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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, EP 15 Preview (Eng Subs)

*** UPDATED with screencap/translation of invitation – it’s really on?! ***

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video clip ***

Wednesday’s Ep 15 Preview (2nd to last episode) ~ OMG!

(cr: rapport2010; leeseunggiworld; tryp96 tumblr; DClsg) Hoi Hoi all LSG Airens!!!

MH: Why do you keep following me?
DW:  Buy me some meat.
MH: Why should I have to buy you meat? There’s nothing between you and me anymore.
Vet:  Please give this to Cha Dae Woong. It will be less complicated if it comes from you rather than directly from me.
MH: I can never be stopped[?]. I’m going to disappear. If I go far far away and don’t appear before Daewoong, he’ll probably think that I’m mixed in and living well among other people.
DW: What is the reason that you keep running away from me and trying to avoid me? It’s because it didn’t stop, right? Your tails keep disappearing, right?!

Original post

Wednesday’s Ep 15 Preview aired on Korean tv!  But unfortunately, SBS website doesn’t even have the preview up yet and a video upload has yet to surface on the internet.  But according to Korean fans who saw the preview, here’s LSGfan’s English translation of the dialogue they posted…

If anyone gets a hold of the clip, please share!  Thanks!  There’s been a bunch of fan accounts and rumoring about the last 2 eps…  Let’s see how things pan out.

And some more recent spoiler photos…

(BTS photo credit: DClsg; tryp96)

After being totally stressed out over what will happen in the last 2 eps, I’ve decided to be at peace about whatever happens on Wednesday and Thursday.  Whether happy or sad, Hong Sisters and PDs know how much fans have fallen in love with the Hoi Couple, so I’m sure they won’t let us down.

From the start, this drama has been about Daewoong and Miho.  Although important in moving the story along, all the others are side characters.  We’re down to the last 2 episodes and it should be about Daewoong and Miho.  Frankly, I really don’t care about realistic closure to the other characters at this point.  We have about 2 hours of air time left, please leave us with some great lasting impressions and memories of the Hoi Couple!

I seriously don’t remember the last time we got to see such a cute, natural, and real-like couple on a Kdrama.  More often than not, we get the comical, awkward interactions and skinship; totally unrealistic to how a real couple would act.  Yet in this fantasy-esque drama, we get amazing chemistry between a human and a nine-tailed fox!  Daewoong-Miho chemistry has been amazing and I’m so going to miss them…

I was re-watching Eps 1-4 and I forgot how perfect and amazing they were starting from the first episode, all the way up to this point.  I’m so sad to see this drama end but so waiting for an amazing DVD with hopefully some good BTS scenes and interviews!  Sign me up now for the DVD waiting list!

And to hold us over until Wednesday…

I’m re-posting this awesome fanmade mv of Daewoong and Miho set to Seunggi’s latest OST track I Love You From Now On.  This song is so perfect and so beautiful.  I tear up listening to Seunggi’s voice and emotion.  And even without any formal promotion from Seunggi, the song is doing amazing on all the Korean music charts.  And my gut tells me we just may get a happy ending after all…

(cr: dramatomyProductions)

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*** UPDATED with screencap/translation of invitation – it’s really on?! ***

(cr: LSGfan; DClsg)

65 Responses

  1. omg omg omg. an envelope/invitation?! i think there’s going to be a twist.

  2. first time posting here. i really hope its not going to be a lot of miho giving daewoong a hard time and just being cold. i dont want daewoong to become mush after his character developed so much from that immature boy who was afraid of a gumiho.

    im dying to see the video!

  3. i really like this drama.im quite sad because the ending is near im gonna miss lee sung gi and mina,

  4. invitation? don’t tell me the vet and MH are getting married instead?!!!!!

  5. thats exactly what i thought! envelope-invitation can only mean that. someone is getting married. they better not make dongjoo a hero… like hes actually going to be the one brining miho and daewoong together!!!!! since it says mihos avoiding dw.

