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Anticipating the final eps of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

*** UPDATED with sbschadaewoong’s new twitter avatar… a good sign?! ***

(credit: FanArt from photoshop extraordinaire Haart@soompiLSG)

I can’t believe this is it!  Feels like not too long ago when all that drama around which A-list female star would be joining Seunggi was rampant.  We knew the Hong Sisters wanted only Seunggi to the play the role of Daewoong and had given him the script early on; and now that we’re down to our last 2 eps, I can’t think of any other guy that could pull off this Daewoong role.  Furthermore, after the Miho role ultimately went to Minah, despite some of the initial doubts, there’s no denying now that she owned this role.  Seunggi and Minah were perfectly cast as the Hoi Couple!  Okay, so about all the spoilers that have been making the rounds…

Honestly, I was super annoyed after reading the text previews when they first came out for the final Eps 15 and 16.  Why the heck is the Vet playing such a key role (per the preview texts) in these last 2 eps?!  That just ruins the images I have of things being wrapped up for the Hoi couple.  Also, sometimes, the text previews can be misleading so I’ve been trying to avoid those.  Also the text previews paint a very gloomy and sad picture of what is to come.  I need to see more Daewoong-Miho please…

(credit: FanArt from DClsg)

Slight Spoiler

However, there’s an article out today about a comical and fun sort of feel when Daewoong is following Miho around.  I definitely like this kind of thing better…

Per Seoul News article, Daewoong follows Miho around and the scenes are comical.  Daewoong is walking his dog ToongJa and happens to run into Miho; he notices that she is different from before.  Seeing that her sense of smell as well as her acute hearing ability have diminished, he believes that she is slowly becoming human.

Daewoong asks Miho to buy him beef, cow beef at that.  Later to verify how many tails Miho has left, Daewoong starts following her around like that of a stalker.  Despite all this, Miho acts as if she is not interested in him anymore, and her coldness is very hurtful to Daewoong.  Miho tells Daewoong tells Daewoong to leave but he keeps following her around.

Miho says: “Continuing to follow me around makes you a stalker. Wanting to see my tails is perverted.  And you’re a moocher for asking me to buy you food.”

In addition to the sad ones, please let us have more fun scenes like this too.  Also, I really really really don’t want to see much of the Vet.  And if the Vet is anywhere near Miho when she is trying on wedding dresses (per text preview), I’m going to throw something at the tv!  WTF?!  Hong Sisters better not ruin the lovely image of the Hoi Couple by showing Miho with the Vet in such a sacred wedding-related situation?!  We need Daewoong and Miho getting married, then jakjiki, and kids…

(credit: FanArt As Labeled)

Please, let the text previews be misleading as they’ve been in the past, and please don’t ruin the image and our lasting memories of the Hoi Couple with unnecessary footage of evil Vet.  It should be all about Daewoong and Miho!

*** UPDATED with sbschadaewoong’s new twitter avatar… a good sign?! ***


Preview for upcoming Ep 15:

Posts prior to the drama broadcast:

Hoi Couple Press Conference photo/video posts:

9 Responses

  1. kyahhhh. all this is driving me crazy! but Hong Sisters and PD are not stupid. they know fans will be sooooo mad if daewoong miho not together. agree with you ann- text preview prob misleading.

    and am i the only one that needs to see a wedding between daewoong and miho and jakjiki and babies??????!!!!

    and ditto you on please don’t want to see much of vet in the last eps. all daewoong all miho all the time!

  2. text previews are making me more insane. i just need ep 15 to be out now! fighting daewoong!

  3. FYI for those who are interested…Text preview for Eps 15 and 16:

    From tryp96 tumblr ~

    OK, rough translations: (based on Chinese translations at China Cafe; too lazy to take out my dictionary ^^)

    Ep 15 – MiHo tries on wedding dresses, saying she would do anything to stay away from DaeWoong, including marrying DongJoo. DaeWoong would probably think that she’s doing well if she stays far away. DongJoo says since MiHo hasn’t really given up on becoming human, her tails would just keep disappearing, so he’s worried and hopes MiHo can live.

    DaeWoong and MiHo meet at a park. DaeWoong asks her how she’s doing with DongJoo. MiHo hesitates about whether or not to give him the wedding invitation.

    Ep 16 – DaeWoong is very surprised to find out that MiHo doesn’t have any tails left. MiHo says she can’t stop her thoughts about becoming a human and wants to stay at DongJoo’s side. DaeWoong is devastated to hear that. He puts MiHo’s hand on his chest where his heart is, and tells her to take it. After returning to DJ’s house, MiHo shows the blue bottle with the fox bead to DJ and asks him to return it to DaeWoong since it carries DaeWoong’s life and it’s harmless. But DJ refuses to help her.

    Another version from Eunice@soompiLSG ~

    Preview 15 – MH who is going to marry DJ was trying on her wedding gown. MH said calmly that in order not to stay at DW’s side she is even willing to marry DJ. In doing so, will DW feels that I’m living on fine.

    DJ said to himself that MH has not given up her desire to become a human, thus will she just disappear because of this. DJ is worried yet hoping the MH can live on.

    At the other end, DW met MH at a park. DW asked MH how is life with DJ. After hearing what DW said, MH hesitate whether to give the wedding invitation to DW.

    Preview 16 – DW is very shocked to find out MH has lost all her tails. MH told him that he is not able to give up the desire of becoming a human and told DW that she is going to stay with DJ. DW is very dejected on hearing this. DW put MH’s hand on his heart and tell MH to take his heart with her too.

    Back at DJ’s house, MH takes out the blue bottle and shows it to DJ. MH says to DJ that the fox bead has DW’ life in it. She wants to return it to DW and asks DJ to help her but DJ refuses.

    in my opinion, i think the text previews will not pan out as we think or are led to believe… they better not! :)

  4. OMG! Look what Daewoong & Miho have done to us all. We’re all going insane…and about to have heart attack huh!

    I’m sure that I can not sleep tonight until I’ve watched ep 15. The same thing happened with eps 13 & 14. I’ve waited until the raw vids were out and able to sleep only at around 3 AM.

    Oh My Hoi Couple! What have you do to me?!

  5. luv the new twitter picture. bright sun can only mean happy ending! heard seunggi finished filming for today. im so sad to think no more twitters from seunggi. huhuhuhu. :(

  6. ive seen hye in noona’s tweet on their last filming day and no min woo was nowhere in picture! hooray! so i am anticipating a very happy ending for the hoi hoi couple! :D

  7. Update from latest fan account, DW was seen hugging MH at the airport. Later they were seen filming in the park. Not sure which park but some interpreted it as the one with the fountain. And DW’s latest twitter hinted a happy ending! So hang on there and crossed our fingers everyone!

  8. Gosh, I read his new tweet translation and overly excited, hope it’ll end well!!

  9. as for the ep16, i don’t think the Hong Sis will disappoint us the viewers as they know millions of people rooting for the happy ending…we will know it later …. omg its going crazy thinking for the ending of this drama, i am kdrama lover and this feeling of this MGIAG is different from all I watched this is so epic feeling … I am struck from their chemistry…they are great Hoi Couple…I surely will miss the Hoi Couple they are so natural … I am going to watch from the beginning till the finale again and again…

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