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A smiling Seunggi on set [BTS photos]

*** UPDATED with more BTS photos of Seunggi (that prove Seunggi was in that other photo with Miho; just had the wrong guy in black pointed out! Yay!) ***

What’s the use of having that other BTS photo first if there’s no Daewoong in it!  So here’s the smiling Seunggi one rightfully posted front and center with new post title.

Original post~ Ep 14 ended with Daewoong returning from his China trip on the 88th day, only to find that the Vet’s office was no longer occupied; and sadly walking away thinking that Miho and Vet have moved far away together.  But looks like they meet up.  At least that looks like DW behind MH right?!  (hopefully it’s not the Vet!)  And it looks like his hand is reaching out to her shoulder… [edit~ looks like I was just really wanting and hoping for Daewoong and Miho to meet; per comments, the above guy in black behind Miho doesn’t seem to be Daewoong.  But please I hope the other BTS photo of a smiling photo means a happy filming for ep 15…]

[edit 2~ Daewoong IS in the photo; he’s the guy in all black ACROSS from Miho!]

Please let DW and MH meet right away in the next ep because it would be such a waste of precious remaining air time to not see them together on screen!

Seunggi BTS photo ~ I think that’s another one of his codys to the left (the sort of masculine looking lady).  I’ve seen her in a few of the BTS photos with Seunggi and his cody.  Would so love to see them iron Seunggi’s hair straight for the final 2 eps. Please! Haven’t been too thrilled about his hairstyle throughout the drama… :(  Seems such a wasted opportunity.  His Brilliant Legacy hair was so much hotter.  I guess Hwan and Woong are different character types.

Did you guys notice that both Seunggi’s BL and MGIG characters went by a shortened name?  Woo Hwan = Hwan.  Dae Woong = Woong.  Very cute.

*** UPDATED with more BTS photos of Seunggi ***

(credit: eilasa@soompi)

I wasn’t going crazy when I wished it would be Daewoong and Miho in the first set of photos.  Daewoong was standing across from Miho facing her!  You can tell by the white striped line in his shoes. And also new above photo shows DW and MH!  So Daewoong and Miho do meet!  Hopefully early in the ep!  Yay!  Ok, going to try stay away from any more spolier photos (unless epic in nature) because it’s totally stressing me out!  (on side note, Cody what is the deal with DW’s outfit?! Please don’t let me down and please put him in some hot outfits for the last 2 eps! Please!)

(credit: DClsg)

7 Responses

  1. I think there s no chance for DW to meet MH purposely (like he try to reach her) within 100 days.

  2. im not sure if thats seungggi in the pic… he was wearing suit jacket with black shirt in last episode. if you look at photo, he’s wearing white shirt in botttom pic.

    i hope its not sad ending or else i’ll be so sad.

    but even if sad, he has to meet her dont you think?

  3. Ann, I’m very sure that the man standing behind MH is actually her manager. As for the Cody, he/she? I’m also very sure is a he and is the same cody during BL.

    I also read in order to keep the ending in wrap, they will only film the ep. On the 30th which the day of the last ep.

  4. Haha! Ann you are so cute! anyway, some good news for you. According to dcsma, DW and SMA actually met at ep.15. DW tried to catch hold of her when she was about to leave.

    And don’t worry the first pic that you posted earlier is definitely not MH and SMA. DW is wearing white Tee but the guy behind is wearing black.. And I did to a zoom in on the pix to make sure I correct. One thing I like about iphone is that you can zoom in on the pix. haha!

  5. haha….it shows how engross we are into a drama…. that we started to analysis the clothes they wore, the height of that ‘person’,etc…..

    yesterday i met a friend and told her about this drama… told her to watch it…! usually if i said good, she will said very good after watching…hahaha… i.e. my standard is higher than hers… if she said is good, it may be so-so to me only…..haha….

  6. This is what I am worried about; DW & MH meet in ep 15 but MH has got use to her independence ( I dont think she went with the vet, after DW left) and do not take back DW!! :(

  7. ha ha ha ha. yeh me stressed out too. wed is too far away. ann youre right! i look back at the photo with miho and that is seunggi! woot woot!

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