  6. ann, thanks for the translation!

    i’ve been stalking and refreshing this page every minute now.
    god, i can sit still right after reading this preview. what will happen?! what will happen? this is killing me!

    i dont like MH-avoiding-DW thing, but i guess i’ll just wait n see the episode itself before i start compaining or anything. i feel stupid getting crazy reading the spoiler for Ep14 before because after watching the episode, what i thought i will hate become one of my fav scenes albeit i still hate that Hongs decide to use that plot.

    this avoiding thing may as well be touching. whatever Hong sisters! i just cant wait to watch already!

  7. OMG!!! The waiting is killing me! I don’t like this drama to end but I’d love to know the fate of our Hoi Couple soonest. This is getting me crazy!

    Oh Hong sisters, please let there be a happy ending for our Daewoong & Miho!

    Ann, thank you so much for sharing and for the translation.

  8. How could Dong Joo end up being a hero? Didn’t he kill his goblin girlfriend when her bead in him was half goblin and half human because he was afraid she would kill him to take back her bead? Some hero. All he has been doing for the last 500 years is killing every non-human he came across even though it was his own fault he became a half goblin thing. He wasn’t chasing Mi Ho with that knife the first time to just look cool. That guy is crazy.
    I think he will still try to kill Daewoong. He might still try to kill Mi Ho too if she scares him. That seems to be his way.

  9. I really shouldn’t have read this lols…but then, the anticipation/ wait was killing me either way..
    Invitation? card? Must.Not.Jump.To.Conclusions….YET
    Hopefully SBS will post the official text/vid preview…SOON!
    Before we all land ourselves in the hospital while from anxiety lolols

    • I just saw the preview and paused at the part with the invitation. Its a wedding invitation for Park Sun Joo and Park Dong Joo. NO!!!!!

    • HAHAHA SAME here! omg totally killing me to watch.. argg cant wait for tonight ep to be uploaded~~~
      omg omg pls let daewoong and miho be together!
      No they cant get married… >.<"
      But the invitation is quite funny. park dong joo park sung joo like siblings lolz..
      hope is a happy ending !!

  10. omg, I am so totally LAUGHING OUT LOUD reading these comments! we are all way too deeply involved at this point! i brushed my teeth in the morning thinking about what would happen to daewoong and miho!!!!

    i’m with MGIG’s comment ~ dont’ want Vet having anything to do with being some sort of catalyst for the happiness of DW and MH. Vet does not deserve that honor.

    Also, i really think we’re going to get a happy ending with a lot of heartbreak leading up to it. and all this talk about the actors not knowing how it will end is hard to believe. knowing it will be the last 2 eps, i’m sure LSG and SMA are practicing their lines even more; esp since they’ve been filming almost in real time.

    Wed please hurry up!

  11. Thanks LSGfan for the translation!! I totally agree with you that Lee seung gi and shin min ah have amazing chemistry that i have not seen in recent years!!! They are too cute and natural!! About ep 15 and 16, i really don’t care how the ending turns out, happy or sad, as long as its well written, realistic and true to the show. I don’t want the Hong sisters to feel pressured to change the ending to make the fans happy while ignoring if it makes sense or not. i just want a memorable ending!! (side note, if you’ve seen Cinderella’s sister you will understand what a terrible ending/show is lol)!! As for the last two episodes I’m just worried as to how Woong is going to get back with Miho after calling her a monster, even if it was for her own good. I just really hope Miho understands Woong’s situation and forgives him and be the bubble and lovable self that she is. I hope that miho doesn’t loose that personality of hers due to their break up!!!

  12. argh!!! my stomach’s acting up from anxiety…why does time seem so slow and fast at the same time? why does MGIAG have to end so soon? i’m definitely going to miss LSG and SMA as the hoi~hoi couple! i hope they get to star in CFs together after this drama coz their chemistry is just so real and perfect! ^_^

    about the ending thing…i also don’t care how the hong sisters will end it as long as i won’t be giving a “what the heck just happened?” kind of comment or “is that it? end it hanging just like that” kind a thing. no matter what happens this week, for me MGIAG is the best drama for 2010! daebak! ^0^

    btw, how can i get an original dvd for this with all the bts and ng scenes on it and how much can it possibly cost? ^^

  13. Just something that suddenly striked me and I can’t fathom the answer.

    Miho’s tail .. dropping off 1 by 1 every full moon, right ?
    full moon means every 30 days ?
    So 100 days … how to drop off all 9 tails ?

    people say curiosity kills the cat.
    anxiety kills the fans I think.

