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1n2d, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 3, 2010)

Oct 3, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = not released yet

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below (minus the reruns)
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
3- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.8% (Seoul = 23.1%)
8- Men’s Qualification rerun = 11.8%
13- 1n2d rerun = 10.0%

Shows at the same time slot but not in top 20:
* SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Heroes) = 7.2%
* SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 7.1%
* MBC Sunday Sunday Night Pt 1 (Hot Brothers) = 5.4%
* MBC Sunday Sunday Night Pt 2 = 4.7%

TNS Media
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 23.5% (Seoul = 24.3%)
7- Men’s Qualification rerun = 11.4%
8- 1n2d rerun = 10.2%
17- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho rerun Part 2 = 8.3% (Seoul = 8.4%)
[My Girlfriend is a Gumiho rerun Parts 1 and 2 aired at 1pm; final episodes]

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; TV Daily)

Scroll to bottom for previous ratings…

Loved this episode!  I was laughing so hard during the games they did with the foreigners they picked up randomly in the nearby area.  And I loved the love SeungGi got from the Japanese fans as well as others he ran into randomly, including the Korean American girl who introduced SeungGi to one of the foreigner women as a really popular singer in Korea! Because SeungGi has such a comfortable nation’s brother type of image, I think we forget that SeungGi is a a celebrity, and currently a superstar at that!  You could tell even the hyungs were even realizing this more!

Japanese fans excited at meeting SeungGi as the guys head to basecamp…

The start of the sleeping game.  Had no clue what the point of this was! I was sort of annoyed when PD Na made the guys sleep/lay down on the public driveway outside.  That seems too much.  As comedians, singers, or actors, the 1n2d guys are still celebs and I wish PD Na would treat them with some more dignity at times.  Part of the reason I can’t get into Infinity Challenge is because their members are so ridiculous and overboard (even though I love Yoo Jae Suk!)  PD Na thinks it’s all funny, but sometimes it just feels humiliating and lame.

But Seunggi napping or trying to nap was still cute…

“HwangDang” team SeungGi and Jiwon team up again.  The two teams have to roam the neighborhood and bring back 2-3 foreigners to participate in the games.  And of course the Old Boy team complains that they don’t have anyone that can speak English on their team, let alone anyone who looks like a celeb! LOL.

Jiwon and Seunggi roam around for a bit without making a dent but then finally come upon some enthusiastic female foreigners…

The OB team had brought a Japanese artist foreigner to participate, and she happened to be a Seunggi fan.  She was very happy to meet him!

Jiwon and SeungGi’s team killed it in the charades game and bested the OB team.

SeungGi gave his autograph to the happy Japanese artist fan.  She was cute.

Dinner bokbulbok time. They only had 30 minutes to win some food since filming was scheduled to end at 12 midnight, as this was a 1-day trip. A sampling of tasty korean snack foods from delicious food stands nearby.  But the guys end up losing all the quick games during this speed round and end up having to give up every single dish!  And it was over just like that!

And pointed out by DClsg, SeungGi carried the guest’s bag! He’s too perfect!

Playing 1n2d games with the foreigner tourists the guys picked up. Hilarious…

And great collection of LSG screencaps, per usual from Nani’s blog

Loved Seunggi’s simple white t-shirt and black pants outfit during on this ep.  Hope the Cody keeps it simple like this come fall/winter fashion.  She may already be heeding to that… Based on this DClsg BTS photo from 1n2d filming this weekend, expect to see SeungGi in this outfit on next week’s 1n2d ep…

Last week’s episode: 1n2d, TV Ratings & Recap (Sept 26, 2010)

Recent video cuts: Last part of Travels w/ Seunggi, 9/12 1n2d cuts

Check out Seunggi’s Italian Replay denim shirt from 1n2d

(screencaps: BlogMe; Press Outlets; Nani’s blog)

Ratings last week ~ Sept 26, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = 39%

AGB Nielsen
1- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 29.3% (Seoul = 30.6%)
18- Strong Heart rerun = 8.6%
20- Men’s Qualification rerun = 8.0%

Shows at the same time slot but not in top 20:
* SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Heroes) = 7.6%
* SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 5.6%
* MBC Sunday Sunday Night Pt 1 (Hot Brothers) = 4.0%

TNS Media
1- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 31.4% (Seoul = 32.7%)
13- Men’s Qualification rerun = 10.2%
16- Strong Heart rerun = 9.2%
20-SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Heroes) = 8.4%

Ratings for all previous weeks:

5 Responses

  1. thanks ann.. i watched this without sub and was laughing like some crazy fangirl…. they are really funny….. especially when they have to give up the food 1 by 1.. some of the foods was EJW favourite, some was LSGeun and there are some which were KHD… their expression of why choose that plate first? haha… anyway, it doesn’t matter……they lost everything in the end…hahaha….. especially during the last few minutes they were like, quick let’s get everything over before 12…. ^_^

    oh, and that japanese fan is so lucky!!!!! and he signed autograph for her in japanese!!! lucky fan! lucky fan!!

    *if i have a chance to see him close up-face to face, get to take a pic with him (no autograph never mind), i will die without regrets… and i really mean it…..

    Seung Gi, you heard me??hahaha.. ^_^

  2. I saw the clips, and this epi had gazillions of cute Seunggi moments! He even spoke english a number of times! Can’t wait to watch it in KBS World! Whew, so glad that there’s still 1n2d and Strong Heart after Gumiho…Seunggi-ah, can’t get enough of you!

  3. Dear singaporean fans,
    Good News – you can now buy the OST of “My girlfriend is a Gumiho” and Lee Seung Gi’s special remake album from any HMV stores in singapore.

  4. according to 1n2dfansubs, 1n2d single rating this time is 40%, that means QM ratings came down a lot this week…

    • i thought they didn’t release it for this past weekend, like sometimes they for whatever reason dont’ release the single rating. there was a dclsg post the following day that the ratings were over 40% but i didn’t see any article that actually posted the single rating.

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