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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, EP 16 Preview (Eng Subs)

*** UPDATED with final BTS photos of DW-MH from this morning. Hoi Hoi! ***

Happy Final Ep 16 Watching! And please don’t post any spoilers from the ep! Thanks!

Thursday’s Ep 16 (FINAL) Preview:

OMG, my heart was racing and aching… so sad and yet so sweet…

(cr: rapport2010)

** DClsg link for those who can’t view DM videos (read Eng translation below)

DW: Thank goodness… something came to a close well.
Vet: This is not the end yet. Please. Stop.
Noona: What happened?
Noona’s Dad: Your friend was rushed to the hospital due to a big accident.
Noona: You mean Daewoong?
Vet: This is the final means in which to save her. Complete the remaining amount.
MH: Think of all of this as a dream. From the time I appeared before you and right now as I disappear from you; think of it all as a dream.

BTS photos of Seunggi filming same-day scenes for this evening’s Ep 16

Omg, per my previous post of wishing for a nicely suited Daewoong… looks like Cody has granted me my wish! Yay! Can’t wait to see Daewoong like this in the final ep!

(credit: DClsg)

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Episode 13~14 posts:

*** UPDATED with final BTS photos of DW-MH from this morning. Hoi Hoi! ***

Look for a happy ending and a final kiss?! (look at all those people!)

(credit: DClsg)


32 Responses

  1. Hey Yon, sorry to delete both your comments. But just trying to keep any “fan account spoilers” only posted via links from hereon. And just publicly posting official preview stuff. guesses and thoughts and hopes are welcome… :)

  2. nooo…woongah!!! sob sob. I’m considering calling in sick so I can go to work later and not earlier..must must watch hoi couple together!

  3. sure ann… you can delete it…. though i posted in soompi MGIAG thread….hahaha… there is no spoiler tag for this wordpress blog….hmmmmm……maybe wordpress should explore this area……hehe

  4. suspense is killing !

  5. Haha! Ann I don’t think I want to make any guesses now coz’ after reading the preview and the recap I read from a fan who got it from an insider in Korea I think I’ll be very spot on on the ending. But I’m smiling now. hehe!

    • have you ever posted your views on the ending before? if you do, it’s going to be digging needles from the ocean(hahaha…a chinese proverb or idioms…)… never mind about the ending as long as they are together…

      • Yes Yon I actually I did imagine what the ending will be like although I never posted it. jjakjigi,jikjigi to save both life. Omo! since when did I become so pervert. Hehe!

  6. Normally I would just stalk your blog. But thanks so much lsgfan for all the spoilers and hard work. :). My ideal ending would be :
    Ddong Ja, the old, wise soul is Samshin halmoni. She knows how much Miho and DW have suffered through their love. DW is prolly taken to the hospital since he gives up all his life for Miho. And Ddong Ja decides enough nonsense…time for jjakjigi. So she makes Miho back to a Gumiho (humans are so overrated) and DW her eternal husband. Then it’s MISSION ONE CLEAR!

  7. Hoi Hoi

    Ann the link for MGIG – Previews EP.16

  8. OMG miho doesn’t know he has the bead

  9. for all hoi-hoi couple fan, high hope for lots of couple scenes since they r wearing couple ring, again <3

  10. awwww…i’m totally excited for the last ep but i think i feel like crying right now…well not because of the spoilers whatsoever but because MGIAG’s going to end today!!! huhuhu! i personally want an extension…i feel like i haven’t had enough of our fave Hoi~Hoi couple! I WANT MORE! MORE! MORE! huhuhu! TT_TT

  11. Hoi Hoi again

    [Eng] 100930 MGIG – Previews EP.16
    Enjoy :)

    @eunice, “the Sangshin Grandma” haha I wish I was her so I can save Hoi Hoi couple, or she might save them for us :)

  12. omg Rapport, you really ARE the Sang Shin Grandma in disguise! LOL. Thx Eunice too and the other fans for sharing the udpates here.

    My heart breaks watching this preview. but based on the BTS photos of seunggi filming this morning, i’m looking forward to a very happy ending! Makes me forget all my annoyance with Ep 15.

    Hoi Hoi everyone! It all ends tonight.

    WAIT… after watching this vid a bunch of times… could this actually be DW’s wedding? the clips are not necessarily in sequential order right?! omg! am i just hoping too much?!

    • errr…it could be Daewoong’s aunt and the director wedding… the grandpa was there… i think it was made to be the first scene in the preview to make all of you excited…

      all of you are expecting too much…hahahaha… but i like and wish it was…. hehe

  13. Do you think its DW’s wedding? Or is it the film premiere? hmmmmmmmmmmm…….*rewatches again*

    the preview is just ..*feels heart dropping*
    thank goodness i don’t have to go into work tomorrow!! Can just get up early and stream live ^^

  14. yes..the ending scene of this preview is making us teary…. even though MH covered DW’s eyes, but we can see from DW’s facial expression, he is also crying…. :( don’t cry, hoi hoi dimple couple…!!

  15. the ending of the preview almost made me cry…

  16. I thought ep 15 was like .. how do i say it. hmm, weird? Not sure if thats the word, but i felt this episode wasnt as interesting as i thought it was. It wasnt intense enough, I hope 16 is good, is that going to air next Wednesday?

    And those that havent watched ep 15 go to this site


  17. thank u soo much Ann for the translation & rapport for the video!!

    2 half hours more to go!!! excited + worried + sad = crazy
    cant believe its the FINAL already! i’ve never felt watching a drama this fast TT TT

    btw, i love the ending in this preview. its soo heartbreaking TT

  18. Cant waitt!!!! Cant wait!!!!! But if miho died .., rrrrggggggg

  19. YES! hoi hoi people! can’t 30 more mintues and it’ll be over… huhuhuhuhu.

    hoi hoi. happy ending!

  20. so guys wen is ep 16 airing on tv?

  21. 9:55pm. korean tv. streaming tudou links about an hour afterwards.

    and yeah 15 was so so but 16 should be daebak!

  22. so its airing 30 mins?? i cant wait for the subbed video!

  23. sorry but what does it mean when you say streaming tudou links? Is it just videos without subs for now >?

    • yep. check the soompi my girlfriend is a gumiho link to the top left and you’ll get all your questions answered there by reading the posts.

  24. so all are gathered here…..let me join as well…
    the last scene is soo touching….DW-MH both are crying…i feel like crying….
    all sort of feelings are jumbled up inside of me…..i must be going crazy….
    many seems to be not happy with ep15 …it maybe because of their high expectations……for me I loved it…

  25. OMG, omg that’s totally sad. Bt I hope ther’ll be happy ending (judging from the pisture, Miho look like have tails right??? Yaiy!! And it looks like she is disappear since Dae Woong touch her cheek-like he did at first encounter-)

    Can’t wait!

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