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EP 15 – WTF Hong Sisters?!

*** UPDATED after re-watching EP 15 ***

Dear Hong Sisters…

I’m so pissed I can’t even write clearly.  I just finished watching Ep 15… and WTF? You bring us all the way from Ep 1 through 14, causing us to fall in love with the Hoi couple, the story, and the drama. So we get to the second to last episode and this is the script you piece together?! WTF?!

Did we really need to see all that screen time shared between Miho and the evil Vet, especially doing sacred wedding prep?! WTF?! Hong Sisters, did you forget that this story is about Daewoong and Miho?! Why do you make us sit through unnecessary icky images of evil Vet-Miho scenes in this pivotal second to last episode of the drama?!

And WTF with all those unncessary ridiculous dream sequence scenes?! Did you not see the ratings last week?! Do you not realize that viewers tuned in because of the climactic, serious and sweet story developing between the two main leads?! Why then fill up Ep 15 with stupid, silly, annoying filler scenes?!

And the scenes between DW and MH… Did you write those last minute?! What happened to all the great dialogue and interaction between the two that made us sit on the edge of our seats and love the Hoi Couple even more?! Daewoong and Miho deserve better!

I’m going to think the best and assume you wrote and gave us this disappointing Ep 15 so that we’d be totally pissed off and crazy out of our minds… so that we could be completely dazzled and wowed by the final Ep 16!

I’m betting that you have lurked on and read all the pissed off and disappointed comments from fans posted on various message boards, and thus if it’s true that certain key Ep 16 scenes have yet to be filmed, then you’ll do this drama justice with a proper script and ending fit for a deserving final Ep 16!

I am writing in reactionary mode, so maybe I’ll feel differently a few hours from now.  Sure, I was never a big fan of yours beyond My Girl, and really only watched this one as a Seunggi fan, but you really had me since Ep 1.  And I could see why everyone thought you guys were writing geniuses.  But if Ep 16 is anything like Ep 15, I will not watch another one of your dramas and will be glad that Seunggi is over and done with this drama; and will be totally wishing for the Brilliant Legacy days!

Please prove me wrong Hong Sisters.

Make me eat my own emotional, reactionary words with a truly amazing final episode!

*** UPDATED after re-watching EP 15 ***

Ok, I re-watched EP 15 and admittingly, I was a bit reactionary when writing the above post.  Definitely seeing the Vet and Miho together just makes me super upset and I can feel my blood pressure rising! Giving that icky and awkward relationship so much screen time is what had me over the edge.  Seeing the Vet’s smirks and continued creepy way of hanging on to Miho and telling her to forget about Daewoong made me wish really bad things for him!

For the final ep, I’m just begging that we don’t see much of the Vet with Miho.  Am I the only one who finds it completely ick to see him with Miho, especially as a couple?!  It just makes me so mad, like as if Miho is cheating on Daewoong.  And her being so cold to Daewoong just totally broke my heart.

Also I’m still hoping for less over-the-top comedy and dream sequences for the final ep.  Would love to see the drama bow out on a more respectable note; meaning funny and sweet is great but please no silly ridiculous stuff.

WARNING ~ Huge spoiler link posted below.  Think before you click…

And thank you Kindred for your comment post; it calmed me down!  Also after reading tryp96’s BIG SPOILER post, I’m all smiles now!

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho final Ep 16 ~ Daebak!

10 Responses

  1. i love this drama so much that i’m sad because me too. not sure why this episode was like this. a lot of fans in chinese forum thought it was slow in some parts.

    i’m praying that tomorrow’s finale will be awesome!

    MGIAG fighting!

  2. I couldn’t help but feel that Episode 15 is just a ‘set-up’ episode… I think it’s just giving us a groundwork of what’s about to happen – that’s why it seemed a bit slow at this point… and why there’s minimal interaction between MH and DW.

    I’m still hoping that episode 16 would be great and show us a reason to love episode 15… I did find that scene between DW and DJ funny though… while it did kind of broke the “serious tone” of the story … I think they deliberately made that to ensure that the focus would be on Episode 16 and not on the next-to-the-last episode.

    Let’s think of this as the last point of where we’ll get to see the romantic/comedy aspects of the show, as 16th would probably move to a more serious note…

  3. im still waiting for the english subbed videos for episode 15.. if i were in your place, i would definitely feel the same, if not worse. OMG, i would never want to see MiHo with that effing vet! i also agree with MGIAGfighting, that ep15 could just be a set up, that the Hong sisters would want to surprise us in the finale episode! yay! cant wait! :)

  4. actually i don’t find it that lousy in epi 15 for the script. Because there were so many good happy and comical scenes before epi 15, they need to bring it to another level in order to end it well for epi 16..

    as for the wedding preparation scene,i guess it is necessary.. i will be totally pissed off if DW didn’t find out in epi 15 but 16 instead. but he found out in epi 15 and i’m happy with it.. i’m sick of those k-dramas that dragged this kind of ignorance scenes for a few episodes..

    but i was laughing at the imaginative scenes by Seo-Nyeo and Byung Soo when they think of how Daewoong will gatecrashed the wedding… i laughed out loud when i saw the 2nd scenario……

    i will watch epi 16 before giving the overall comments.. like you have said, 14episodes of witty,funny,cute, sweet scenes… 1episode of sadness…and let’s see if epi 16 will sum up everything and make it the best Hong Sister’s drama of all..

  5. I’m quite okay with ep 15. Thought it ended pretty good too.

    So, DW just need to convince MH to spend whatever precious time they have together, and overcome everything together. Oh, that will mean lots of screen time between the adorable couple.

    Hopefully, ‘fairy godmother’ will come out to save the day too.

  6. @LSGfan.wordpress.com

    No problem, I think most of us did eventually go “WTF!” with DJ/MH moments … but as what most did say, I think it may be the necessary “lull before the storm”.

    I rewatched that wedding dream sequence… While it seemed a bit over the top, I still could not help but laughed my arse off… I guess it’s a good reminder that first and foremost … the show is a romantic comedy.

    Now on to the 16th Episode ! MGIAG Fighting!

  7. Ann,

    I cant comment yet ,coz I’ve yet to watch ep. 15..but the way you described it..sounded soo frustrating and I can feel the anger here while reading it!!!! haha

    aiya….why Hong sisters..why?!!!

    but I’m hoping for the rainbow after the rain..based on Dae Woong’s latest tweets…huhuhu

    —-finger crossed girls!!——

  8. I have clicked tryp96’s big spoiler and my guess was right hahahah if this will happen which i insist should happen then I’m off to cloud 9.

  9. it doesn’t make sense!!!! it was an emotional ending in ep 14 and m looking forward to more emotional and intense moments in ep 15 but the Hong sisters came up with the scene of DW chasing after MH with those ridiculous dialogues which doesn’t reflect the seriousness of their “coming towards the end” love errrgggg !!!!!!!

    i hope they don’t end it abruptly with more silliness but with a serious loving ending (happy or otherwise) to reflect their sacrifices towards each other …….

  10. Ep 15 was okay for me. It was like what javabeans said. A calm before the storm. Like brace yourselves up! I like the fact that they put comedy to it. I was so sick of those dramas who made the 2nd to the last episode so sad.

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