggi….we love him so much…seunggi hwaiting!!!

  9. wow! i’d like to give seunggi’s parents/family a full bow for bringing him up so well!!! seunggi’s mature mindset and responsible actions are kind of outstanding for his age, where most of his peers (with the same age) are just happy-go-lucky guys. no wonder he has been so blessed with so many projects, excels in his studies despite of his super duper hectic schedule, and of course so loved by everyone..either it be his colleagues in the entertainment industry or his fans from all over the globe. ^_^

    i’m definitely going to support him and the ones important to him (Hook and Cody) all the way from now on! (although i’m still quite unsure of Hook..keke!) i don’t want him to worry so much…stress makes aging faster you know…and a wrinkled seunggi is definitely not a good sight! keke! (although i’d probably be a fan of him until his hair turns gray) ^_^

  10. Dear singaporean fans,
    Good News – you can now buy the OST of “My girlfriend is a Gumiho” and Lee Seung Gi’s special remake album from any HMV stores in singapore.

  11. OMG!!The concert is on 21st November.
    It is on my birthday.
    I wish I could go to his concert and it will be my very special and the best ever birthday present!!!!

    • hey there.. my birthday also on 21st November.. this year will be our greatest birthday’s present..

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