  14. i really really hope it will be a happy ending!!!! they are such a cute couple

  15. Ann, sorry I don’t have a video for you to embed. I’m at work right now, dailymotion is blocked on our computers, and I know youtube is going to remove the video as soon as I upload it. :(

    • no prob! you don’t have to be sorry tryp! I don’t know what we’d do without you!!!! thx a ton for uploading on to your tumblr b/c the DClsg link was super slow and i couldn’t watch it there!

      i’m sure it’ll surface soon. omg omg omg. Vet please go away!

  16. Oh crap, Its a wedding invitation… for bride Park Sun Joo and groom Park Dong Joo. EEEEEK!

  17. I know!!!!! before the video clip surfaced and all we had was some fan account of what was said, i thought it would just be a way to mislead us… but WTF?! it looks like their names are on the thing! NOOOOOO! Vet is super smug! i’m sorry but i want to slap him!

  18. Looks like I’ll be having an anxiety attack until Wednesday. Thanks a lot preview. haha

  19. this is not the way hoi couple should be! and dong joo teacher i hope doesn’t appear much. i hate him more than Hyein nuna right now!

  20. please let daewoong and miho be together soon. and i want daewoong to have a good final, not just be following around miho. oppa fighting!

  21. Did someone sent me a telepathy? Haha

    Here [Eng] 100928 MGIG – Previews EP.15

    What !!!!! wedding Card??????
    Nooooooooooo !!

  22. Ann & rapport2010 thanks for the translation & engsubbed vid.~~

  23. ha ha ha ha. omg, looks like all seunggi fans all around the world from korea on out have been waiting to see this clip! daebak! rapport, natt, tryp ~ you guys are awesome!

    i have a good feeling about this. i’m okay with them fighting passionately and then leading to happiness and jakjiki of course and babies! :)

  24. Thanks Ann for the translation and rapport2010 for the subbed vid!!
    OMG O_O I think i just about had a heart attack seeing that invitation…

    @sangay, you’re right..curiosity kills the cat and anxiety definitely kills the fans..

    We must have faith in the Hong sisters that our beloved Hoi Hoi couple is going to have a happy ending. WE MUST!! or…drastic things will happen lolols

  25. This is crazy! I’m in a mall but I had to bring my lappy with me because I’m waiting for this guys! Thank you so much Ann, Natt, Rapport & Tryp for all the updates.

    Oh my heart is aching with all the speculations! What’s this…I’m getting nervous! I never felt like this over a drama ever in my life until now! Waaah! I’m counting the hours before broadcast. I hope somebody will post a live streaming link.

  26. Oh No! Mgig PD just tweeted that they are filming in a wedding hall. MH and DJ?

    DW will be hearbroken and how many of us will be shedding bucket of tears with him. WoongAh! Woongah!

  27. thanks tryp for the vid, ann for the translation, rapport for the subbed vid!! you guys r jjang!!

    so MH is still losing tails n dying
    thats why she’s avoiding DW to let DW think she’s fine
    i think the wedding invitation is her ultimate way to stop DW from following her and avoid DW from finding out the truth. but i still feel DJ is kinda suspicious here. i think MH is dying is not true. he just wants to separate our couple! but whats the point if by the end of the 100th day MH doesnt die, she will definitely go to DW. ahh, this is giving me major headache!

    also, no one else except HI knows about MH’s true identity yet. if MH & DW can be together, there’ll be obstacle from the parents ec YET we only have 2 episodes left how to cover all this. i’m afraid this means that it wont be covered = they wont be together :X

  28. OMO eunice! say it isnt so!!

    i’m sure uri DW wont let them!! come on DW!!!
    they both need to stop this lie-for-the-other’s-sake
    they have been such a unique couple. please give us back our Hoi Couple Hong sisters!

    i’m sure this wont take long though. for god sake, we only have 2 hours! please make everything flow well Hongs!

    i’m really gonna go insane now! Wed please come & save me!

