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Seunggi ads, Minah and SooJin fashion for InStyle Korea

InStyle Magazine ad page scan for The Saem cosmetics.  Love it!  The Saem advertising has been awesome. I’m still loving the Miracle Diamond CF/photos as well as the original The Saem CFs. Too bad for the female model; she was probably photoshopped on next to Seunggi!

More Seunggi ad page scans from InStyle Mag~  Kolon Sport BTS photos with Lee Min Jung from the New Zealand shoot.  Can’t wait to see official photos and videos come fall/winter (although I have yet to be wowed by any of the Kolon ad photos; both Seunggi and Minjung are so much more attractive than the photos Kolon’s put out!)  Anyway, based on BTS interview with MinJung posted previously, it should be nice.

And Transformation feature on MinAh. Always one of my fave features in my InStyle Mag, it’s so cool to see the Korean version.  MinAh has a Drew Barrymore-esque vibe, no?  Something about her dimples and baby face features.  Like Seunggi, it’s been really hard to not like MinAh!  I so want to go shopping with her…

And I feel kind of bad for hating on Noona, even scribbling all over evil Noona. I didn’t know who Park SooJin was until she showed up on Strong Heart (prior to being cast) but loved that she got all giddy at hearing Seunggi’s melting narration voice! SooJin looks absolutely gorgeous here in this fashion shoot for InStyle weddings…

Would love to see the entire cast get together and do some photo shoots after the drama wraps.  I felt like with Brilliant Legacy, there were a lot of  group photos put out prior to the drama, but don’t remember seeing that with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Probably because with BL, the other cast members like Moon Cha Won and Bae Soo Bin had significant screen time along with Seunggi and Hyojoo, but with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, it’s really mainly Seunggi and Minah (which I’m soooo happy about because I have to admit, I fastforward the other scenes with the other characters!)

(credit: Instyle Korea; DClsg)

2 Responses

  1. Ann, one Chinese fan just commented that the reason you can’t see face of the female model of the saem poster so that you can imagine that is you with lsg evey time you look at it. Haha! So imaginative!

    Gosh! I’m stalking your blog every minute. ;)

  2. Omo! oppa looks so perfect! ^^ yeah and thats me in the picture with him, you just cant see my face! ke ke ke.

    wow noona looks pretty too.

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