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Final Ep After Party [My Girlfriend is a Gumiho]

*** UPDATED with more photos. Hope there’s more to come! ***

(I’m pretty sure those are the Hong Sisters in between Seunggi and Minah)

One of SeungGi’s fan groups (DClsg) prepared a special cake, flowers, etc for the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho wrap/after party.  Seunggi’s fans are so amazing!  I don’t think it was a formal party, but the cast gathered at a restaurant in Ilsan to watch the final episode together.  Hopefully we’ll get more photos soon.  The DClsger that delivered the gifts said unfortunately these were the only photos she took…

Everyone looks happy and relaxed.  Everyone must’ve been so exhausted.  Especially since they were filming final scenes the morning of the broadcast!  Also for Seunggi, no time for rest… early the next morning, he had to be at 1n2d filming.  Curious to know what the hyungs had to say!

Entire DClsg gift set up for the cast and crew… and it looks like they also prepared flower bouquets for each of the cast members.  Seriously, anyone who works with Seunggi also gets gifts from his fans!

(credit: DClsg; leeseungki.com; tryp96tumblr)

19 Responses

  1. OMG, how lovely!!

  2. seunggi fans are so sweet just like seunggi. now that the drama is over, i’m kind of sad. im glad we’ll still see seunggi thru 1n2d and kang shim jang. he must be so tired. how does he do it?

  3. The Airens fans are just awesome and giving. thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope there will be video on an SBS entertainment report, or something.

    • me too! is everyone in withdrawal now that the drama has wrapped? you’re an SMA fan, right? I remember your ID from before.

      At least for LSG fans, we get to see him on tv regularly still, but how about SMA fans? are you guys sad not to see he regularly on tv? at least there’s still all her CFs!

      • ive become a fan of SMA right now, i sooo love her! hope to see her in a new drama soon.. :)

      • hey Ann, yup I’m a bonafide Minah fan. Yeah, too bad our joy of seeing Minah twice a week is gone. It’s back to waiting for her next CF or photoshoot :P

        Thank you so much for doing the translation of Minah’s article, especially when talking about SeungGi. It’s nice to read her beautiful words to describe SeungGi, and SeungGi is a special man.

        I wonder who we can pressure to have a MGIG DVD special packed with lots of goodies; NGs, edited scenes, deleted scenes, cast interviews, behind the scenes filming and pictures, especially pictures of DW and MH in hanbok and then surrounded with children.

        I’m grateful for SeungGi for taking great care of Minah during MGIG. I’m also thankful for the Airens for including and thinking of Minah when giving gifts.

        I’ll lurk here often :D

  4. yay for wrap party pics!! Airens are lovely people ^^ such awesome gifts!!

    Man sign me up for a hospital stay or a whack at that fox bead..am in complete withdrawal right now!!!

  5. This is off topic, sorry.
    Anyone know the address of Hook Entertainment?

    I’ve been LSG’s fan since MGIG. So I’m a new comer.
    I want to send him a present to congratulate him. Is it ok to send it to his agency?

    • Fans who’ve been with LSG longer may know more, but detailed info about Hook always seems to be a mystery!

      If you’re on twitter, tweet AIREN_AIREN (official fan cafe) or DC_SeungGall (DClsg fangroup). they’ll definitely have the contact/address info.

      Also, I’ve seen this this email address on Seunggi’s official website on some of their notices – Hookent@naver.com

  6. aww how cute.

  7. @ LSGfan.wordpress.com
    Thank you so much

  8. omg LAST EPISODE :( so sad

  9. wow! amazing airens! they totally rock! i really love the cake since it has the daebak Hoi~Hoi scene on it…omo! i love the flowers too…soooo pretty! ^^

    on a side note…it definitely breaks my heart to know that MGIAG has finally ended…the fact that i won’t be seeing our fave Hoi~Hoi couple just brings me to tears…but i can’t deny that the experience of watching such a woongtastic drama made my weeks so exciting…i really wish i could see another romcom like that…very unique…the story might be fictional…fantasy-driven as they say…but it felt so real to me…^^

  10. LSG and SMA look so good together!!!!

    BTW, do you know why the MGIAG thread on soompi is closed????

    • i know, i’m replying to my own post lol but it looks like the fans all had video cameras or their phones recording the event. Do you think they will post them up and if they do, where, and would you be willing to translate it?

    • its open again :) but i’m pretty sure it was closed b/c people were not following soompi’s rules..

      btw, just love Seung Gi’s casual jeans, tee & scarf look ^^

      • me too!! I love his fashion sense, so casual and comfortable looking yet very charming and attractive! But looks may be deceiving, though it looks like a plain t-shirt, i remember reading a post on here where he was wearing a 121,000 won or approximately 107 USD on 1n2d! Pricey! The difference between those with money and those of us without it lol!

  11. finally can see a bit of the cast together like this, been waiting for that BTS video, and NG but didn’t aired…hoped that something like that comes out later…

    Hoped that LSG and castmate will stay in touch after this…

  12. will definitely miss MGIG and the whole cast.. :(

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