  29. WHAT??????!!!! theyre filming at a church! i dont even want to see dongjoo and miho even looking like they are getting married. even if its woong coming in to stop them. dongjoo teacher lied and i dont want to see him in a tuxedo next to miho or even close to her. wahhhhh.

  30. thanks guys for the eng sub vid! you’re the best!

    @eunice: what?! wedding hall?!?! oh no! that can’t be!!! pleasseeee make it DW and MH nuptials hong sisters! ahhhhh! i’m dying of excitement here…i definitely hate the Vet for hiding the truth all throughout the story…so hateful! argh! insanity go away! hehe! ^0^

  31. I am so sad that this lovely and heartfelt series is coming to an end! I feel kinda empty knowing that after thus week there will be no more mgiag to look forward to :( I feel like crying!!!!!!!!

  32. OMG!!!! is that a wedding invite?gosh. I really want a happy ending. please. why does it have to be just 16 episodes? wae wae wae?!!!!

  33. if it’s a wedding between the vet and miho, he’ll definitely be more hated than the noona in the drama.

    if it’s a wedding between dae woong and miho …. I don’t like the vet to change to be a good person suddenly !

    hmm, dae woong will definitely turn up to stop the wedding. how can he see the vet and his beloved miho get married ?! don’t tell me he still believe in that stupid shit about him not by miho’s side then miho’s tails will stop disappearing ?!?!

    that knife’s super dangerous. hope that vet has enough common sense to keep it well hidden from miho.

  34. OMG! I was right! It was a wedding invitation. I saw the names Park Dong Joo ♥ Park Sun Joo, then the date was 2010 9 10. OMG. I dunno.

    OMY. Miho’s dying?? OMG. OMG. I hate Dong Joo’s character! GOSH.

    If there would be a wedding, one thing’s sure. DW will stop it. OMY. I think I’ll cry on that part. OMY.

  35. Reading the preview, i only can sigh and sigh.. all these people needs a good scolding from me…hahaha..

    Cha Daewoong – why are you asking Mi Ho to buy you meat?? Your grandpa is so rich, you don’t have a good reason to make Mi Ho to return to you. You should have asked her for ‘jakjigi’!!! You have to seduce her.. keep on repeating ‘jakjigi’ infront of her…. silly boy!

    Park Dong Joo – didn’t i warn you not to be near them??!!! Why are you still at the church and even think of a wedding with Mi Ho??!! i don’t care if you were just helping Mi Ho (you think we are naive like Mi Ho? we know you too well…) , just don’t you ever hold Mi Ho’s hand later… otherwise all of us will turn into gumiho and haunt you soon…. yes very soon… especially those who are going to korea in november for seung gi’s concerts..please haunt him….hahahaha… and don’t you ever kiss Mi Ho…not even on the cheek… i warn you…i warn you…!

    Samshin grandma-aren’t you tired of staying in the picture for so long… come out and take a walk.. and please walk to the church and stop that Dong Joo from 1)holding Mi Ho’s hand, 2) Kissing Mi Ho, and please turn the bridegroom to Daewoong…

    all these spoilers up there are giving us heartaches already…. even though we do not know who are the ones at the church and who is getting married to who…. but we are expecting the worst….even if in the end, Mi Ho did not marry Dong Joo, we still do not want him to touch her… Mi Ho is Daewoong!!!!!

    though the writer and director said that the ending will be a satisfying one, but come on…we don’t want any pain before that….. please!!

    • hahaha i love ur comments they are sooo funny! LOL…
      but thats right u had said what I wanted to see in the show~ hahaha but seriously u are so funny!
      “samshin grandma arent you tired of staying in the picture for so long… come out and take a walk” LMAO! LOL

    • i don’t have enough thumbs to thumb up you!!! too funny!!! :lol:

    • haha..thanks to both Luv_luv & sha_cha…

      that’s the side effect of losing my mind to this drama & hoi hoi dimple couple….. ^_^

  36. can anyone see what’s written on the invitation card?

  37. LOL Dongjoo is wearing black nail polish

  38. ack! groom and bride! noooooooo!!!!!
    also to commenter michaelseo^^ that’s nuna’s black nailpolish, not dongjoos.

  39. *sees official translation of invitation* (O_O) ! x 100
    WTF?!! (please excuse the language)

    IS IT WEDNESDAY YET? *checks calendar* nope, still tues morning for me….

  40. WHAAATTTT??enuf say…I’m losing my mind…

  41. oh well, park dong joo n park sun joo will not marry that’s for sure.

    the wedding supposed to take place on 9 oct 2010.
    hey, the last episode of this drama’s on 30 sept 2010 ! :p

    • @sangay I think you are right, no wedding for Miho & vet. Somebody posted that Daewoong was in the church. He was there to stop the wedding, I suppose. Yehey! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, actually :-). Nuna also sent a tweet that the vet was not at the last shooting day today. Hmmn…I smell a happy ever after ending for our Hoi Couple :-)

      OMG! Why is it that Wednesday seems so far away!

  42. lol. I hate these previews and spoilers. I don’t know why I torture myself, since it only makes my anxiety worse. Personally I think DW marries MH on the 100th day. The only way for the gumiho to become human is to marry a human. Or so it was 500 years ago.

  43. I’m still hoping for a happy ending instead of a tragic ending. Somehow I just feel that “the little mermaid” scene where Dae Woong said that they’ll live happily ever has some bearing to the story.

    I mean why even go through that scene if you’ll end up having Dae Woong not keep his promise? They should live happily ever after. She’ll be human, and he’ll live on.

    That’s how it should be. :)

  44. ahhhh ia espero con ansias..ver el siguiente capitulo

  45. shoot they’re getting married.
    but of course we know this will all just lead to something better(:

  46. text previews for 15 and 16.

    동주와 함께 웨딩샵에 들린 미호는 웨딩드레스를 입어보고, 대웅이 옆에 안 나타나고 결혼도 하고 멀리 떠나면 사람들 사이에 섞여서 아주 잘 살고 있다고 생각하겠지 않냐며 담담하게 말한다. 동주는 미호의 마음이 남아서 꼬리가 계속 사라질지 아니면 이대로 멈춰있을지 걱정하고 미호가 살아남기를 간절히 바란다.
    한편, 공원 일각에서 대웅과 미호는 우연히 마주치고 동주선생이랑 잘 지내냐는 대웅의 말에 미호는 청첩장을 줘야 할지 망설이는데…


    미 호의 꼬리가 하나밖에 남지 않았음을 알게 된 대웅은 깜짝놀라는데, 이에 미호는 자신이 사람되고 싶은 마음을 멈출 수 없었다며 동주옆에 있겠다고 고백하자 절망한다. 그러자 대웅은 미호의 손을 자신의 심장에 얹고는 가져가라고 말하고 만다.
    그러다 동주의 집으로 간 미호는 파란병속에 든 구슬을 그에게 보여준다. 이에 절망한 동주를 향해 미호는 이 구슬은 대웅의 생명이 담겨있는데 해칠 수가 없었다며 이걸 대웅에게 돌려줄 수 있게 도와달라고 말하자 동주는 그만

  47. ok…can someone tell me where i’m going to find the Vet coz i can’t hold myself anymore…he definitely needs some heavy spanking! why does he have to interfere like that? how dare him!!! he even plans to marry her?!?! in your dreams Vet!!! besides 10/09/10 is way too far and MGIAG ends this week! poor you! HAHAHA! *evil laugh*

  48. It is funny that we are so hooked up with how this story will end. I myself can’t hardly wait for the next two episodes. Yes, I see a wedding invitation of DJ and MH but that wasn’t made for the right reasons. There is no love between MH and DJ. All there is to it is “protecting” MH from dying. An ending like that is a total bummer and I swear if I get that kind of ending then I might as well quit watching K-dramas altogether.
    This story has started out good and I’m expecting that this will end well, too. As this story is near its ending, all characters will have their closure and I’m hoping that shim(sp?) grandma will get in the picture. Since she has the power to cut the gumiho’s tail and trap her inside the art painting then I expect shim grandma to remove MH curse and then let DW and MH get their happy ending. Now, this is the kind of ending that I am really hoping for.

    (*Open’s my web browser to check if there is an additional cast* :p)

  49. @anon: what does it says in the text preview?
    cant translate it.. hmm… curious curious

    omg this wk gona have the 2 last ep…
    i will miss the hoi couple
    pls pls be a gd ending ~~

  50. From tryp96 tumblr ~

    OK, rough translations: (based on Chinese translations at China Cafe; too lazy to take out my dictionary ^^)

    Ep 15 – MiHo tries on wedding dresses, saying she would do anything to stay away from DaeWoong, including marrying DongJoo. DaeWoong would probably think that she’s doing well if she stays far away. DongJoo says since MiHo hasn’t really given up on becoming human, her tails would just keep disappearing, so he’s worried and hopes MiHo can live.

    DaeWoong and MiHo meet at a park. DaeWoong asks her how she’s doing with DongJoo. MiHo hesitates about whether or not to give him the wedding invitation.

    Ep 16 – DaeWoong is very surprised to find out that MiHo doesn’t have any tails left. MiHo says she can’t stop her thoughts about becoming a human and wants to stay at DongJoo’s side. DaeWoong is devastated to hear that. He puts MiHo’s hand on his chest where his heart is, and tells her to take it. After returning to DJ’s house, MiHo shows the blue bottle with the fox bead to DJ and asks him to return it to DaeWoong since it carries DaeWoong’s life and it’s harmless. But DJ refuses to help her.

    Another version from Eunice@soompiLSG ~

    Preview 15 – MH who is going to marry DJ was trying on her wedding gown. MH said calmly that in order not to stay at DW’s side she is even willing to marry DJ. In doing so, will DW feels that I’m living on fine.

    DJ said to himself that MH has not given up her desire to become a human, thus will she just disappear because of this. DJ is worried yet hoping the MH can live on.

    At the other end, DW met MH at a park. DW asked MH how is life with DJ. After hearing what DW said, MH hesitate whether to give the wedding invitation to DW.

    Preview 16 – DW is very shocked to find out MH has lost all her tails. MH told him that he is not able to give up the desire of becoming a human and told DW that she is going to stay with DJ. DW is very dejected on hearing this. DW put MH’s hand on his heart and tell MH to take his heart with her too.

    Back at DJ’s house, MH takes out the blue bottle and shows it to DJ. MH says to DJ that the fox bead has DW’ life in it. She wants to return it to DW and asks DJ to help her but DJ refuses.

    in my opinion, i think the text previews will not pan out as we think or are led to believe… they better not! :)

    • In the previous episode, DW gave the fox bead back to MH so MH can live for without the bead she will die. And with the text preview, the fox bead is now kept in the bottle and MH’s tails are completely gone – where are we heading to? *sighs*

  51. what?!? they’re getting married????? NOOO!!

    • There is a Park Sun Joo and Park Sung Joo wedding invite but we are not yet sure if that will really take place. Part 15 today weee!

  52. i doubt the wedding is going to take place… in epi 15, there was some imaginative scenes by DW’s friends SN & BS….they were imagining what will happen on the wedding day…. 1st scenario, DW gatecrashed and grab MH, 2nd scenario, DW gatecrashed and grab DJ instead….hahahaha…. 3rd scenario is the crazy one… 3 of them getting married together….. hahahahahahaha

  53. I’m watching Ep 15 as we speak. Here we go!!!

    • Just like you, Eunie, I’m watching ep 15 (at the office, mind you LOL) without subs and so far at 8:08 I’m sad. LOL at the imaginative scenes hehehe

  54. and DW really misses her OMG..I’m gonna cry

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